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What To Order From Samosa Party? We Tried 9 Different Samosas

Nine. Yes, nine! We tried and tasted 9 samosas from Samosa Party to give you an overview of what you should try and what’s avoidable.

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Our reviews are research-based, and all trials and testings are conducted in-house over days and weeks. We have a strict no-free-sample policy to ensure our reviews are fair and impartial.

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Ample stuffings and crisp casings - Samosa Party is here to make your samosas fashionable. They offer over 15 varieties of samosas with classic and innovative stuffings. Out of the 9 variants we tried, our Top Picks include the pickley paneer, chicken and cheese, mutton keema, noodles, and chocolate.

Who would have thought that a simple tapri snack like samosas would have a dedicated chain of restaurants? We surely didn’t. 

Samosa Party, a fairly new venture by Diksha Pande and Amit Nanwani, currently delivers in Bengaluru, Delhi NCR and Hyderabad. This chain offers 15 varieties of samosas that are  freshly made everytime you order.

As self-proclaimed samosa connoisseurs, we have a few things to say about these samosas from Samosa Party. Which ones should you try and which ones are passable? 

A quick glance at the order we placed at the Samosa Party.


Our Order Price What Does It Include
1 Veg Samosa Platter Rs 179/-
  • Aloo
  • Noodle
  • Achari paneer
  • Corn and cheese
1 Non-Veg Samosa Platter Rs 276/-
  • Tandoori chicken tikka
  • Mutton keema
  • BBQ chicken
  • Chicken and cheese
Molten Chocolate Samosa Rs 80/- 2 pieces of chocolate samosas
Ginger Chai Flask (Add on) Rs 109/- 2 small cups
Taxes + Delivery  Rs 107/-
Total Rs 751/- 

Our Review Factors

What were we looking for? Crisp outer casing, delicious filling and just that right touch of innovation. We were looking for well-packed, hygienic and tasty samosas from Samosa Party.

1. How They Arrived + Packaging

When you order in, a big part of the overall experience is how well was it packed and the temperature at which the order arrived. Especially with samosas and chai, temperature plays a big role.

Packaging of the samosas (veg and non-veg order), condiments and chai were all put under scrutiny. We also checked for leakages and seals. 

2. Taste

Not all innovative fillings work, and could shock you, instead of being a pleasant surprise! 

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For the samosas by Samosa Party we checked if the flavor combinations work. If they do, how well are they seasoned? Do the classic flavors provide the taste we expect from them?

3. Texture

Crispiness of outer covering and the apt texture of the filling were gauged. The meat needs to be juicy and well-cooked. Potatoes, onions, peas, corn and cheese – are the textures what they should be like? 

4. Overall Experience 

From ordering experience, to the pricing (value for money), and innovation make up the overall experience. 

What’s In The Pack?

A few observations – 

  • The vegetarian samosa platter is packed in a single box (holds 4 large samosas). The non-vegetarian samosa platter is packed in a different one. Different boxes for Veg and Non-veg is a good idea, although a label on the outside could also be added.
  • All the samosas are stamped on the crimp indicative of the filling it holds. Example – Mutton, Noodle, Aloo, BBQ. We love this!
  • The chutneys are packed in small plastic containers. 
  • The ginger chai arrived hot in a cardboard flask with a nozzle on top. It comes with two paper cups.
  • The chocolate samosas come in a plastic container. No leakages.

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outer packaging of samosa party
The order arrived in brown paper bags.
order packaging
The vegetarian and non-vegetarian samosas are packed in different boxes.

Samosas From Samosa Party – Detailed Review

More details on the samosas we ordered and individually what we liked and what we didn’t – 

Veg Platter

The veg platter included 1 samosa of each – 

  • Noodle
  • Punjabi aloo
  • Pickley paneer
  • Corn and cheese
veg platter
The four samosas in the vegetarian platter - noodles, corn and cheese, aloo and paneer.
veg samosa platter
Cross sectional view of all four veggie samosas.

1. Noodles

Stamped with ‘NOODLE’ on the samosa crimp, this is plump and stuffed with an ample amount guessed it.. noodles.

The noodle samosa is for you if you like the taste of desi chowmien encased in a deep fried pastry, closely resembling a desi spring roll. And no, not the wafer thin ones we eat nowadays. We are talking about the thick ones with bursts of chin-jabi flavors. 

This isn’t too spicy and leaves room for you to dunk it in a vat of spicy sauces. 

Although served with green chutney and saunth, we suggest you pick a hot sauce/schezwan sauce instead. 

Try It or Skip It

Definitely try this for – 

  • Delicious desi noodle stuffing
  • Crisp outer pastry
  • A new innovative food combination that works
Best Suited For

Love Indo-Chinese fusion flavors? Give this noodle samosa a try. 

2. Cheese Corn

A new, but not vastly explored, samosa combination that has been played around with by a few frozen food brands. Corn and cheese inside a samosa sounds like it shouldn’t work, but it does. 

The mild peppery notes are something we like. Juicy corn and molten cheese are just heavenly. Pair it with a chilli tomato sauce, and you have yourself a satisfying snack.

Try It or Skip It

Try this for – 

  • Crispiness
  • Perfect seasoning
  • Delicious corn and cheese stuffing
Best Suited For

Corn and cheese works well for those who like to mix continental and desi flavors.

