Safal Frozen Hara Bhara Veg Kebab Review - Mishry
safal frozen hara bhara veg kebab review

Safal Hara Bhara Veg Kebab Review – Mishry

Safal Frozen Hara Bhara Veg Kebab nailed the perfect crispy texture. More about its taste, price and packaging in our review.

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Safal Frozen Hara Bhara Veg Kebabs have a crisp texture and an appetising green color. They are quick to cook and do not soak up excess oil when frying. The taste could have been better.

Frozen snacks are all the rage these days. Endless varieties of kebabs, tikkis, samosas and nuggets. These are easy to cook and perfect to add to your party menu. 

At Mishry, we have reviewed several kinds of frozen snacks. While most have nailed the taste and texture, some have failed to impress us. Recently, we came across a vegetarian kebab by Safal.

In the Safal Frozen Hara Bhara Veg Kebab review, we decode how the product fared in our taste test.

Safal Hara Bhara Veg Kebab – What You Need To Know

safal frozen hara bhara veg kebab
The packaging of the Safal Hara Bhara Veg Kebab

From the packaging to taste and texture, here we have covered every detail that you need to know about the Safal Frozen Hara Bhara Veg Kebab.  

1. Packaging

These hara bhara kebabs come in a yellow color pack. The pack is not resealable and the kebabs are placed directly in the pack without a tray. 

The 200 gm pack contains 10 kebabs which are priced at INR 80. All the kebabs were similar in shape and none of the pieces were broken. 

2. Main Ingredients

The main ingredients are – Green peas (50%), Potato, Potato flakes (Potato, Emulsifier [471,450], & Antioxidant [304, 223]), Spinach, Refined Palmolein oil, Ginger, Roasted Peanuts, Iodized salt, Garlic, Green chilli, Culinary powder (330, 551), Corn starch, Stabilizer (1442, 461, 412, 401, and wheat flour), Spices & Condiments and baking powder.   

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Contains permitted natural color (150 a) and added flavors (Natural & Nature Identical)

3. Taste

Frozen kebabs are a quick way to prepare snacks at home. Apart from the convenience they offer, taste is an important factor that impacts the overall experience.

Traditionally, hara bhara kebab is made with spinach, peas and potatoes. We checked here how close the taste of a traditional hara bhara kebab is to that of this frozen one. 

Taste-wise, these kebabs were well seasoned but not spicy. These kebabs have a light tanginess that along with ginger and garlic brings about a delicious flavor.

4. Texture + Crunch

Texture is another crucial parameter that we carefully gauge during our review process. We were impressed how crispy and evenly cooked these kebabs turned out to be. The interior of the kebabs was soft.

The kebabs also contain roasted peanuts. However, we couldn’t really find them while eating.

5. Appearance

Appearance-wise, these kebabs are identical in shape. All the 10 pieces of the kebabs were intact. We could see pieces of peas and other greens. 

6. Method Of Preparation

Our method of preparation involved deep-frying these kebabs. There is no need to thaw these kebabs before frying. It is recommended to deep fry the kebabs on low heat.

7. Price

The 200 gm pack is priced at INR 80. 

8. Shelf Life

The shelf life of the product is 18 months from manufacture when stored at -18 degree Celsius or below. 

9. Nutritional Information

The following is the nutritional information per 100 gm – 

Energy – 167 kcal, Protein – 4.0 gm, Total fat – 7.0 gm, and Carbohydrate – 22.0 gm.

Safal Hara Bhara Veg Kebab – Detailed Review

Here is a table highlighting the main ingredients, price, shelf life and calories of the Safal Frozen Hara Bhara Veg Kebab. 


Safal Frozen Hara Bhara Veg Kebab Product Information 
Main Ingredients (top 4) Green peas, Potato, Spinach,  Refined palmolein oil, Ginger 
Price INR 80
Net Quantity  200 gm
Shelf Life  18 months from manufacture when stored under -18 degree C
Calories (per 100gm) 167 kcal 


We reviewed the 200 gm pack of the Safal Frozen Hara Bhara Veg Kebab. It is priced at INR 80. The pack includes around 10 pieces of the kebabs. All the hara bhara kebabs were unbroken and were similar in shape and size.

To gauge the taste and texture, we deep-fried these kebabs on low to medium heat and gently kept stirring in between. They cooked quickly and had an even brown color. The kebabs did not absorb any excess oil. Also, these did not break during the frying process.

The appetizing green color, the soft interior and crisp exterior amped up the overall experience. The kebabs are well-seasoned and aren’t spicy. While there is nothing wrong about the taste, we feel that it lacks that wow-factor.

safal frozen hara bhara veg kebab on a plate
The hara bhara kebabs after removing from the pack
closer look at safal frozen hara bhara veg kebab on a plate
The pieces of peas and other greens were clearly visible
safal frozen hara bhara veg kebab on a plate after frying
Post deep-frying, the kebabs placed in a plate
closer look at hara bhara veg kebab on a plate after frying
These kebabs have an even brown texture
closer look at hara bhara veg kebab broken piece after frying
These kebabs are well seasoned!


  • The 200 gm pack comes at a price of INR 80.
  • This pack contains 10 pieces.
  • There is no need to thaw them before frying.
  • Shelf Life : 18 months from the date of manufacture when stored under -18 degree Celsius
  • Main ingredients – Green peas (50%), potato, ginger, roasted peanuts, spinach, iodised salt, green chilli, garlic and corn starch. 
  • Avoid refreezing the kebabs after thawing.


  • All the kebabs were unbroken.
  • These cook quickly.
  • We loved the fact that it did not soak too much oil while frying.
  • The outer covering was crispy and the interior soft.
  • These kebabs are well seasoned.
  • They did not break apart during frying.

Best Suited For

These hara bhara kebabs can be used as starters for an upcoming party at home or when you have unannounced guests. They are convenient and quick to cook. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some interesting FAQs on Safal Frozen Hara Bhara Veg Kebab.

1. Are these kebabs healthy to consume?

Though these kebabs are convenient to prepare, consuming these on a regular basis might not be the healthiest option. Packaged food must be consumed in portioned quantities. 

2. Do these kebabs contain additional flavor enhancers?

Yes, these kebabs do contain additional flavor enhancers. It includes added flavors (Natural & Nature Identical).  

3. How many kebabs in total are there in one pack?

There are 10 pieces of the kebabs in a 200 gm pack. 

4. Will the kebabs remain as fresh (as before) after unpacking?

After removing the desired number of kebabs from the pack, transfer the remaining kebabs to the freezer immediately. Also, ensure that you do not refreeze the kebabs post thawing. 

5. Will pudina chutney dip enhance the taste of these kebabs?

Yes, hara bhara kebab tastes delicious with pudina chutney. You can also have these kebabs with coriander chutney or sweet tamarind chutney.

Wrapping Up

Safal Frozen Hara Bhara Veg Kebab offer quick cooking and crisp up well. Thumbs up for the crispy outer covering, appetizing green color and soft centered kebabs. These were a few attributes we loved.

These kebabs did not break while frying nor did they soak up excess oil. Full marks on that.

Will you give these hara bhara kebabs a try? Drop in your comments below and share your experience with us. 

If you do agree with our review, please give it a thumbs up! And, tell us which one is your favorite from this list. If you don’t, please tell us why!

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