The Detailed List of Seasonal Fruits in India and its Recipes
seasonal fruits kept in a fruit basket

Seasonal Fruits In India: Learn Everything You Need To Know

Are you a lover of the seasonal fruits in India? If yes, then this discussion is going to prepare you for a seasonal tour concerning the specific fruits which you have to have a taste at the earliest.

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The Indian subcontinent is one of the most varied lands, having almost every kind of landform one can find geographically. You have the Himalayas- the snow-covered peaks, the Thar Desert, the Gangetic plains, the coasts, seashores, plateau, forests, and so on. It is due to this varying landform that the climate is so different. For example, when the plateau region is burning hot in summers, the Western Ghats receive rainfall. Similarly, during the winters, the coastal areas have a moderate climate, but the land-enclosed areas experience the harshness of the winters. Because of these variations, crops are grown differently, and this includes the seasonal fruits in India.

The season fruits in India greatly rely on the proper climate, temperature, and terrain, because of which a lot of these fruits are exported. Take the example of the apples grown in Kashmir- these fruits start ripening during late autumn since the harvest time is early winter.

Similarly, the watermelon season in India is the summer season since in the winters, the fields where they are usually grown are covered with nothing but frost.

seasonal fruits
The season fruits in India greatly rely on the proper climate, temperature, and terrain, because of which a lot of these fruits are exported.

Seasonal fruits in India – A Brief Explanation

We all love to have fruits. The delicacy of the pulp, the varying textures, and the juicy and delirious taste profile of the plant product is not only beneficial for health but also quite tempting for the taste buds. This is why Indians love the season fruits because they are available only during certain periods. Second, these fruits are super delicious, and you would have to wait for another year to taste them.

There are several seasonal fruits in India that you can distinguish. Some of these fruits are easily available in the summers, while some are harvested and distributed mainly during the winter season. Some fruits are available as all seasonal fruits, and hence they will be available throughout the year.

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In the forthcoming discussion about the seasonal fruits in India, we will mainly focus on the different Indian fruits grown throughout the year and in particular seasons. With this explanation, you wouldn’t have a problem with buying the proper Indian seasonal fruits.

seasonal fruits and flowers
Image for Reference – Fruits

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Summer Fruits In India – The Detailed List

Summers nowadays have become almost intolerable, all thanks to the growing heat of the sun’s rays and the increasing temperature. Amidst such a difficult time, the fruits of the summer season in India seem to provide such a great relief that one could quickly wish to teleport himself to the fields where those delectable seasonal fruits in India are grown.

In the following list, we have described certain best fruits in summer in India which you must try, not because they are seasonal but because they are healthy and will help you to tolerate the harshness of the hot season.

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1. Watermelon

Watermelon is one of the juiciest seasonal fruits in India grown in the summer season. There are several varieties of fruit which you will find in the market. Regardless of the variety, you are choosing, one thing is sure nothing can ever compare to the juiciness of the red pulp of the watermelon.

Summer is the watermelon season in India. From late April and early May, you see the fruit markets flooded with this fruit. The reddish pulp is rich in Vitamin A, which helps both the eyes and the skin. Vitamin B6 present in the watermelon will increase the immunity power of your body greatly. It is one of the most loved summer season fruits in India.

watermelon sliced and kept
Water Melon

2. Mango

Mango is the king of fruits grown in summer, because of which you can easily get this fruit as soon as the spring ends and the summer season starts, like from the early weeks of April.

As the season will progress, you will have different varieties of this best fruit in India like the Alphonso, Kesar mangoes, Himsagar, Chausa mangoes, Safeda, Langra, and so on. This particular fruit is rich in antioxidants and Vitamin C, both of which work great together and increase your body’s natural defense mechanism.

diced mangoes

3. Guava

One of the other amazing fruits available in summer is the Guava fruit. It is grown both locally and in large guava fields all around the country. During the early summers, you have hard-crusted deep green colored guavas, whose flesh feels like crunchy food.

As the guava season in India progresses, the fruit ripe and loses its hardness, after which it gets a soft pulp with a thin outer pale green or yellow skin. Guavas are relatively healthy for the body, especially for people suffering from fever or the common cold and cough.

pink flesh guava

4. Papaya

The papayas are one of the best seasonal fruits in India. The raw form of the fruit is usually used in cooking since the pulp is quite hard, making the raw form not suitable for eating as a fruit. When the ripened papaya season in India arrives, you will find the outer green skin has become a combination of green and yellow.

The pulp of the fruit becomes softer and has a yellow to dark orange color, based on the extent of ripening. Papayas are preferred for the huge amount of Vitamin C present in the pulp. The fruit is also extremely beneficial in improving bowel movement in people suffering from constipation or IBS.


5. Plums

If you want to taste one of the most liked seasonal fruits in India, nothing would be as good as the plums. Even though for some, the flavor profile and the fruit’s texture might seem to be an excitement-killer, in reality, however, the fruit has amazing health benefits.

