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sunfeast bounce biscuits review

Sunfeast Bounce Biscuits Review: Creamy And Crunchy

In our Sunfeast Bounce biscuits review, we tried five variants and found one collective favorite. Can you guess which flavor stood out?

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Mishry Rating

Value For Money
4 / 5
4 / 5


Sunfeast Bounce biscuits have a crisp bite. While some flavors did taste overwhelming and industrial, we liked the Orange & Vanilla and Pineapple Creme biscuits for the balanced taste and freshness, as indicated in the rating.

There’s a certain fulfilment about tea and biscuits that even the fanciest meals can’t offer. Someone who takes their tea-time snacking more seriously than the rest of us combined thought of adding a layer of cream between two biscuit discs. And isn’t that a globally-loved innovation?! In a market that offers a plethora of variations, Sunfeast added its own twist. 

Earlier this year, we reviewed Sunfeast Dark Fantasy Bourbon and loved it for the buttery and dark chocolate richness it lends. With rather high expectations, we planned on reviewing five more variants, and here’s our Sunfeast Bounce Biscuits review. 

Can you guess which one was the Top Pick?

Sunfeast Bounce Biscuits– Everything You Need To Know

Everything from available variants to the price range of Sunfeast Bounce biscuits is discussed here. 

1. Available Quantities

Following are the available quantities for Sunfeast Bounce-

  • 60 grams
  • 72 grams
  • 120 grams

2. Available Flavours

Sunfeast Bounce is available in multiple flavor variants. There are double cream variants and the others have a single-flavored cream center.

  • Choco Creme
  • Orange Creme
  • Elaichi Creme
  • Pineapple Creme
  • Double Creme Choco Vanilla
  • Double Creme Strawberry Vanilla
  • Double Creme Orange & Vanilla
  • Dream Cream Choco Vanilla
  • Dream Cream Strawberry Vanilla
  • Dream Cream Butterscotch Zing

3. Price Range

Based on the net quantity, these biscuits are priced between Rs 10/- to Rs 20/-. 

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4. Shelf Life

These cream biscuits have a six-month shelf life. 

Sunfeast Bounce Biscuits – Our Review Factors

Biscuits, especially the sandwiched cream variants, are not the most nutrient-dense snacks. Since they are primarily relished for the taste and crunch, these and other taste-related parameters are focused upon more in the review. 

That said, like always we have added the caloric breakdown for each variant. 

1. Taste

Here we gauged the taste of the biscuits as well as the cream individually and collectively. Are the biscuits adequately sweet or bland? What about the cream, does it justify the flavor tag? Does the cream flavor taste artificial?

2. Aroma

Do the flavoring agents used lend a lingering aroma or it is on the milder side? Did we witness any odd, undesirable smells?

3. Crunch

Do the biscuits retain a crunch, a bite, despite holding a layer of cream in between? What about the Mishry Secret Sauce dunk test? How did these biscuits fare on that scale?

4. Cream

The taste and texture of the cream are as significant as the quantity. If it only covers the center and the sides are empty, it would be disappointing.

Were there any disappointing variants?

Sunfeast Bounce Biscuits– Detailed Review

Sunfeast Bounce Double Creme Choco & Vanilla Double Creme Orange & Vanilla Choco Creme Elaichi Creme Pineapple Creme
Price Rs 10 Rs 10 Rs 10 Rs 10 Rs 10
Calories 502 Kcal 492 Kcal 467 Kcal 472 Kcal 476 Kcal
Nutrition (carbohydrates, fats, proteins) 67.3 grams, 22.7 grams, 7 grams 70 grams, 21.2 grams, 5.4 grams 74.3 grams, 15.9 grams, 6.8 grams 73.3 grams, 17.4 grams, 5.5 grams 73.5 grams, 17.3 grams, 6.5 grams
Shelf Life Six months Six months Six months Six months Six months


Out of the multiple variants Sunfeast offers, we picked the ones that got our mouths watering the quickest. For our Sunfeast Bounce biscuits review, we ordered the double creme choco and vanilla, double creme orange and vanilla, choco creme, elaichi creme, and pineapple creme variants. 

Before we get into the individual taste testing, here are some common aspects.

Sunfeast Double Creme biscuits – A 70-gram pack of the dual cream biscuits is priced at Rs 10. There are silver wrappers that further cover the biscuits, in addition to the outer pack. The two inner packs hold 5-6 pieces approximately. With an attractive graphic at the front, the ingredients and nutritional values are mentioned at the back. As shown in the images below, these biscuits have an appealing embossed design. The layer of cream is not a blend, they are separately layered and are easily identifiable. 

sunfeast bounce double creme biscuits reviewed variants
These are the two double creme variants we reviewed.
sunfeast bounce biscuits single cream reviewed variants
We reviewed pineapple, elaichi, and chocolate here.

