Best Summer Dresses Under 1000 Bucks!
best summer dresses

These Cute Summer Dresses Are Just Under 1000 Rupees!

Your hunt for cute, affordable summer dresses ends here.

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Summer is all about – sunshine, warm breezes and comfortable, breathable outfits! The best way to embrace this hot weather is by wearing a flattering summer dress. Summer demands our wardrobe to have a more carefree, colorful, and refreshing collection of attires. So if you are on a hunt to get the best summer dresses at an affordable price, we got you covered!

Mishry is here with the best summer dresses for under 1000 bucks that will level up your wardrobe and your look this summer.

Let us explore the best summer dresses that you must add to your wardrobe right away!

1. Cute Mint Wrap Dress

cute mint dress

This mint dress from Lymio is gonna be your ultimate summer favorite outfit. With an elegant V neckline, it features flounce sleeves and a plain pattern design. Crafted using Lyrca material, it is a premium quality product designed to provide all-day-long comfort.

Why choose this? 

  1. Ideal for daily wear
  2. Available in different color options

2. Flared Western Dress

western dress

Keri Perry’s georgette midi is the perfect choice for summers. It is versatile and can be worn for work, casual outings, or for evening dinner dates. With puffed sleeves, it is breezy and breathable. Simply pair it up with heels and necklace and elevate your overall style. 

Why choose this?

  1. Comfortable to wear 
  2. Easy breezy
  3. Looks classy 

3. Puff Sleeves Maxi Dress

maxi dress

This maxi dress is designed for special occasions and events. The dress has a beautiful floral print all over that makes it a perfect addition to your summer wardrobe. Featuring long puffed sleeves and a flared bottom, the dress looks quite attractive. 

Why choose this?

  1. Can be wore at special occasions and events
  2. Maintains your feminine look

4. Knee Length Cotton Dress

knee length dress

Stay trendy and comfy this summer with this A-line cotton dress . Made using playful multicolor prints, it looks visually appealing. With a round neck design, it hits just above the knee. The best part? It is breezy and breathable and the perfect outfit to wear during summers. 

Why choose this?  

  1. Trendy and comfortable 
  2. Breezy and breathable
  3. Made from 100% cotton

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5. Summer Short Dress

summer short dress

Crafted using high-quality materials, this mini dress combines style and durability both. This is a high waisted dress with a deep V neckline and ruffle hem design. You can pair this dress with high heels or keep the look more casual with a pair of sandals. 

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Why choose this?

  1. Made from rayon
  2. Elegant and beautiful
  3. Features a deep neckline

6. Casual Outing Dress

casual outing dress

This peach-coloured midi dress is the best pick this summer. With striped pattern design and three-fourth sleeves, this is an A-line dress. If you are looking for a comfortable dress for casual wear, this can be your go-to choice. Carry along a classy clutch and pair it with heels to complete your look. 

Why choose this? 

  1. Striped and has three quarter sleeves
  2. Made from polyester and best for casual wear
  3. Can be paired up with clutch and heels

7. Open Back Dress

open back dress

Open back dress for summer can never go wrong! These dresses are an excellent way to stay cool and stylish during summer. This is a beautiful and graceful floor-length dress that looks pretty stylish. Perfect for multiple occasions, the quality of fabric used here is excellent. Available in stunning and colorful designs, you can avail of different sizes depending upon your fit. 

Why choose this? 

  1. Available in different sizes and colours
  2. Made with finest quality fabric
  3. Features stunning designs

8. Halter Neck Dress

halter neck dress

Halter neck dresses are another cool option to pick for summer. Be it a casual day at the beach or a quick lunch date, this stylish dress is sure to level up your look from 0 to 10. The best part about this dress is that it is lightweight and breathable. Made with crepe material, it features polka dots prints that add a touch of fun to the otherwise simple outfit. 

Why choose this?

  1. Features polka dot prints
  2. Versatile and can be worn at various occasions
  3. Lightweight 

9. Asymmetric Dress

asymmetric dress

Asymmetric dresses are loose dresses that make them a great option to wear for summer. Since these are available in different sizes you can choose the one that flatters your body type and feels comfortable. Made using premium quality fabric, it has a soft feel and is easy to wash in a machine. 

Why choose this? 

  1. Soft to touch 
  2. Premium material 
  3. Comfortable to wear 

10. Soothing Whites

white dress

This is a soothing white dress from Sugathari. Designed with an elastic at the waistline, the dress allows room for adjustment as per individual needs and comfort. This features a boat neck design with puffed half sleeves. The fabric is not stretchable and is recommended to hand wash the dress only.

Why choose this? 

  1. Easy to adjust
  2. Elegant color
  3. Perfect for a simple look

What Defines A Perfect Summer Dress? 

The perfect summer dress will make you feel relaxed and carefree. These dresses should typically be light, comfortable while also being stylish. There are few key aspects to consider when selecting the perfect summer dress:

1. Fabric 

Go for fabrics made using lightweight and breathable materials as these will help you keep cool and comfortable. Suitable fabric options for summer dresses would be – linen, cotton, jersey, chiffon, or rayon. 

2. Fit 

The fit of the dress is the second most important factor to consider when buying a new summer dress. The ideal dress should fit your body type and should not be too tight fitted or restricted.

3. Style 

Go for the latest styles when picking up a new summer dress. Opt for halter neck dress, sleeveless dresses or dresses with open back. This will enable free airflow and keep you cool in this hot weather.

4. Vibrant Colors

Summer dresses are all about fresh and light colors. Choosing dresses with pastel colors will never go wrong. Some popular pastel colors you can go for are – baby pink, light blue, lavender, peach, or mint green.

5. Designs and Prints  

Floral designs and prints have a touch of summer and are quite beautiful. They are a perfect way to match the energy of the summer season and add a touch of freshness to your overall look. 


Summer dresses are one of the best choices to wear as they keep you comfortable in the scorching heat. These are some of the best summer dresses you can check out online. Buying the perfect dress can be a bit tough, but with our curated list you can be all sorted! 

Come explore the list and choose your breezy summer dress now!

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