It contains many fibers along with sorbitol- the two compounds that help in digestive problems like constipation and indigestion. The reddish-purple color of the fruit is due to the anthocyanins – a group of antioxidants that prevents the growth of cancerous cells in the body.


6. Kiwi

You must have seen many culinary dishes made from fruits that the Kiwi is one of the essential ingredients. Well, this is because this is one of the healthiest summer fruits in India, thanks to the presence of several vitamins and minerals which will help your body to function properly without fail.

sliced kiwi

Best Indian Summer Fruits Recipes To Look For

Since you are aware of the popular summer fruit names, we think it will be helpful if you also knew about the foods that can be cooked using these seasonal fruits in India. Many people dislike fruits, but when you prepare ice cream, a salad, or juice, it is the same group of people who like to devour the entire dish.

So, to make you more knowledgeable about the Indian fruits in the summer season and their uses, here we have mentioned some of the best fruit recipes you can make in your home.

  • Custard fruit salad, with the fruits being of your choice
  • A fruit salad with a small amount of lemon juice and shredded nuts
  • Using the fresh fruit slices to design a French fruit pastry
  • Decorating a homemade cake with the fresh summer fruits
  • Making smoothies and juices during the summers to keep the body hydrated and healthy
fruit milkshake topped with fresh fruits
Milk Shakes

Winter Fruits In India- The Detailed List

If you think that India can’t produce enough fruit variety in the winters, you are highly mistaken. In reality, you will find many fruits of the winter season that you can easily get during the entire winter season and early spring season in the fruit markets.

Here we have described the famous fruits that are grown in various parts of the country to give you more knowledge about the winter-based seasonal fruits in India.

1. Dates

One of the most common winter season fruits which you will find in India is the dates. The origin of this fruit dates back to the Caribbean times in the Middle East. Loaded with essential nutrients and bioactive compounds, the fruit is quite beneficial and is used in several recipes for enhancing the food’s flavor profile.

You will find several varieties of dates in India, thereby making it one of the most chosen seasonal fruits in India during the winter season.


2. Oranges

The moment the autumn season starts nearing the end, you will find several types of oranges available in the market as one of the healthiest seasonal fruits in India. First, it is loaded with Vitamin C- a great source of ascorbic acid that will help you prevent scurvies and increase the body’s immune system. The juicy pulp of the fruit can be eaten raw, or you can make juice and smoothies out of the orange pulp.


3. Pomegranates

The pomegranate is known as the superfood fruit for a reason. This is, in fact, a popular name in the winter fruit list, and hence getting this red-colored fruit for your home is a must. The kernels of the fruit are loaded with antioxidants that help prevent the growth of free radical concentration and early aging of the skin.

Apart from this, the fruit is known to be one of the best seasonal fruits in India because of the high nutrition content, which you would hardly find in other fruits.


4. Apples

Mainly grown in the Kashmir region, the apple is one of the most amazing winter season fruits. Apples are recommended by many doctors, thanks to the numerous health benefits the fruit has.

You will have different apple varieties in the market for both the red and green apple species. You can easily include the winter season fruit in the salads or use it to make some delicious sweet dishes.


Best Recipes for Winter Season Fruits in India

With the winter fruits list now in your hand, you can make the best dish using those fruits. But just to give you some more ideas, here we have described some of the recipes where you will have to use the Indian winter fruits.

  • Apple pie
  • Caramelized apple cake
  • Pecan and date pie
  • Smoothies are made from apples, dates, bananas, and so on.
  • Fruit juices

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Autumn Fruits In India- The Detailed List

Autumn or the fall season is another remarkable climatic shift that the Indians welcome with open arms. However, what really makes this season more amicable is the light chillness of the evening air and the warm heat during the days. This season sees the transition from the summer to the winter, because of which a lot of variations are introduced in the environmental conditions.

And, what’s better than the season-wise fruits in India to take a note of the changing season?

Nothing, and that’s why we here have mentioned some of the most amazing fruits you can enjoy in the summers.

1. Figs

Even though figs are considered one of the all seasonal fruits in India, you will get the dried version of the same in other seasons. It is only in the summers that one can relish the taste of this fruit. Fig has a varying texture, which makes it one of the most exotic seasonal fruits. If we talk about the fruit’s skin, its smoothness melts in the mouth as you take the bite.

The flesh, however, has a chewable texture, which is great for munching around. The chewable texture is mainly because of the high fiber content of the flesh. Then, lastly, you will be able to enjoy the crunchiness of the seeds sitting deep inside the fruit.


2. Plums

This is one of the excellent seasonal fruits that you can savor in the autumn season. This fruit is mainly known for its low sugar content, which is an excellent feature that makes it perfect for people who have Type 2 Diabetes. There are several health benefits of eating plums regularly, like having relief from IBS and constipation, reducing anxiety and depression, having a rich supply of antioxidants, reduced blood sugar levels, and so on.

3. Limes

Limes are the greatest and the direct source of Vitamin C. It is because of this reason that you cannot ignore the fruit from your diet. Including the limes regularly with hot water early morning will regulate your constipation problems.

