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Saffola Oodles Yummy Masala Review – Yummazing Ring Noodles

Saffola Oodles are truly a masaledaar feast! These ring-shaped noodles are made using oats flour, and semolina.

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The Saffola Oodles are made using oats flour and semolina. These are ring shaped noodles. These are masaledaar and can easily give competition to your regular pack of instant noodles.

Saffola, a brand associated with cooking oil in India, branched out into the world of oats a few years ago. From there stemmed many instant masala oats flavors, which have been popular throughout the country. Saffola also has a range of green coffees and ‘hi-protein’ soup meals which we reviewed earlier.

A new addition to Saffola’s instant range is the Saffola Oodles. As the name suggests, these are instant ring shaped ‘noodles’ made using oats. We picked a bag of Saffola Oodles to check it for its taste, texture, shape, and list of ingredients. Here is our Saffola Oodles Yummy Masala Ring Noodles Review.

Are the Saffola Oodles ring noodles all fun and no flavor? Let’s find out how these no-maida oodles perform in our taste test? This section discusses our experience with the Saffola Oodles.

1. Taste

Instant food, especially noodles, can trump each other with just one factor – Taste. Do the Saffola Oodles have the potential to replace your regular maida instant noodles?

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As we know, a tastemaker can make or break a pack of instant noodles. The Saffola Oodles have just the right portion of masala that is extremely delicious. The tastemaker to noodle ratio is perfect, and it doesn’t feel too less or too much.  The salt content and spice levels are very well balanced.

The tastemaker also has small pieces of dehydrated carrots that taste fresh and have a mild crunch. We couldn’t see any onions but could indeed taste them very well. 

As per the ingredient list, the ring noodles are made using oats flour, semolina, and wheat gluten. They do not contain maida. If you make these for someone and not tell them that they are partially made using oats, no one can tell the difference. 

2. Ingredients 

The list of ingredients of Saffola Oodles are – 

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Oodles – Oats flour (39.4%), Semolina (36.7%), Edible vegetable oil (rice bran oil and sunflower oil), Wheat gluten, Iodized salt.

Masala mix – Spices and condiments (onions, cumin, turmeric, clove), dehydrated vegetables (onions, and carrots), sugar, spices. Contains natural colors, added flavors.

3. Shape and Size

The Saffola Oodles are ring-shaped noodles. These aren’t too large or small. After cooking, they swell up and increase in size a little bit.

The tastemaker and dry ring-noodles.

4. Texture

The texture of the oodles is very similar to your regular maida instant noodles. These aren’t thicker or fibrous, but smooth and soft.

5. Method of Preparation

As per the information on the pack –

  • Simmer – Add 260 ml water to the pan and bring to a boil.
  • Snip – Cut the pack, add rings and cook for 5 minutes, stirring occasionally.
  • Sprinkle – Add your yummy masala sachet mix to the soupy mix and serve hot.
  • Serve – Garnish with your favorite toppings and enjoy.

6. Price and packaging

The Saffola Oodles come in a red-orange pouch pack. Inside one bag are four separately packed pouches containing the rings. Four small pouches of the tastemaker are also added inside. A pack of 4 weighs 184 grams and is priced at Rs 74/-. Each pack is 46 gms.

Saffola Oodles - Packaging

7. Nutritional Facts

100 grams of the Saffola Oodles ring noodles provides 445.4 Kcal of energy. A single 46-gram pack provides 204.9 Kcals.

8.  Shelf Life

The shelf life of Saffola Oodles is 9 months.

9.  Speciality

The differentiating factor in Saffola Oodles is the fact that these are not made using maida. They are made using oats flour and semolina, which are healthier alternatives to refined flour. In addition, this does contain wheat gluten, so this is not a gluten-free product. 

Another fun element is the shape of the noodles. Unlike all other flat or round-shaped noodles available in the market, these are ring-shaped.

Saffola Oodles Product Information
Price Rs 74/-
Net weight 184 gm
Main ingredients (Noodles) Oats flour (39.4%), Semolina (36.7%)
Shelf life 9 months
Flavor Yummy Masala

Saffola Oodles Yummy Masala Ring Noodles – Detailed Review

Our Saffola Oodles yummy masala review discusses the price, packaging, special features, taste, and much more. Here is all that you need to know.

The Saffola Oodles come in a pouch pack. Inside that pack are 4 separately packed pouches containing the ring noodles. Each pouch weighs 46 gms. The tastemaker pouches are also packed inside. A pack containing 4 portions of Saffola Oodles is priced at Rs 76/-.

We made the Saffola Oodles as per instructions given on the pack. The consistency is moderately soupy. It’s neither too dry nor too soupy. The flavor of the masala is delicious and very desi. The spice levels are very balanced, making this a rather tasty meal. The carrots in these masala oodles are crunchy.

The Saffola Oodles have a medium-soupy consistency.
The ring shape of the oodles maintained after cooking.


  • Saffola Oodles Yummy Masala Price – The MRP is Rs 76/-. This is a pack of 4.
  • Shelf life – 9 months
  • The noodles do not contain maida. 
  • They are made using oats flour and semolina.
  • A single 46-gram pack provides 204.9 Kcal of energy.
  • These noodles are ring-shaped.


  • The ring shape of the noodles makes it a fun meal.
  • The masala of the Saffola Oodles is tasty and has the right amount of seasoning.
  • They are easy to make.
  • These oodles do not have any maida. They are made using oats flour, and semolina. 

Best Suited For

These are best suited for people who want to avoid maida in their diet but feel like eating a pack of masaledaar instant noodles. 

Saffola oodles is a quick-serving snack that is equally tasty. It will serve as a good change for those who enjoy instant noodles and would like a variety now and then.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some exciting FAQs on Saffola oodles ring noodles. 

1. What is the cost of Saffola Masala Oats? 

A 500 gm bag of masala oats by Saffola is priced at Rs 190/-. Different sized packs of masala oats are available.

2. Is this good for weight loss?

While this pack of instant noodles is made of better alternatives to maida like oats flour and semolina, it is not meant to be had as a meal if you’re trying to lose weight. A single 46 gm pack of Saffola Oodles provides 204.9 Kcal of energy. 

And it is not just about calories; a balanced weight loss diet needs to be rich in vegetables, fruits that are rich in fiber and offer the body good quality nutrition for sustained and healthy weight loss. 

3. How many packets of Saffola Oodles are there inside 1 big pouch?

A 184 gm pack of Saffola Oodles contains four individually packed 46 gm pouches of these ring noodles.

4. What is the flavor of Saffola Oodles?

The tastemaker of Saffola Oodles is a desi masala. It contains ingredients like onions, cumin, turmeric, and cloves.

Summary – Saffola Oodles Yummy Masala Ring Noodles

If you’re looking for a non-maida alternative for your masala noodles, the Saffola Oodles might be the pick for you. The tasty masala and the fun ring shape make this pack of ‘noodles’ a welcome addition to the pantry. 

Have you tried the new Saffola Oodles yet? If yes, do you agree with our review? Let us know in the comment section below.

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