Sunfeast Bounce biscuits- The single cream variants also have a dual packaging and hold two packs, each with approximately six biscuits. A difference we observed, the inner packaging for these variants is white. The embossed pattern is different too, but visually appealing, nonetheless. Despite not having tray packaging, none of the biscuits were broken! Thumbs up!

1. Double Creme Choco & Vanilla

Value For Money- 4/5
Taste- 3/5

Chocolate and vanilla can both have exceptionally rich and inviting aromas. However, these biscuits felt very artificial when we took a whiff. 

The biscuits have a light coffee brown appearance and they look well baked. There is a single layer of cream inside, half chocolate and half vanilla. But this layer isn’t evenly spread across the biscuit base, it is just placed in the center. 

Flavor-wise, these biscuits are dominant on chocolate with mild flavors of vanilla. We think chocolate is the prime taste on these biscuits as the biscuit discs are chocolate-flavored too. 

sunfeast bounce double creme choco vanilla
There are two separate packs.
sunfeast bounce double creme choco vanilla overview
The motif is visible here.
sunfeast bounce double creme choco vanilla cross sectional
The dual creme layer.


  • A 70-gram pack is priced at Rs 10.
  • This has a six-month shelf life.
  • Main Ingredients- Refined Wheat Flour, Sugar, Refined Palm Oil, Milk Solids, Cocoa Solids (1.2%), Starch, Invert Syrup, Raising Agents, Dextrose, Iodized Salt, Plain Chocolate (0.3%), Artificial Vanilla Flavoring.


  • They are packed conveniently, apt for on-the-go snacks or to carry at work.
  • None of the biscuits were broken.
  • The biscuits are well-baked and crisp. 


  • They had a very off-putting, industrial aroma.
  • The quantity of cream was barely covering the biscuit base. 
  • The vanilla flavor is on the lower side. 

2. Double Creme Orange & Vanilla

Value For Money- 4/5
Taste- 4/5

Laced with a desirable citrusy aroma, these biscuits had an orange tinge. 

On taking a peek at the cream, we were delightfully surprised to see how the entire base was covered. There was barely any area without cream. A vibrant orange on one half paired with a layer of white vanilla-flavored cream on the other.

The biscuit had a bold bite and all flavors pair quite well. Like the first variant we tried, the vanilla flavor is more subtle than that of orange. These biscuits have a prominent citrusy-sweet flavor. As the ingredient list mentions ‘added orange flavor’ this was no surprise. 

bounce double creme orange and vanilla packaging
Individually packed biscuits for convenience.
bounce double creme orange and vanilla
The embossed design is aesthetic.
cross sectional view bounce double creme orange and vanilla
The creme filling was adequately added.


  • Price, net quantity, and shelf life- same as above.
  • Main Ingredients- Refined Wheat Flour, Sugar, Refined Palm Oil, Milk Solids (1.7%), Starch, Invert Syrup, Raising Agents, Dextrose, Iodized Salt, Orange Juice Powder (0.004%).


  • An inviting aroma of sweet oranges was noticed.
  • This had an adequate quantity of cream.
  • The sweetness isn’t overpowering.
  • Flavors of orange and vanilla complement each other well. 
  • Overall, these had a decent taste and a crunchy bite.

Best Suited For

Dunk or snack on straight out of the pack, Sunfeast Double Creme Orange & Vanilla fared exceptionally on the taste and freshness parameters.

3. Choco Creme

Value For Money- 4/5
Taste- 3/5

Like the Chocolate & Vanilla variant, this variant too has a very artificial aroma.

The biscuit discs have a light-brown appearance and look well-baked. Typically, this shade is achieved when brown sugar has been proportionately added to the dough and the biscuits are baked to perfection. However, the ingredient list (does not) mention brown sugar and this color may have been achieved due to added chocolate flavoring.

Another drawback was the quantity of cream. It was definitely more than the first chocolate variant but did not cover the disc completely. As you can see in the image, it covers around 3/4th of the base. 

The cream layer is very thin. Taste-wise, both the biscuits and the cream lend a very industrial taste and aroma. That said, the sweetness and the overall chocolate flavor are quite average. 

sunfeast bounce choco creme packing
This has a separate outer and inner pack.
sunfeast bounce choco creme
The single creme variants have a different pattern.
sunfeast bounce choco creme overview
Here's a cross sectional view.
sunfeast bounce choco creme filling
The creme is added very sparingly.


