Mother’s Recipe Punjabi Mango Pickle Review – Tasty & Tangy
mother’s recipe punjabi mango pickle review

Mother’s Recipe Punjabi Mango Pickle Review – Tasty & Tangy

This mango pickle by Mother’s Recipe will get you licking your fingers! Read to find out more.

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Pickles are a staple in an Indian meal, and are made using a whole host of ingredients from gajar, lime, green chilies, garlic, and ginger. But no pickle can trump the humble aam ka achaar. And this tangy, delicious treat is also made in myriad ways across the country. While some Indian states chop the mangoes in chunks, others shred them. The spices used vary from region to region too. Sweet, tangy, spicy, there’s a mango pickle for everyone.

Peeling and chopping the mangoes, adding masala are all fun. However, waiting five days to relish a spoonful of aam ka achaar requires excellent patience and willpower. Whether you’re as skilled as a Michelin star chef or a newbie in the kitchen, a mango pickle will take your dish to the next level. This yumminess had our tummy and heart smiling wide.

We tasted and reviewed the most commonly available brands of mango pickles to find out the best. Over two days, we tasted a year’s worth of aam ka achaar and we got no complaints! While some chunks didn’t have the ‘bite,’ others nailed the balance between spices. Our Top Pick was Mother’s Recipe Punjabi Mango Pickle. Roti or rice, this mango pickle goes well with all dishes.


Mother’s Recipe Punjabi Mango Pickle is tangy with a mustard oil-base and onion seeds.

  • Mother’s Recipe Punjabi Mango Pickle hit the perfect balance between sourness, tanginess, and spiciness.

  • It is loaded with flavors and the aroma of saunf and kalonji. We didn’t know we needed this!

  • The mangoes are chopped into large bite-sized chunks.

  • The mango pieces in Mother’s Punjabi Mango Pickle retain firmness and have a bite to them.

  • Mother’s Punjabi Mango Pickle nailed the masala to mango balance.

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  • Mustard oil is used in the making.

  • Onion seeds have been added for a punch of flavor. This took us by surprise!

review process to find the best mango pickle
review process to find the best mango pickle

Mother’s Recipe Punjabi Mango Pickle Review – Is it the Tastiest Brand?

As soon as we opened the lid, a strong saunf and kalonji aroma were in the room. The first part of the test was tasting the pickle without any flavor enhancers like rice or roti. Right from the jar, we saw onion seeds were added to enhance flavor. Mother’s Punjabi Mango Pickle had the ‘bite’ we were looking for. Although the masalas are added generously, the mango pieces did not become too soft. The spice levels are well balanced.

Brands We Compared

The brands we chose were

  • Mother’s Recipe
  • Sri Sri Tattva
  • Eastern Mango
  • Nilon’s Khana Khazana

Our Parameters For Review

The chosen parameters for our tastiest mango pickle top picks review were :

  • Sourness
  • Firmness
  • The oil used
  • The overall taste
mother’s recipe punjabi mango pickle in a bowl
mother’s recipe punjabi mango pickle in a bowl
pickles in a bowl
pickles in a bowl

Day 1: Tasting the Pickles Without Any Flavour Enhancers

When talking about the tanginess and sourness, we have no complaints. On day 1, we tasted the pickle without adding it to anything. Mother’s Recipe hit the spot!

Day 2: Tasting the Pickles With Delicious Lunch

Day two is where we cooked some delicious, simple, and heartwarming lunch in our kitchen. Arhar dal and steamed rice! In addition to this, we also tasted the achaar with curd rice to let it get in the limelight. And safe to say, we were not disappointed.

Why Mother’s Recipe Punjabi Mango Pickle is Our Top Pick

The tastiest mango pickle is…

Mother’s Recipe Punjabi Mango Pickle uses a concoction of mustard and cottonseed oils. The mango pieces are full of flavor. However, this doesn’t affect the ‘bite’ factor even a bit.

achaar making
achaar making

Final Words

Mother’s Punjabi Mango Pickle emerged as our Top Pick. The flavors really came through based on Team Mishry’s review. If you’ve got the achaar making skills, you should skip this. But if waiting for a week seems challenging, Mother’s Recipe Punjabi Mango Pickle is quick satiation to your taste buds.

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