3. Paneer

Correctly labeled as Pickley Paneer, this was one of our favorites. The presence of saunf and kalonji make it taste very achaar-like. We liked how soft and flavorful the paneer is. The crimp clearly mentions ‘PANEER’

Try It or Skip It

Try it for its – 

  • Delicious achaar-like paneer stuffing
  • Crisp covering
Best Suited For

Paneer lovers ahoy! This paneer samosa is for all the people who like achaari flavors.

4. Aloo

Aloo is a classic samosa stuffing that never fails. It isn’t an innovative twist, but we liked that this brand is not just about eclectic selections and offers the classics as well.

This is a decent-tasting samosa. But you may have tasted one that’s better at your favorite local halwai. That said, you order this for the sheer comfort and familiarity of eating a classic aloo samosa. And then there is the convenience and the assurance that it would be freshly prepared before the delivery. 

The chutneys provided with this would perfectly pair with it. 

Try It or Skip It

Try it for the classic flavors. Skip it if you’re a staunch halwai-wala-aloo-samosa lover.

Best Suited For

If you’re someone who doesn’t want to experiment with combinations, the aloo samosa is for you. 

Non-Veg Platter

The non-veg platter included 1 samosa of each – 

  • Tandoori chicken
  • BBQ chicken
  • Mutton keema
  • Cheese and chicken
non veg samosa platter
The non-veg samosa platter has four samosas - mutton, chicken cheese, chicken BBQ and tandoori chicken tikka.
a look inside the non veg samosa
Cross sectional view of the non-veg samosas.

1. Mutton Keema

Keema samosa is for non-vegetarians, what aloo samosa is for vegetarians. This is stuffed with a spicy, flavorful filling of minced mutton and peas. No empty pockets here and there, it is stuffed almost end to end. Even those with a low chili tolerance finished this completely because it was super delicious.

Try It or Skip It

Try it for the spicy, juicy mutton keema stuffing and crisp outer casing. 

Best Suited For

Those who like a spicy, meaty stuffing in their samosas would love this.  

2. Chicken Cheese

One of our favorites from the non-veg platter, we recommend trying this cheesy samosa with chunks of well-cooked chicken. The pepper and herbs work wonders and give you the experience of eating a desi pizza.

Try It or Skip It

Try it for –

  • The balance of flavors that work so well.
  • Cheesy and herby flavors in a samosa.
Best Suited For

Something cheesy? Chunks of chicken in a samosa? This is for you.

3. BBQ Chicken

It has a very BBQ-like flavor, a perfect mix of sweet and savory. The chicken mince is cooked well. But this isn’t something that made us go WOW. It’s probably good to add variety to the ordering menu.

Try It or Skip It

Skip it because the other options in the non-veg range are tastier.

4. Tandoori Chicken

Although there should have been a tandoori chicken samosa in our pack, we received two BBQ chicken samosas instead. So we ordered a few pieces of the Tandoori Chicken Tikka Samosas separately.

When we cut it open, we could see a few chunks of chicken and a minced masala. We could not figure out if the minced masala had chicken or not. There are some larger onion and capsicum pieces which remind you of a tikka. The smoky/tandoori flavor of the filling is commendable. The chicken chunks are moist.  Like all the other variants, this too, was stamped and had ample filling inside.

Try It or Skip It

Try it for the smoky flavors of chicken tikka.

Molten Chocolate Samosa

The winner for ‘combinations that shouldn’t work but do so well!’ goes to the molten chocolate samosa by Samosa Party. There are two pieces in a box that have been deep-fried with lots of sweet chocolate sauce drizzled on top.

As soon as we took a bite of this samosa, the crisp casing and the burst of gooey dark chocolate filling took us by surprise. This isn’t overly sweet and tastes YUM. We would definitely be ordering this again.

Try It or Skip It

Try it for – 

  • The balance of sweetness
  • Dark chocolate flavor
  • Would make for a great dessert. Serve with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. 

Best Suited For

Sweet tooth or not, this is a must-try.

chocolate samosa by samosa party
The Molten Chocolate Samosa is the star of our order.

Overall Experience

What do we love?

  • Fresh tasting samosas
  • Ample fillings
  • Crisp outer casings
  • No oily taste or residue
  • The name stamp on the crimp is a brilliant touch. No need to tear apart the samosa to find out which filling is inside!

Must try – Chocolate Samosa, Chicken cheese, Keema Mutton, Cheese corn, Noodles, Pickley Paneer

What could have been better?

  • The ginger tea was a bit sweet for our liking. It is a desi chai with extra milk and lots of sugar that cannot be reduced at the time of order. We would have appreciated it if that option was provided to us. 
  • Can give it a miss – BBQ Chicken

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some interesting FAQs on samosas from Samosa Party.

We ordered the samosas from Zomato, which is a popular food delivery portal in India. These can also be ordered directly from their website or through Swiggy. 

Absolutely! Chai and samosas are a classic pairing.

Depends on the variant. We felt that the mutton keema and aloo samosa were spicier than the rest.

As per the brand, the samosas by Samosa Party are 100% preservative free.

Diksha Pande and Amit Nanwani are the founders of Samosa Party.

Final Verdict – What Should You Try?

Just like it happened during the momo-surgence a decade ago, Samosa Party is here to give an interesting spin to this fuddy-duddy snack. The USP is that you get to try such wide varieties of samosas without compromising on quality.

We like how there is a good mix of innovative flavors and classic ones, which work well. 

Be it at your workplace or a lazy Sunday evening with your family, these are best enjoyed with delicious company. Don’t you think so?

Our reviews are unbiased and all samples used during the reviews were paid for by us. Read our entire ethics statement here.

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