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pran spicy vs sunfeast all rounder potato biscuits review

Pran Spicy Vs Sunfeast All Rounder – Which is The Tastier Potato Biscuit?

Pran Spicy vs Sunfeast All Rounder, who takes the title of the crunchiest, tastiest potato biscuit?

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This biscuit-chip hybrid took the internet by a storm when it was launched during the first lockdown. These savory biscuits are made of potatoes, in addition to refined wheat flour. These wafer-thin discs are sprinkled with a lip-smacking seasoning and are ideal for adding a bold crunch to homemade cheese or mezze platters. 

Pran and Sunfeast are two of the most popular brands in this category. For our Pran Spicy vs Sunfeast All Rounder Potato biscuits review, we compared them across vast and varied parameters. Which tastes better, what are key differences, and more such questions are answered in this review. 

Pran spicy and sunfeast all rounder biscuits
These packaged similarly.

Here’s an overview of the comparison.


Brands/Parameters Pran Spicy Sunfeast All Rounder
Net Weight 100 grams 32.9 grams
Price Rs 25/- Rs 10/-
Calories 458 Kcal 471 Kcal
Shelf Life 12 months 6 months
Mishry Rating (Out of 5) 3.5 4

Pran Spicy Vs Sunfeast All Rounder Potato Biscuits: In Depth Comparison

We compared Pran Spicy and Sunfeast All Rounder across nine parameters to determine which is the better choice of the two. From taste and crunch to the shelf life and calories, we delved deep to find the best option. 

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1. Packaging

Pran spicy and sunfeast all rounder biscuits packaging
Sunfeast is stacked horizontally and Pran is vertically stacked.

Both brands stack the potato biscuits in slotted trays. Such packaging retains the shape and ensures no breakage. The only difference in packaging was that Sunfeast All Rounder was stacked horizontally and Pran was placed vertically. 

Winner – Tie

2. Quality of Ingredients

Here are the main ingredients used in both the variants – 

Pran ingredients – Refined wheat flour, Sugar, Palm oil, Potato paste, Seasoning powder (salt, chilli powder, garlic powder, sugar, citric acid, skimmed milk powder), Potato flakes, Tapioca starch, Invert sugar syrup, Whey protein, Salt, Mixed spices, Flavor enhancers and Emulsifiers. 

Pran spicy biscuits ingredients
Here is the ingredient list provided by Pran.

Sunfeast ingredients – Refined Wheat Flour, Refined Palm Oil, Sugar, Refined Palmolein, Dehydrated Potato [potato (4.5%), Emulsifier (INS 471), Stabilizer (INS 450(i)), and Antioxidants (INS 223, INS 330)], Liquid Glucose, Starch, Iodized Salt, Invert Syrup, Milk Solids, Raising Agents [INS 500 (ii), INS 503 (ii)], Emulsifiers [INS 322 (i), INS 471, INS 472e], and Flour Treatment Agents [INS 223, INS 1101(i)] .

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sunfeast all rounder biscuits ingredients
Take a look at Sunfeast's ingredient list.

Pran and Sunfeast both list refined wheat flour as the first ingredient. Pran uses potato paste and flakes while Sunfeast adds dehydrated potatoes.

Pran has specified tapioca starch in the list of ingredients whereas Sunfeast has merely listed starch. Both brands use invert sugar, seasoning, and emulsifiers.

Winner – Tie

3. Texture

Pran spicy biscuits on a plate
Pran biscuits are seasoned with garlic powder.
sunfeast all rounder biscuits on a plate
The black pepper seasoning on Sunfeast All Rounder is clearly visible here.

These potato biscuits are a fusion between chips and biscuits. The texture and thickness are a mix of both.

After reviewing both brands, we conclude that Sunfeast All Rounder is thinner than Pran. Thickness does not directly impact the taste but it does alter the mouth feel a bit. 

If you plan to serve these discs with a dip, Pran is the better option as it is sturdier. 

Winner – Pran

4. Crunch

sunfeast all rounder biscuits on a table
Cross-sectional view of Sunfeast.
pran spicy biscuits crunchiness
Cross-sectional view of Pran.

Crunch is an essential factor when it comes to reviewing biscuits and chips. Needless to say, a crunchier biscuit is more desirable.

Sunfeast had a more pronounced crunch when compared to Pran, which is why it fared better on this parameter.

Winner – Sunfeast

5. Seasoning

Both brands are seasoned quite well and the quantity of salt and sugar is apt too. That said, Pran is slightly sweeter, and Sunfeast inclines more towards a savory taste. Sunfeast’s potato biscuits are better seasoned!

Winner – Sunfeast

6. Flavour

When we say flavor we mean the prominent, most significant flavoring agent used in the potato biscuits. Do all the flavors marry each other seamlessly? Apart from that which brand showcases the flavor of potato?

Pran Potata has a more prominent flavor of garlic. Sunfeast has black pepper specs sprinkled on the discs and offers a decent blend of sweet, salty, and peppery flavors. It’s definitely more flavorful making Sunfeast the better pick.

Winner – Sunfeast

7. Appearance

Both these brands of potato biscuits are disc-shaped. Though Pran Spicy was marginally thicker than Sunfeast All Rounder, the uniformity in shape and size was maintained throughout, in both contenders. 

Winner – Tie

8. Price

Pran- A 100-gram pack of Pran Potata is priced at Rs 25/-.

Sunfeast All Rounder – Sunfeast All Rounder is offered at Rs 10 for a pack holding 32.9 grams. A 75 gram pack is priced at Rs 20/-.

As we see, Pran is a more economical option.

Winner – Pran

9. Shelf Life

pran spicy biscuits packaging back
Nutritional values of both contenders.

Pran- The shelf life of Pran Potata is 12 months.

Sunfeast- Sunfeast has a 6-month shelf life.

Winner – Pran

Pran Spicy Vs Sunfeast All Rounder Potato Biscuits – Verdict

sunfeast all rounder and pran spicy biscuits comparison
Pran versus Sunfeast, who wins?

Snacks are primarily relished for the taste and crunch they render. 

We chose Sunfeast All Rounder as the better option from our Pran vs Sunfeast review as it won in the seasoning, flavor, and crunch segment which trump secondary parameters like appearance, nutritional and economic values.

While Pran did a fairly good job, Sunfeast’s All-Rounder definitely inches ahead due to its masaledaar seasoning.

Final Words

Our Top Pick from the Pran vs Sunfeast All Rounder review is Sunfeast All Rounder. Sunfeast surpassed Pran on parameters like crunch and taste. Additionally, Sunfeast uses marginally less sugar per 100 grams.

Have you tried potato biscuits before? How was your experience with these? Let us know in the comment section below. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some interesting FAQs on the comparison of Pran and Sunfeast potato biscuits.

1. Are Pran and Sunfeast potato biscuits healthy?

Packaged snacks are often calorie-dense but not nutrient-dense. Moderate consumption is key. 

2. What is the calorie intake of each biscuit of both Pran and Sunfeast?

Pran offers 13-15 kcal per biscuit, whereas Sunfeast provides approximately 12 kcal. 

3. How many biscuits are there in each packet of Pran and Sunfeast?

Pran holds around 35 biscuits in a 100-gram pack and Sunfeast holds 10-12 discs in a 33-gram pack.

4. Can both Pran and Sunfeast potato biscuits be consumed by children under 8 years of age?

Regardless of age, the consumption of packaged foods must be limited. 

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