People who take lime juice can avoid gum diseases and scurvies. Along with this, limes are high in antioxidants, which will help increase the strength of the immunity power of the body.


4. Passion fruit

Like the name sounds, people have a huge love for most varieties of this fruit in India. The passion fruit is actually one of the most used sour fruits in India in high-end cafes and restaurants. It’s of tropical origin, and yet this is vastly cultivated in many orchards across India.

Vitamin C and Vitamin A are present in huge quantities because the fruit is considered the epitome of health benefits. Along with this, antioxidants like carotenoids and polyphenols are also present in huge amounts.

passion fruit
Passion Fruits

5. Grapes

The last autumn fruit which we will discuss here is the grapes. The delicious juicy fruit globules grow in clusters and are available in two different green and black varieties. The green grapes have a sweeter flavor profile as compared to the black grapes. However, both have almost the same range of benefits.

But, before you include the grapes in your daily diet, remember that it is rich in carbohydrate content because of which you need to ensure that the total calorie intake is not increasing by any means.


Spring Fruits In India- The Detailed List

The next set of seasonal fruits in India that we will discuss here belongs to the spring season- the final section of the year. Spring is known as the start of a new climatic year. The warmth of the daytime and the slight chill of the night air combine together to make the ambiance more tolerable.

In this season, plants grow leaves, the new ones actually, and nature again starts filling itself with greenery. Here, we have discussed some of the seasonal fruits in India that are popular during this season.

1. Cherries

Spring can never be complete without cherries. After all, the season is known for the cherry blossoms, so you need to try this fruit. The small, red cherries can be included in any dessert, including cakes, cupcakes, muffins, pastries, cherry sauces, and so on. It has a mix of sour and sweet taste profiles, making the red fruits more delectable for the taste buds.

red cherries

2. Strawberries

Strawberries can be said to be the king of the berry species. The sour profile and the fruit’s crunchy texture make it amazing for preparing fruit salads, ice creams, juices, smoothies, and so on. In fact, springtime is known for the baking of strawberry mousses and cakes.

The fruit carries many vitamins, but Vitamin C and Vitamin A are present in considerable amounts. Because of this, the fruit is considered the best treatment for eyes and gums.


3. Jackfruit

Jackfruit is said to be the king of the spring and summer seasonal fruits in India. Since it has a considerable quantity of carbohydrates, make sure that you are considering the content in your daily intake to avoid excess calorie consumption. Jackfruits are high in Vitamin C, potassium, iron, and even magnesium. The seeds of the fruit are dried and then eaten in many Indian savory dishes.

Jack Fruits

4. Apricots

The last spring fruit which we will discuss is the apricots. This variety is trendy in preparing fruit salads, apricot pies, apple and apricot pies, apricot ice creams, sundaes, and so on. This is something which you would never miss during the springs.


All Season Fruits in India

Some of the fruit species are found throughout the year, starting from January to December.

Knowing these all Indian fruit names, you can decide what fruits you need to include in your diet.

  • Dried apricots
  • Apples
  • Bananas
  • Exotic avocadoes
  • Lemons
  • Papayas
  • Grapes
  • Dried cranberries
  • Guava
  • Cucumber

Going for fresh fruits is usually the preferred choice of many. This is because of a variety of nutrients like iron, potassium, Vitamin A and Vitamin C, etc. So, consuming the fruits that are accessible or available all around the year helps to include the required amount of minerals and vitamins in our daily diet. Fruits are also an amazing source of antioxidants that prevent us from falling prey to various health diseases.

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Classification of Fruits in Season By Month

Lastly, we will simply note the fruits available throughout the year and the seasonal fruits also, based on the months.

  • Summer fruits in India include blackberries, cantaloupe, blueberries, limes, jackfruits, mangoes, watermelon, muskmelons, honeydew, grapes, figs, and sour cherries, nectarine, peaches, and so on.
  • In the autumn fruit list, you will have the pears, crab apples, guava, grapes, key limes, passion fruit, pineapple, Sharon fruit, sugar apple, kumquats, huckleberries, and so on.
  • The spring season fruits in India will include bitter melon, strawberries, oranges, mangoes, jackfruit, limes, apricots, etc.
  • The winter fruits will include dates, oranges, apples, pears, red bananas, tangerines, clementines, etc.

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Since you are aware of all the fruity facts of the Indian agricultural market, you can easily buy your favorite fruit before the season runs out. The happiness of relishing the taste of the seasonal fruits in India is incomprehensible, something you would never trade for another food.

So, study the season-based fruits properly and then make a list of what you would like to have in your diet for the concerned season.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few interesting FAQs about seasonal fruits in India.

Summer fruits in India include blackberries, cantaloupe, blueberries, limes, jackfruits, mangoes, watermelon, muskmelons, honeydew, grapes, figs, and sour cherries, nectarine, peaches, and so on.

The winter fruits are dates, oranges, apples, pears, red bananas, tangerines, clementines, etc.

In April, fruits such as mango, muskmelon, banana, and watermelon are available.

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