  • The net quantity, price, and shelf life are the same as above.
  • Main Ingredients- Refined Wheat Flour, Sugar, Refined Palm Oil, Invert Syrup, Raising Agents, Cocoa Solids (0.5%) Milk Solids, Starch, Dextrose, Iodized Salt, Plain Chocolate (0.06%), Artificial Vanilla Flavoring.


  • The biscuits are visually appealing.
  • They have a fresh, crisp bite.


  • The chocolate flavor and aroma seem very unnatural.
  • We would’ve appreciated a chunkier layer of cream. 

Best Suited For

Considering the number of biscuits and the price, these biscuits scored an average rating. 

4. Elaichi Creme

Value For Money- 4/5
Taste- 3/5

A very intense cardamom aroma was noticed when we first opened the pack. Consistency in shape, size, and thickness of the cream were maintained throughout the pack. The biscuits are light-beige in color.

The biscuits felt fresh in terms of both- taste and texture. But this was not the case with the layer of cream. This cream has a light yellow hue. The aroma was bold, seeming artificial and the overpowering taste was partially overwhelming. This contains liquid glucose.

What is liquid glucose and why is it used in baking?

Liquid glucose/glucose syrup, as the name suggests, sweet fluids. Unlike simple syrup (melted sugar crystals), liquid glucose has a thicker consistency. Glucose syrup is typically used in products where a soft bite and moisture needs to be retained like icing, sponge cakes, etc. 

sunfeast bounce elaichi creme
A similar style of packaging is seen
sunfeast bounce elaichi creme overview
No broken biscuits, thumbs up!
cream of sunfeast bounce elaichi creme
The filling covers only the center.


  • Price, net quantity, and shelf life- same as above.
  • Main Ingredients- Refined Wheat Flour, Sugar, Refined Palm Oil, Invert Syrup, Raising Agents, Starch, Iodized Salt, Added Flavors- Cardamom and Vanilla.


  • We like the crisp bite.
  • Visual consistency is maintained throughout.
  • These are quite economical. 


  • Taste and aroma seem very industrial.
  • The cardamom flavor is very overwhelming.

5. Pineapple Creme

Value For Money- 4/5
Taste- 4/5

Sweet, fruity, and tropical! These biscuits have an evident aroma of the fruit. Like the above variant, the biscuits have a floral pattern embossed and are light beige in color. The cream is yellow but more vibrant than Elaichi. 

On the other hand, the pineapple flavor isn’t half as overwhelming as Elaichi. It is well-balanced which made us go back for seconds! The sweetness is apt and the biscuits are crisp and fresh-tasting. 

sunfeast bounce pineapple creme packing
The individual packaging adds a convenience.
sunfeast bounce pineapple creme biscuits
We loved the aroma.
sunfeast bounce pineapple creme
The creme had a lovely fruity taste.


  • Shelf life and price are the same as above. 
  • Main Ingredients- Refined Wheat Flour, Sugar, Refined Palm Oil, Invert Syrup, Raising Agents, Dextrose, Starch, Iodized Salt, Added Flavors- Pineapple Butter and Vanilla.


  • None of the biscuits were broken. 
  • Consistency is maintained throughout. 
  • The cream filling tastes yum!
  • Crisp, fresh biscuits have a nice bite.


  • The cream doesn’t fully cover the discs. 

Best Suited For

Always incline towards pineapple cream pastries? These biscuits are something we’d recommend you to try. 

Final Words

Out of the five tried, one Sunfeast Bounce biscuit is fairly yum! Our Top Pick Double Creme Orange and Vanilla fared well on all parameters.

In case of other variants, most had a disappointing amount of cream while others just did not taste as good. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some interesting FAQs on Sunfeast bounce biscuits

1. Which is the best flavor of these Sunfeast bounce biscuits?

We liked the Double Cream Orange and Vanilla the best. 

2. What is the calorie intake of each biscuit?

One biscuit will offer 30-35 Kcal approximately. 

3. Are these creamy Sunfeast biscuits healthy?

These contain more-than-recommended quantities of refined flour, refined palm oil, and sugar. We recommend mindful consumption. 

4. Can these biscuits be paired with tea or coffee?

Yes, if you wish to add some citrusy or chocolatey flavors, these biscuits can be considered. 

5. How many biscuits are there in total in each pack?

In a 70-gram pack, you get around 11-12 biscuits. 

If you do agree with our review, please give it a thumbs up! And, tell us which one is your favorite from this list. If you don’t, please tell us why!

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