Sunfeast Farmlite Super Millets Cookies Review: Mishry (2024)
Sunfeast Farmlite Super Millets Cookies

Here’s Our Verdict On Sunfeast Farmlite’s Millet Cookies: We Tried Two Variants (2024)

Sunfeast Farmlite Super Millet Cookies fares well in terms of taste & texture. But did the ingredient list impress us?

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Taste and texture-wise, both the variants of Sunfeast Millet Cookies perform well. However, the ingredient list could have been cleaner.

In today’s market, healthier alternatives are increasingly available across categories, spanning from breads to biscuits to instant noodles. 

ITC has recently introduced its Millet Cookies as part of the Sunfeast Farmlite product line, aligning with the goal of ‘Help India Eat Better’. These multi-millet cookies are made with ragi and jowar and eliminate the use of maida. We tested both the variants – Ragi & Jowar Cookies and Ragi & Jowar Chocochip Cookies.

Our comprehensive Sunfeast Farmlite Super Millet Cookies review is a compilation of important aspects -ingredients, nutritional information, packaging and the costing.

Quick glance at the Sunfeast Farmlite Super Milet Cookies variants : 

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Our Review Factors

In addition to the taste and texture of these cookies, the nutri label and the key ingredients used also played a key role here. 

The following are the review parameters set for Sunfeast Farmlite Super Millet Cookies

1. Taste

Millets can be hard to transition into, especially if not made well. For example, ragi naturally tends to develop a bitter taste when overcooked.

We are looking for buttery cookies with a pleasant taste. These shouldn’t be too sweet either.

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2. Texture 

Crumbly, crunchy, buttery or brittle? How did these cookies feel on the palate?

3. Main Ingredients 

Since the brand had labeled these as millet cookies we are closely considering the main ingredients. We scrutinize the key ingredients to find out the percentage of the different millet flours used? 

4. Other Information 

Apart from the above main pointers, we also provide information on the price, packaging and shelf life.

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Sunfeast Farmlite Super Millets Cookies – Detailed Review

In this section, let us look at our experience with both the variants and explore the pros and cons of each :

1. Sunfeast Farmlite Super Millets Ragi & Jowar Cookies

Product Details 

These cookies come in a sturdy box packaging. The pack has a color combination of pink and cream. The best part is that the cookies are packed individually. A 75 gm pack is priced at Rs. 50 which holds around 6 cookies. This has 6 months of shelf life. 

Nutri Label (Main Ingredients + Nutri Info)

Per 100 gm , this provides 496 kcal of energy, 21 gm of sugar, 27.9 gm of total fat, and 56.7 gm of carbohydrates. 

The key ingredients are : Jowar flour (38.2%), Sugar, Hydrogenated vegetable oil, Refined Palm oil, Ragi flour (5.0%, Cashew bits, Milk solids, Oligofructose, Invert syrup, Raising agents [INS 500 (ii), INS 503 (ii)], Iodized salt, Emulsifiers [Lecithin (From Soyabean), Mono and Di-Glycerides of Fatty Acids (From Palm Oil), Diacetyltartaric and Fatty Acid Esters of Glycerol (From Refined Palm oil and Sunflower oil), Nature Identical Flavoring Substances, Butter, Stabilizer (INS 415), Maltodextrin and Mineral. 

Contains Soy, Milk, Nut. May contain Wheat, Sulphite.

Sunfeast Farmlite Ragi & Jowar cookies outer pack
The outer pack of Ragi & Jowar Cookies.
inidvidual packs of ragi and jowar cookies
The individual packs make it quite travel-friendly.
close look at the cookies
These cookies have a pleasant tasting cashew bits.

Our Verdict 

These cookies are thick and round with a rustic appearance on top. They have a delightful milky flavor with a gentle sweetness. The addition of crunchy cashew bits provides a pleasing nutty undertone, which enhances the overall flavor profile.

Texture-wise, they are well-baked, fresh, and easy to bite. Remarkably, there is no overpowering presence of fats or flours, making them particularly appealing for those who are transitioning to incorporating millets into their diet. These cookies offer a gentle introduction to the unique taste and texture of millets.

Taste - 4/5
Texture - 4/5
Ingredients - 3/5
  • Thick and chunky cookies
  • Pleasant milky taste
  • Excellent texture
  • Balanced sweetness

Craving for delightful millet cookies? Sunfeast Farmlite Millet Cookies is your option to go for.

The ingredient list could have been better.

