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Substitute for Muscovado Sugar – 6 Perfect Options

Muscovado sugar is dark brown in color and has a very rich flavor profile. Here are 6 easy to find substitutes of muscovado sugar if you don’t have some at home.

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Muscovado Sugar, also known as khaand, is commonly used to make desserts like cakes, puddings, phirnis, barfis, and even halwas. Muscovado Sugar is unrefined brown sugar and can be light or dark depending on the level of sugar processing. You will be surprised to know that India holds the top position in Muscovado sugar production.

We have all been there, entered the kitchen to make something, and forgot a few ingredients. What to do when you run out of Muscovado Sugar? Here are some handy substitutes for muscovado sugar.

What Is Muscovado Sugar?

muscovado sugar
Muscovado sugar can be light or dark.

Muscovado sugar has a high molasses flavor and a high moisture content, like a lump of unrefined or partially refined cane sugar. Apart from regular nutrient content as that of sugar, it has traces of magnesium and polyphenols due to molasses. Muscovado is very popular in Europe due to its rich molasses and toffee-like taste. In other parts of the world, including the United States, it is getting more attention. Muscovado sugar is popular as a sweetener and can be used in sauces and marinades.

Muscovado sugar also is popular as Barbados sugar, kandasari, khand, and moist sugar. It is typically unrefined sugar, but some of it is partially refined sugar. Mauritius’ African island is famous for the best muscovado sugar production. Researchers say replacing normal sugar with Muscovado sugar often results in improved nutrient intake.

Generic brown sugar is a result of the composition of white sugar by adding molasses. The texture is damp and sticky, and it is often associated with wet sand. Its taste is rich, with a strong molasses flavor, which is like toffee and has a bittersweet flavor.

Muscovado sugar comes in the dark and the light varieties. Dark Muscovado is more popular as it contains molasses. After the removal of a portion of the molasses, light Muscovado sugar is made.

Uses Of Muscovado Sugar

In cake and cookies, often in candies, there is a part of the deep flavor of muscovado sugar. This best fits with cookies and baked chocolate desserts. Bread and other similar dark sweets, which make a delicious caramel ice cream, are also a good match.

Muscovado is an outstanding coffee and tea sweetener or added to yogurt or a bowl of oatmeal. Muscovado sugar is also great for savory dishes. Barbecue sauce and marinades or meat glazes are most common among them.

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Where Can One Buy Muscovado Sugar From?

Muscovado sugar is available both online and at specialty shops. It is mostly sold in 1 pound bags, but there are larger quantities available as well.

Muscovado Sugar Storage

muscovado sugar in an airtight jar
Store muscovado sugar in a close lid or plastic zip-lock bag or an airtight jar.

Because of the moisture content of Muscovado and other brown sugars, they are likely to dry out. If poorly processed, the sugar forms clumps and will harden, eventually. Store muscovado sugar in a close lid or plastic zip-lock bag or an airtight jar.

Is Muscovado Sugar Better Than White Sugar?

The most significant difference is that they are from two different sources: Muscovado sugar and white sugar. Raw cane sugar, which is partially processed (Muscovado, demerara, and turbinado), maintains a large proportion of molasses. Therefore, it is almost burnt. White sugar is succinate in unrefined canes and is heavily processed before it reaches us.

Points To Note About Muscovado Sugar

  • Baking often calls for powdered or brown sugar. You derive it from chopped and pressed sugarcane, which is an extract from the juices. It is then subject to a process of heating and processing. The end result you get is Muscovado sugar or Barbados’ sugar.
  • It has a strong molasses flavor.
  • It is available in both dark and light versions. The darker the color, the more concentrated the molasses content and stronger the aroma.
  • Muscovado is well known for its unusual tinged, dark color toffee flavor.

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Alternatives One Can Try For Muscovado Sugar

1. Brown Sugar

brown sugar
Organic brown sugar from sugar cane in a bowl.

Brown sugar is widely available throughout the world and can be used as a close substitute for Muscovado Sugar.

2. Demerara Sugar

white and brown sugar in a spoon
Substitutes for Muscovado Sugar

Demerara, a light brown sugar slightly sticky, is an excellent alternative to Muscovado. The crunchier texture of demerara is preferred for some desserts, like cookies.

3. Turbinado Sugar

turbinado sugar
Turbinado sugar

It’s highly likely that you saw this sugar at most coffee shops and don’t know if it was a turbinate! Unprocessed cane sugar with large-type crystals is light to medium-brown in color. Turbinado sugar contains little humidity so that specific recipes can make the final product a low dry. Make sure that you use sugar turbinate for desserts like brownies, cookies, or sauces.

You may also add molasses or maple syrup in one or two drops to compensate for the lack of moisture. Turbinado sugar crystals are smaller, and it is still possible to try to grind the sugar in a food processor.

4. Jaggery

organic jaggery powder in a bowl
Jaggery Powder

Jaggery is as close to when it comes to muscovado sugar – color and taste-wise. Jaggery is easily available in India at local grocery stores. You can use grated jaggery to use as a sweetener or melt it slightly, or grind it to make desserts.

5. Granulated sugar

pile of granulated sugar
Pile of granulated sugar

Granulated sugar is one thing that is available in every household. Even though it doesn’t give the same muscovado type color, you can add some maple syrup or treacle to achieve a similar color.

6. Molasses Sugar

molasses sugar
The presence of molasses in brown sugar increases its water retention and mineral quality.

It is a rich brown sugar with a high concentration of molasses, and can only be used as a substitute for Muscovado if the recipe demands a more intense taste.

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A variety of options–including white sugar, molasses, maple syrup, and jaggery–can replace muscovado sugar. You might need to make some small changes to your recipe depending on your replacement type. These muscovado sugar substitutes will come in handy if you run out of them.

There are a lot of other options available that serve as the best alternative. All you need to do is to be a bit creative and twist your recipe.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here we have answered a few interesting questions about replacements of muscovado sugar.

The texture and molasses content of demerara and muscovado sugar is different. Demerara sugar contains 1-2% of molasses while muscovado contains 8-10%.

When it comes to texture, brown sugar is more refined than muscovado sugar. Also, brown sugar is mild in taste when compared to dark muscovado.

Light muscovado sugar is a muscovado sugar with lesser molasses content and it is light golden brown in color.

Yes. Muscovado sugar can be used while baking, and it adds caramel flavor to it.

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