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sunfeast dark fantasy desserts review

Sunfeast Dark Fantasy Desserts Review – An Indulgent Experience

Sunfeast Dark Fantasy Desserts are premium center-filled cookies. We loved both the variants.

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4 / 5
4 / 5
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4 / 5


Both the variants of Sunfeast Dark Fantasy Dessert cookies taste top notch. From the packaging to the taste to the texture, everything was impressive. If you are looking for a rich, dessert-like experience, Sunfeast Dark Fantasy Dessert Cookies would be your next buy.

Cookies with a cream center filling can turn a simple tea time snacking into a flavorful one. While some love dipping them in their tea, others can purely indulge in these without any accompaniment. ITC has recently launched its newest range of cookies named Dark Fantasy Desserts under its Dark Fantasy product line. It has brought in two premium center-filled cookies – Choco Chunks (gourmet cookies) and Choco Nut Dipped (choco and hazelnut-filled cookies). The brand aims to deliver a premium choco experience through these cookies. We tested both the variants to find out how rich and premium these cookies are taste and texture-wise. 

Our Sunfeast Dark Fantasy Desserts Review covers all the information starting from the packaging to the shelf life, which will help you make a better buying decision. 

Here is a comparison table highlighting the 2 variants we reviewed from Sunfeast Dark Fantasy Desserts range:

Sunfeast Dark Fantasy Desserts Mishry Ratings

(out of 5)

Buy Now 
Choco Chunks  4 Add To Cart 
Choco Nut Dipped 4 Add To Cart 

Our Review Factors

What were we expecting from Sunfeast Dark Fantasy Desserts? Going by the label, we expect a rich tasting decadent chocolate cookie.

1. Taste 

The taste of the cookie, filling and overall bite was gauged. When tasted together does this become overbearingly sweet or is there a balance maintained? How fresh do the nuts taste? Considering these are dessert-like cookies, how rich and decadent is the chocolate flavor?

We also checked for the aroma here. 

2. Texture 

We individually assess the texture of the biscuit and the cream filling. Is the outer layer crunchy, or does it crumble apart? Are the nuts present in the filling crunchy? Does the chocolate filling ooze out of the cookie, or is it thick in texture? 

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3. Other Observations 


In terms of appearance, how different are these cookies from regular cream-filled ones? Are these uniform in shape and size? Any broken pieces?


We examine both the outer as well as the inner packaging. How premium does the packaging look? Is there a tray holding these cookies? Or are these individually packed? 


Are these cookies overpriced? Or is it a value for money deal? 

Sunfeast Dark Fantasy Desserts – Detailed Review

In this section, we discuss the pros, cons, and our entire experience of each variant : 

the two variants of sunfeast dark fantasy desserts we reviewed
Sunfeast Dark Fantasy Dessert variants we reviewed.

1. Choco Chunks

Packaging & Price: Packed in a black color box, these gourmet cookies bag an attractive, royal, and premium packaging. Inside the box, 2 glossy black color packets contain 2 cookies each. The cookies are stacked neatly in the cavities inside the tray. The cavities showcase a round shape. Despite being placed in a tray, our review pack had one broken cookie.  

The net weight of our review pack was 75 gm (2 packs x 37.5 gm each). It was priced at Rs. 50 and contains 4 cookies. This variant contains egg. The shelf life is 9 months. 

Appearance & Aroma: These are thick gourmet cookies filled with a generous filling of molten choco creme. The outer crust of the cookies has visible spots of the chocolate chips. When we opened the pack, the aroma was prominent on vanilla and chocolate.

What is a gourmet cookie? Gourmet cookies are crafted to deliver an exquisite taste and are presented in an artful manner. 

our overall review process of sunfeast dark fantasy desserts choco chunks
These cookies showcase a rich chocolate flavor.

Nutritional Label: Choco creme (34%), Refined wheat flour (maida), sugar, hydrogenated vegetable oil, dark chocolate chips (10.1%), Eggs (2.5%), invert sugar and liquid glucose are the main ingredients used here.  

In addition, it also contains artificial flavoring substances (milk, vanilla and coffee) and colors (INS 150c and INS 150d).

Per 100 gm, the Choco Chunks variant contains 508 kcal of energy, 5.4 gm of protein, 39.2 gm of total sugars, and 24.6 gm of total fat. 

Texture : A multi textured cookie where the outer crust has a crunchy bite and is baked to perfection. These aren’t crumbly or too hard. On the other hand, the molten choco creme inside has a silky and smooth texture.

Taste : Divine. The partnership between the crunchy outer crust and the smooth chocolate filling delivers a rich chocolate dessert-like experience. 

