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raw pressery almond milk review

Raw Pressery Almond Milk Cacao Flavour Review

When rich flavors of cacao shook hands with fresh-tasting almond milk, Raw Pressery Almond Milk came into existence. Read our review to know more.

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Raw Pressery Almond Milk is a chocolate-flavored vegan beverage. It tastes fresh and we liked its consistency.

Low fat, full cream, toned, cow’s, camel’s, almond, oat, soy, flavored, unsweetened, packaged, and fresh- the variety of milk available in the market today is extensive! And why wouldn’t it be? From our morning cup of caffeine to the bedtime golden latte, milk is used in different forms throughout the day. 

Plant based milk has recently gained a lot of popularity for people who are lactose sensitive or those who are following a vegan diet. Plant-based milk is typically made using grains, pseudo-cereals, nuts, and seeds. Almond milk has been among the top choices as a substitute for animal-based milk. From single-serve tetra packs to large cartons, the market aisles are filled with unsweetened and flavored variants of almond milk. 

One brand that has a range of unsweetened and flavored almond milk is Raw Pressery. We picked a carton of cacao flavored almond milk from the local supermarket. Here is our Raw Pressery Almond Milk review where we talk about the taste, consistency, price, and packaging. Is the almond content in this milk appropriate? Would you be better off soaking, peeling, and blending the almonds yourself?

Raw Pressery Almond Milk Cacao Flavour – What You Need To Know

From fruit juices to coconut water and protein milkshakes, Raw Pressery offers unsweetened and flavored almond milk variants.

Did You Know– Raw Pressery Almond Milk is available in two flavored variants- cacao and cocoa. 

The key difference between the two is that cacao is raw and cocoa is roasted cacao beans. 

There is a marginal difference in the almond content of the two variants. (0.5%).

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1. Ingredients 

Raw Pressery Almond milk Cacao flavor ingredients are as follows-

Water, almond (5%), fructose, cacao nibs (1.55%), liquid chocolate (1.55%), stevia, etc.

2. Ingredient Type

All vegan-friendly ingredients have been used, even sweeteners. 

Fructose as the name suggests is found in plants and fruits. Stevia too is a plant-based low-calorie sweetener. 

As the brand labels this variant ‘vegan’, we assume the liquid chocolate used is vegan too.

3. Taste

This almond milk tasted fresh! With balanced sweetness, this resembled the taste of dark chocolate. 

There is no artificial/industrial taste. Similarly, the aftertaste of stevia was missing too. 

4. Flavour

The flavors were balanced, nothing too subtle or too bold. The flavor of chocolate and nutty almonds is delicious.

5. Density

As compared to other almond milk brands we have reviewed in the past, Raw Pressery almond milk was definitely thicker! 

Usually, plant-based milk variants (almond, oats, soy) have a toned milk-like consistency. As you can see below in our images, the almond milk by Raw Pressery doesn’t look as watery. 

6. Nutritional Information

Following are the nutritional details of Raw Pressery Almond milk per 250 ml-

168 kcal as 5.18 g of fat, 5 g of protein, and 25.13 g of carbohydrates (13.65 g of sugar)

7. Price

The 1 L carton is priced at INR 300.

Raw Pressery Almond Milk Cacao Flavour – Detailed Review

Here is all you need to know about Raw Pressery Almond milk in the cacao flavor. 

raw pressery almond milk packaging
The pack of Raw Pressery almond milk has images of chocolate squares and half an almond.
raw pressery almond milk cacao in a glass
This cacao-flavored almond milk looks rich!
closer look at raw pressery almond milk cacao in a glass
We poured this almond milk in a clear glass to gauge the color and consistency.
Raw Pressery Almond Milk Cacao Product Details
Price INR 300
Quantity 1 L
Shelf Life Nine months
Calories Per serve (250 ml) 168 kcal
Available Sizes
  • 200 ml bottles
  • 1 L cartons


For our Raw Pressery Almond Milk Cacao flavor review, we consumed the milk directly without boiling, as mentioned on the pack. 

Nutritional Facts

  • One serving offers 168 kcal with around 5 g of fat and protein, each. 
  • This lactose-free milk is rich in calcium and Vitamin E.
  • It has a shelf life of nine months but must be consumed within 72 hours after opening. 
  • It is sweetened with fructose. 
  • There are unsweetened, cocoa, and coffee variants available too. 


  • The consistency was thicker than most other almond milk variants we’ve tried. 
  • Cacao nibs and chocolate syrup bring a delectable chocolate flavor.
  • This isn’t overly sweet.
  • The lid locks the carton perfectly. No leakage!
  • This carton packaging is fully recyclable. 
  • Tons of vegan desserts can be prepared.

Best Suited For

If you’re looking for alternatives to animal-based milk, this could be considered. 

The brand suggests using this milk as a creamer for your tea/coffee. You can also use Raw Pressery Almond milk for baking vegan desserts, making dairy-free smoothies, ice creams, and various other desserts.

With an insignificant difference in calories, Raw Pressery Almond milk cacao flavor has more fiber, calcium, and iron as compared to cow’s milk. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some interesting FAQs on Raw Pressery Almond Milk.

1. What’s the specialty of Raw Pressery almond milk?

It is made using cacao which is a rich source of antioxidants, calcium, and iron. 

2. What are the benefits of Raw Pressery almond milk?

This almond milk is rich in Vitamin E and D which are good for the skin and bones. 

3. For how many days can the almond milk be stored?

Once opened, it is recommended to be consumed within 72 hours. If sealed, you can store it for as long as nine months in a cool place. 

4. At what temperature should this almond milk be stored?

This has a shelf life of nine months before it is opened without refrigeration. Once opened, it must be stored under refrigeration and be consumed within three days.

You can store almond milk from anywhere between 1.6 to 5 degrees celsius. 

5. Does this almond milk contain any sweeteners?

Yes, it has been sweetened with fructose, stevia, and chocolate syrup. 

Final Words

Fin! Here is Team Mishry’s Raw Pressery Almond Milk review. 

Typically, the consistency depends on the almond to water ratio. Although this brand uses 5% almonds, the consistency was thicker than other brands we’ve reviewed in the past. Similarly, the taste was quite decent as well. 

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