Solimo Stainless Steel Induction Bottom Multi Kadhai Review
solimo stainless steel kadhai review

Solimo Stainless Steel Induction Bottom Multi Kadhai Review

Sturdy, handy and irreplaceable or something we can do without? How did the Solimo Stainless Steel Multi-Purpose Kadhai Steamer perform in our test kitchen?

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Our reviews are research-based, and all trials and testings are conducted in-house over days and weeks. We have a strict no-free-sample policy to ensure our reviews are fair and impartial.

Mishry Rating

4 / 5
Ease of use
4 / 5


A stainless steel kadhai-steamer that comes with 5 plates to steam dhoklas, idlis and more. We liked how the kadhai can be used for cooking and is super easy to clean. The handles do not heat up while cooking.

Steamers play a big role in all Indian kitchens. Be it a batch of fluffy idlis, some delicious dhokla or an indulgent patra-ni-machi. 

Yes, there are a lot of electric steamers, but most Indian homes are more comfortable using an aluminum or stainless steel steamer that can be propped up on a stove.

We ordered the multi-purpose kadhai steamer from Amazon which comes with 5 plates. For our Solimo stainless steel multi kadhai review, we used it intensively over an entire week and tested it for different recipes. After making dhoklas, idlis and more, here is our verdict. Buy or bye?

Solimo Stainless Steel Multi Kadhai – Quick Glance

A quick glance at the information you need to know about the Solimo Stainless Steel Multi Kadhai Steamer –


Solimo Stainless Steel Multi Kadhai Product Information
Price Rs 1,049/-
Material  Stainless steel
Number of plates 5
Buy now On Amazon
Mishry rating

(Out of 5)


Our Review Factors

What were we looking for? We were looking for a utensil that is able to steam idlis, dhoklas, patras and more with ease. We checked for the material, its sturdiness, design and its compatibility with different heat sources.

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Here are the parameters on which we checked the Solimo stainless steel multi kadhai – 

1. Design 


What is the material of the body, lid and handles? Is it sturdy to hold or is the material flimsy? Is the finishing of the product satisfactory?


Is the grip comfortable? Do the handles get hot while heating? 


Is the base of the utensil stable enough to work on a gas stove and an induction cooktop?

2. Usage and handling

How easy is the utensil to use, handle, clean and maintain? Is this a functional addition to the kitchen or does it require extra effort to use? Does it do the job well? 

3. Others

Price, warranty period, ease of storage, and durability were a few factors that contributed in deciding the review. 

Solimo Stainless Steel Multi Kadhai – Detailed Review

Price and Packaging

The stainless steel multi kadhai came in a brown carton. Inside the carton all the pieces are packed neatly in a plastic bag. The pack does not contain any instruction booklet.

We bought this off of Amazon for Rs 1,049/-. Do check the portal for discounts and deals. No information on warranty provided on the pack.


Here are a few key points about the design of the utensil – 

  • The material of the body is stainless steel and the handles are bakelite. They do not heat up while cooking.
  • The lid has a bakelite knob (lid knob is attached with a screw) which does not heat up either.
  • The grip of these handles is comfortable.
  • The bottom of the kadai/steamer is flat and induction friendly.
  • There are two dhokla and idli plates which have perforations on the edges.
  • A single patra plate is also provided which has perforations on the plate as well as the edges.
  • Dhokla and patra plates have 3 handles, the idli plates have two. 
  • These are not riveted. 
  • There is no stand inside to keep the given plates. 

The weight of the kadhai is 683 grams without the lid and 957 grams with the lid. The dhokla plates weigh 170 gm each, patra plate is 169 gms and the idli plates are 149 gm each. 

The inner diameter of the dhokla and patra plate is approximately 6.5 inches. The idli plate has a diameter of 8.5 inch and has 4 cavities. At a time 8 idlis can be steamed. 

all parts of the solimo stainless steel kadhai
There are seven pieces in total - the kadhai, lid, and five steaming plates.
steamer plates and kadhai by solimo
A closer look at the different plates.

How Did We Test This? + Our Experience 

We tested all the plates for the following –

  • Dhokla plates were tested using different batters – Homemade suji dhokla and MTR Khaman Dhokla.
  • Idlis plates were tested using – Tata Sampann Fiber Rich Idli Mix, homemade rava idli, MTR Rice Idli
  • The patra plate was tested for steaming momos.
  • We also used the kadhai for cooking stir fried idli using a basic tempering of oil, cumin, mustard, curry leaves, salt and turmeric. Even though the masalas were sticking a bit on the base, they did not burn and it was very easy to clean the kadhai afterwards.

This process took us a week. 

The dhokla and idli plates worked well for us. They steam well and the water does not seep into the food. You can make 15-16 pieces of dhokla or 8 pieces of idli in one go. It is easy and effortless to place the plates in the kadhai.

This is an economical utensil that serves multiple purposes – you can steam and cook in this. Moreover, it is easy to clean, has a decent finishing, and the quality of the material seems sturdy. 

Do note that while reviewing appliances and utensils, we do not stop using the product in our test kitchen even after the official review process is over. In case of any further inputs, our review is updated. 

idlis prepared using the solimo kadhai steamer
Preparing the idlis in the Solimo Kadhai Steamer.
using the dhokla plates for testing
We made dhoklas to test these plates.
dhokla and idli prepared in the solimo steamer kadai
Idli station! Plain and masala idli made using this utensil.
masala idli prepared in the kadhai
Before and after - Using the kadhai for cooking.
Ease of use - 4/5
Design - 4/5
  • Good quality material used.
  • Handles do not heat up while cooking.
  • Multi purpose! The kadhai can be used to cook as well.
  • We liked how easy this is to clean.
  • This is economical considering its usage and functions.
  • As only two plates can go inside the steamer at a time, the yield will be slower. Especially for larger families.

This is a multi-purpose utensil that can be used for steaming multiple dishes including idlis, dhoklas, patras, fish, momos and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

ere are some interesting FAQs on Solimo stainless steel multi kadhai.

No. This is not oven safe. It has plastic handles.

Although the brand does not mention if this is dishwasher safe or not, Amazon lists this as safe. We did not try washing it in our dishwasher.

Apart from the five steaming plates, this has a kadhai bottom and a lid on top. So seven pieces in total.

You can put 2 plates at a time. Not more than that. 

Absolutely yes! It would be great for steaming fish. Make sure you use the appropriate steaming plate.

Final Verdict

We give the Solimo Stainless Steel Steamer a thumbs up! It is fairly sturdy with a decent finish and can be used for multiple things. Apart from steaming dhoklas, idlis, patras and momos, you can use the base kadhai for cooking as well.

Do you use a stainless steel/aluminum steamer or an electric one? What makes you choose that one over the other? Let us know in the comment section below.

Our reviews are unbiased and all samples used during the reviews were paid for by us. Read our entire ethics statement here.

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