The molten chocolate filling is fresh, decadent, and showcases a subtle bittersweet taste. The outer layer has chunky dark chocolate chips spread generously that enhance the overall experience further. Sweetness levels are balanced. These cookies have a chocolatey aftertaste. 

Moreover, this isn’t eggy to taste.

Taste - 4/5
Texture - 4/5
Value For Money-4/5
Packaging- 4/5
  • These cookies are baked to perfection. 
  • They do not feel eggy. 
  • The sweetness is balanced. 
  • The molten chocolate filling is fresh and tastes decadent. 
  • We loved the crunchy outer crust. It is not crumbly. 
  • It emits an inviting aroma of vanilla and chocolate. 
  • Packaging looks premium.

Sunfeast Dark Fantasy Desserts Choco Chunks is best suited for people who love cookies loaded with chocolate.

2. Choco Nut Dipped

Packaging & Price : These cookies come in a black and purple color box packaging. Each of the cookies are individually placed in glossy packs. 

The price of a 100 gm pack is Rs. 50. It contains 6 cookies. The shelf life of these cookies is 9 months. This is a vegetarian variant.

Appearance & Aroma : Appearance-wise, these are medium sized cookies having a thick and round shape. It has a chocolate covering on the outside with nuts (cashews and almonds) spread across. On the inside these cookies are loaded  with a filling of chocolate and hazelnut. These cookies emit a prominent aroma of vanilla together with a hint of chocolate.

review process for sunfeast dark fantasy desserts choco nut dipped
We loved the smooth chocolate covering of these cookies.

Nutrition Label : The main ingredients used here are – Choco creme (28.5%), Choco covering (25%), Refined wheat flour (maida), Hydrogenated vegetable oil, Sugar, Cashew nuts (4%), Invert sugar, Liquid glucose, Almonds (1%), and Cocoa solids (0.6%). 

Apart from the above it also contains artificial flavoring substances (vanilla). Colors (INS 150c and INS 150d). 

Per 100 gm, these cookies contain 548 kcal of energy, 5.2 gm of protein, 38.1 gm of total sugars, and 31.5 gm of total fat. 

Taste & Texture : Texture-wise, the outer layer of chocolate is smooth. The tiny nuts (cashews & almonds) on the chocolate layer are crisp and lend a delicate crunch as you take a bite. That being said, the filling inside these cookies is thick and does not ooze out on breaking apart.

In terms of the taste, it hits all the right spots. The overall sweetness is apt. The tiny nuts tone down the sweetness slightly. We loved the rich taste of the chocolate covering. The chocolate and hazelnut filling enhance the overall experience. 

Taste - 4/5
Texture - 4/5
Value For Money- 4/5
Packaging - 4/5
  • The cashews and almonds are crunchy and add a nice bite. 
  • We loved the rich chocolate flavor of the outer covering. 
  • The individual packaging is convenient. 
  • The chocolate and hazelnut filling tastes delectable. 
  • The sweetness is balanced.

Craving for a dessert after dinner? We bet you will love Sunfeast Dark Fantasy Desserts Choco Nut Dipped cookies.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some interesting FAQs on Sunfeast Dark Fantasy Desserts.

These cookies contain refined wheat flour, invert sugar, liquid glucose, artificial flavoring substances, and colors that are not ideal for regular consumption. Hence, we do not categorize these cookies to be healthy.

No. Both the variants showcase balanced sweetness. These cookies are not overly sweet.

Both the variants contain Emulsifiers [Lecithin (From Soyabean)]. Apart from acting as an emulsifier (blending agent), it acts as a preservative that delays product spoilage and extends the shelf life.

Here’s a breakdown of the total number of cookies in each variant : 

Choco Chunks – 4 cookies in a 75 gm pack. 

Choco Nut Dipped – 6 cookies in a 100 gm pack.

Yes. These cookies will make a delicious pair with tea or coffee.

To Conclude

So what’s our final verdict? Delightful! Both the variants of Sunfeast Dark Fantasy Desserts are decedent. We liked the balanced sweetness, chunky dark chocolate chips, fresh and thick center filling of the Choco Chunks variant. The Choco Nuts Dipped variant is a delicious amalgamation of smooth chocolate on the outside with crunchy nuts and a rich chocolate filling on the inside. The packaging looks premium and the pricing makes it a value for money deal. This doubles up as a portion controlled dessert. 

Have you tried Sunfeast Dark Fantasy Dessert cookies yet? Let us know how your experience turned out.

Our reviews are unbiased and all samples used during the reviews were paid for by us. Read our entire ethics statement here.

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