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2. Sunfeast Farmlite Super Millets Ragi & Jowar Chocochip Cookies

Product Details 

These chocolate chip cookies are presented in durable cream and brown packaging. Each cookie is individually wrapped which makes them easy to carry. A 75 gm pack is priced at Rs. 50 and contains approximately 6 cookies. They have a shelf life of 6 months.

Nutri Label (Main Ingredients + Nutri Info)

Per 100 gm, these cookies provide 506 kcal of energy, 27.3 gm of total sugars, 29.2 gm of total fat and 56.1 gm of carbohydrates. 

Main ingredients are : Jowar flour (26.6%), Sugar, Hydrogenated vegetable oil, Refined Palm oil, Ragi flour (8.1%), Choco chips (7.8%) {Sugar, Hydrogenated Vegetable oil, Refined palm kernel oil, Starch, Cocoa solids, Emulsifier [Lecithin (From Soyabean)], Nature Identical Flavoring substances and Artificial Flavoring substances (Condensed Milk)}, Milk Solids, Plain Chocolate Chips (6.6%) {Sugar, Cocoa Solids, Cocoa Butter, Dextrose, Emulsifier [Lecithin (From Soyabean)] And Natural Flavors And Natural Flavoring Substances}, Oligofructose, Cocoa Solids (1.2%), Raising agents [INS 500 (ii), INS 503 (ii)], Invert Syrup, Iodized salt, Emulsifiers [Lecithin (From Soyabean), Mono and Di-Glycerides of Fatty Acids (From Palm Oil)], Artificial Flavoring Substances (Milk, Chocolate, Vanilla), Color (INS 150 d), Stabilizer (INS 415) and Mineral. 

Contains Soy, Milk. May contain Wheat, Sulphite, Nut.

Sunfeast Farmlite Ragi & Jowar chocochip cookies
Packaging of Ragi & Jowar Chocochip cookies.
individual packs of ragi and jowar chocochip cookies
These cookies comes in individual packs.
macro shot of chocochip cookies
This have a rich chocolate flavor.

Our Verdict 

Similar to the above variant, these are chunky, thick and round shaped cookies. 

This millet chocolate cookie is delightful and offers a delightful chocolate flavor! Speckled with chocolate chips, it offers occasional bursts of intense chocolate goodness, adding an extra layer of indulgence. What sets it apart is its perfect balance – not overly buttery, yet not dry or crumbly either. 

Furthermore, its sweetness is well-balanced, ensuring that it satisfies the palate without overwhelming it. In summary, it’s a tasty cookie that delivers well on both taste and texture, making it a definite try for chocolate lovers.

Taste - 4/5
Texture - 4/5
Ingredients - 3/5

The ingredient list can be improved upon.

  • Thick cookies
  • Delightful chocolate flavor
  • Commendable texture

Looking for a delightful millet-based chocolate cookie to accompany your tea-time? We bet you will love Sunfeast Farmlite’s Super Millet Ragi & Jowar Chocochip Cookies. 

Can these cookies be classified as ‘healthy’? Not exactly. While they do offer a healthier option compared to traditional refined flour (maida) cookies by incorporating superior grains like ragi and jowar, it’s important to consider the numerous other additives present. These include sugar, invert sugar, raising agents, stabilizers, and more. We’ve previously sampled cookies tailored to specific health concerns that boast lower sugar levels and cleaner ingredient lists.

Nevertheless, these cookies are undeniably delicious, with a notable millet flour content.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some interesting FAQs on Sunfeast Farmlite Super Millet Cookies :

Yes. These cookies come in individual packaging.

These cookies have a shelf life of 6 months.

These cookies are definitely a healthier alternative to regular maida cookies. But it is also important to note in addition to the use of millets there are other ingredients as well – additives, stabilizers, dextrose, and invert sugar. These additions detract from the fact that these are made using millets.

Ragi and Jowar are the two different millet flours used as key flours in these cookies.

The following is the percentage of millet flours used in these cookies :

  1. Ragi & Jowar Cookies : Jowar (38.2%) and Ragi (5.0%) ,
  2. Ragi & Jowar Chocochip Cookies : Jowar (26.6%) and Ragi (8.1%).

Final Words

What did we like the most about Sunfeast Farmlite Millet Cookies? These cookies have a perfectly balanced sweetness, commendable texture, and are quite tasty. Both the variants taste pleasant and make a delicious accompaniment with tea or coffee. Additionally, these have a good amount of millet flour content.

Will you give these a try?

Our reviews are unbiased and all samples used during the reviews were paid for by us. Read our entire ethics statement here.

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