Best Security Cameras For Home In India (Jun 2024)
Best Home Security Camera

Smart Security Solutions: The Top-Rated Home Security Cameras for Any Residence (Jun 2024)

Secure your home with these top quality home security cameras. The list goes as follows :

Equipping your home with a top-notch security system is becoming increasingly important. The evolution of security cameras has been rapid during the last few decades. It is now vital to ensure your home is as secure as possible. 

Security cameras watch your home around the clock and give an alert if they detect an intruder. These are well-equipped with innovative capabilities that keep you up to date in real time, no matter where you are. 

With so many options, selecting an excellent security camera with the best features is more challenging than ever. But don’t be concerned! We are here to help you. Here are our recommendations for the best home security cameras for effective household security.

1. Best In Class Home Security Camera : TP-Link Security Camera

2. Best Home Security Camera With Smart Tracking : Imou Security Camera

3. Best Home Security Camera With Fast Live Streaming : Qubo Smart Camera for Home 

Best Security Camera For Home In India

In this section, we have compiled details about the best CCTV cameras for home security :

This security camera provides ultra-high definition video that records every image in crystal clear definition. It features an advanced night view that guards you while sleeping. Other features that the device supports are: live view, two-way audio, privacy mode, and local storage. In addition, it provides a wide range of coverage that captures every moment.

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TP-Link Security Camera
TP-Link Security Camera

Product Features

  • High definition video. 
  • Safe storage. 
  • Supports two-way audio.

2. Imou Security Camera

This security camera from Imou provides a 360 degrees coverage view. The best part is that it features full HD 1080P video recording. Featuring a built-in siren, it creates an alarming sound to indicate the presence of unwanted people. It also allows users to talk through the camera, thanks to its two-way audio feature.

Imou Security Camera
Imou Security Camera

Product Features

  • Provides 360 degrees coverage view. 
  • Supports 24×7 continuous recording.

3. Qubo Smart Camera for Home

Qubo’s smart camera is equipped with all the right features to keep your home safe. Featuring advanced AI options, it has superior camera quality. Some valuable features supported by this camera are 1080P Full HD picture quality, fast live streaming, infrared night vision, and motion tracking.

Qubo Smart Camera for Home
Qubo Smart Camera for Home

Product Features

  • Supports fast live streaming. 
  • Works well with Alexa and OK Google. 
  • Excellent picture quality.

4. EZVIZ Home Security Monitor Camera

This home security monitor camera supports smart motion tracking that automatically tracks any motion. When a threat or motion is detected around the premises, the motion detection alert sends immediate warnings to your mobile device. With a smooth motorized rotation, it promises an excellent panoramic view.

EZVIZ Home Security Monitor Camera
EZVIZ Home Security Monitor Camera

Product Features

  • Effective monitoring. 
  • Provides instant alerts. 
  • User-friendly.

5. CP PLUS Home Security Camera

This home security camera from CP Plus provides 360 degrees coverage. The best thing is that it supports both pan and tilt modes. It has a 1080p FHD picture quality and is a cutting-edge home security camera. The Intelligent Motion Sensor lets you accurately identify and track humans while on the move.

CP PLUS Home Security Camera
CP PLUS Home Security Camera

Product Features

  • Provides advanced night vision. 
  • Gives away quick alerts. 
  • Supports privacy mode.

6. MI Xiaomi Home Security Camera

This home security camera from MI has a full HD video resolution. With enhanced night vision, it ensures easy monitoring with the MI home app. Featuring AI human detection, it effectively helps filter false alarms and notifies accordingly. What else? It results in a clear and crisp viewing experience.

MI Xiaomi Home Security Camera
MI Xiaomi Home Security Camera

Product Features

  • Smooth video footage. 
  • Remarkable photo quality. 
  • Effectively filters false alarms.

7. D3D Home Security CCTV Camera

It is a security CCTV camera that works smoothly with the Alexa Echo device. With advanced artificial intelligence, it supports face detection technology. Featuring an in-built 850 nm infrared light, it automatically switches the video display between day and night mode. Additionally, the 8X zoom feature helps enlarge the images without distortion.

D3D Home Security CCTV Camera
D3D Home Security CCTV Camera

Product Features

  • Results in 8X digital zoom. 
  • Easy to set up. 
  • Hassle-free installation.

8. Beetel Smart Home Security Camera

Beetel’s home security camera is what every modern home must be equipped with. With up to 128 GB SD card storage, it comes with ample storage space. It features a built-in infrared LED that enables efficient monitoring at night too.

Beetel Smart Home Security Camera
Beetel Smart Home Security Camera

Product Features

  • Ample storage space. 
  • Effective monitoring. 
  • Excellent wide-angle viewing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some interesting FAQs on Best Home Security Camera

Different security cameras have different security systems. Ideally, most security cameras will keep the footage for around 30 to 90 days.

For a complete home video surveillance, there would be a requirement of around 2 to 6 security cameras.

Here’s a quick guide to design a home security camera system : 

  • Start by conducting a short security assessment. 
  • Secondly, determine the type of security system you need. 
  • Now, select the recording equipment and the ideal storage capacity. 
  • Finally, determine the placement of your cameras. 
  • Lastly, create a plan to monitor your security camera system.

The best locations to install your home security cameras are : front door, back and side doors, living room, kitchen, and hallway.

Final Words

Here are some of our recommendations for the best security cameras for your home. A security camera adds a lot of value when it comes to enhancing the safety of any resident. 

Our top three picks from the list are : TP-Link Security Camera, Imou Security Camera and Qubo Smart Camera for Home.

Buying from the links on this page may earn us a fee. Please read our complete ethics statement here.

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