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Safe Harvest Sona Masuri Rice Review: One of the Best Pesticide Free Rice

Safe Harvest Sona Masuri rice is easily one of the most aromatic variants we have tried. Read Team Mishry’s review to know more about the dishes we made using Safe Harvest rice.

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Fluffy, soft, and light- Safe Harvest Sona Masuri rice grains were a hit in our test kitchen. Slightly sweet with a mild aroma, these rice grains are perfect for South Indian rice-based dishes.

Just like different oils lend unique flavors and aromas to dishes, the type of rice used can make or break a dish. Sure, a royal chicken biryani would be best prepared using long-grain aromatic Basmati, but would the same work for a sweet dry fruit-loaded kheer? Probably not. 

Sona masoori is a medium-grained rice variant that is typically grown in the southern states of our country. Best paired with South Indian gravies and light curries, this rice variant is considered the ‘healthier Basmati rice’, thanks to its lower starch and caloric content. Similarly, Sona Masoori is unpolished. This makes Sona Masoori a better choice in terms of nutrient density. 

Safe Harvest is one of the few brands that boasts of pesticide-free manufacture. Is length the only noticeable difference between Sona Masuri and the rice we use every day? Were there major or minor differences in the aroma and texture? Let’s find out more in Team Mishry’s Safe Harvest Sona Masuri rice review. 

Safe Harvest Sona Masoori Rice – Everything You Need To Know

Are Safe Harvest Sona Masuri rice grains medium-sized? Do they have a characteristic aroma? What about the post-cooking texture? Where did we purchase our bags of rice from? 

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Scroll down to find all these details. 

Safe Harvest rice comes packed in a semi-transparent bag.

1. Packaging

This rice is packed in transparent plastic bags. Details regarding the manufacturing and production processes have been mentioned on the pack. Nutritional information and details relating to the storage and shelf life of the product are mentioned at the back. 

2. Rice Grains Quality

Sona Masuri rice is rich in terms of nutrition. These unpolished rice grains have been produced without any synthetic pesticides, herbicides, or GM seeds. 

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3. Texture & Colour

During the dry testing stage, we observed medium-sized rice grains. All grains in the pack had a chalky white color. 

Post-cooking, like Sona Masuri rice typically is, the Safe Harvest rice too turned fluffy and soft. The grains felt super light as we ate them. 

That said, the rice grains weren’t separated or ‘khila-khila’ as Basmati is. 

4. Flavour

We cooked this rice with salt and a quarter teaspoon of ghee. No other flavor enhancers/fats were used. 

We tasted this rice as it is, without any gravies or curries, and safe to say we were delighted! A rich flavor with an ever-so-slight sweetness. 

5. Aroma

Sona Masuri rice is a hybrid of two types of rice- Sona and Masuri. The aroma these grains had wasn’t intense but it was definitely unique!

6. Special features

Safe Harvest Sona Masuri rice is a pesticide-free variant. The ‘12 M’ on the pack indicates that the rice has been aged for 12 months. Additionally, the processing has been kept to a minimum to ensure maximum nutrient retention. 

A group of 700 women farmers who practice synthetic pesticide-free agriculture follow the system of rice intensification (SRI) which reduces the water footprint of the crop. 

There’s a ‘zero’ mark on the pack which indicates this rice is free of synthetic pesticides, herbicides, and GM seeds. 

7. Nutritional Information

Per 100 g, Safe Harvest Sona Masuri rice provides 130 kcal (uncooked)

8. Price

We purchased the 1 kg pouch which was priced at INR 90.

9. Available Sizes

1 kg and 5 kg bags of Safe Harvest Sona Masuri rice are available online. 

You can get them from the brand’s website or online portals like Amazon. 

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Safe Harvest Sona Masuri Rice – Detailed Review

The method of cooking, the ratio of rice to water, and other details are discussed in this section of our review. 

Safe Harvest Sona Masuri Rice Product Details
Price INR 90
Quantity 1 kg
Shelf Life 10 months from date of manufacture
Nutritional Information 130 kcal per 100 g (uncooked)
Available Sizes
  • 1 kg
  • 5 kg


For our Safe Harvest Sona Masuri rice review, we used the open pot method of cooking. The brand mentions following a 1:3 ratio (rice to water).

We washed and soaked the rice grains. This helps remove excess starch. 

An adequate quantity of water was boiled to which we added the soaked rice, some salt, and 1/4th teaspoon of ghee. 

These grains were perfectly cooked in less than half an hour. 

Following are some more details. 

safe harvest sona masuri rice contents
Safe Harvest Sona Masuri rice during the dry test stage.
safe harvest sona masuri rice in a strainer
Cooked using an open pot method, the rice was placed in a strainer once done.
cooked sona masuri rice in a container
Post-cooking, the rice turned soft and fluffy.
closer look at cooked sona masuri rice in a container
The Sona Masuri rice grains are medium-sized.


  • Safe Harvest Sona Masuri rice is grown by a group of women farmers.
  • These rice paddies are aged 12 months. 
  • The fields where Safe Harvest rice is grown are irrigated by the Krishna river. 
  • The rice grains are stringently tested for moisture and broken rice content. 
  • These are medium-sized rice grains.
  • Bags of 1 and 5 kg can be availed. 
  • They have a shelf life of 10 months. 

What did we like?

  • A synthetic pesticide-free system of cultivation is practiced. 
  • These grains are minimally processed. 
  • Once cooked, the grains turn soft and fluffy. 
  • They have a rich flavor and light bite. 
  • The aroma was mild but lovely! 

Best Suited For

Cultivated and aged in the southern states of India, Safe Harvest Sona Masuri rice is ideal for South Indian rice-based dishes. From lemon rice to payasam, this bag of rice is a decent option.

Additionally, you can also soak these grains overnight, and blend them to prepare idli/dosa batter. Other rice delicacies like street-style Chinese stir-fried rice can also be prepared with these. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some interesting FAQs on Safe Harvest Sona Masuri Rice.

1. Is this sona masoori rice good for your health?

Sona Masuri rice are unpolished. It means that the rice bran holding the majority of the nutrients is retained. 

2. Is safe harvest sona masuri rice organic?

If grains are grown on soils that have been free from any chemical pesticides for the past three years or more, they are classified organic. 

Safe Harvest Sona Masuri does not use any synthetic pesticides, herbicides, and GM seeds. 

3. What is the fiber content of this sona masuri rice?

Per 100 g of uncooked Sona Masuri rice, there is 4 g of fiber. 

4. Is it polished or unpolished rice?

Safe Harvest Sona Masuri rice is unpolished. 

5. What is the price of sona masuri per kilo?

Safe Harvest Sona Masuri rice are priced at Rs 90/- per kilogram.

Final Words

An invigorating aroma and a heavenly flavor- we are sure to stock our pantry with Safe Harvest Sona Masuri rice. 

These grains had beautifully fluffed up in around 20 minutes. Although very mild, the naturally-occurring sweet taste these grains had make them the perfect choice for a South Indian payasam. 

Mushy khichdi, or as an accompaniment with light curries- these rice grains would work well for such preparations. 

Have you used Sona Masuri rice grains before? If yes, tell us more about your experience!

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