Raw Pressery 18g Protein Milkshakes Review
three raw pressery protein milkshake

Raw Pressery 18g Protein Milkshakes Review

Don’t we all love a good milkshake? Double the celebration if that milkshake is loaded with proteins! Are you going away because you are lactose intolerant? Wait! Raw Pressery’s milkshakes have a high protein content and are lactose free. Let’s see how do they fare on the taste-o-meter.

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It’s the year 2020 and everywhere you look, you will find multiple brands of cold-pressed juices, oils, and plant-based milk around you. Extra virgin coconut oils, aloe vera, kale, orange and carrot juices, nut milk and much more. But to understand the sudden obsession with everything cold-pressed, it is important to know that the process of cold pressing retains the nutrients and enzymes of the products which are hard to preserve in a standard extraction process.

Milkshakes are not something you consume a whole lot when you are an adult. You probably loved a hearty banana and chocolate milkshake as a kid but seeing the ten million calories it provides(!), you tried to find better sugar-free, fat-free or even dairy-free alternatives. A few years back, a dairy-free milkshake would have sounded like a mad man’s tale. But not anymore. Raw Pressery is a Mumbai based start-up claiming to be ‘All good. No bad’. We tasted all the flavors of their 18g Protein Milkshakes – Cold Coffee, Choco Mint and Banana + Honey, which are not only loaded with proteins but are lactose-free too.

Here is our #FirstImpression.


Did you know? The largest milkshake was made by Ira Freehof in 2000. It was almost 6,000 gallons of milkshake (Roughly around 50,000 normal glasses).


What you need to know about Raw Pressery – Protein Milkshakes

*As per information on the pack


  • These milkshakes provide 18 grams of protein from a 200 ml serving (1 glass).
  • They are all lactose-free.
  • It is a vegetarian beverage.
  • The plastic bottle is recyclable.


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Raw Pressery – Cold Coffee

If you need a strong coffee and protein kick post your workout, this is the drink for you.

Price – Rs 80/-

*Price at the time of review



Raw Pressery – Choco Mint

The peppermint flavor in this protein milkshake freshens up your palette. This is our favorite flavor amongst all the variants.

Price – Rs 80/-

*Price at the time of review



Raw Pressery – Banana + Honey

The banana + honey protein milkshake scored low on our scoreboard.

Price – Rs 80/-

*Price at the time of review


First Impression of Raw Pressery – Protein Milkshakes

Before we begin our tasting review, these questions must be answered for you to understand the product and its concept better.

When you read this a question will pop in your head – It has milk, so how is it lactose-free? Lactase has been added to the milk, which breaks down the lactose and makes it safe to consume even if you are lactose intolerant.

Another thing mentioned on the pack is MPI. Big words and short forms on a label can be scary, but Raw Pressery has explained it nicely. What are milk protein isolates and are they good? MPI’s contain very little fat and carbohydrates. They are loaded with high amino-acid composition, easily digested by children and young adults. Milk Protein Isolates (MPI) retain the casein to whey ratio in pure milk.

The bioavailability is over 90%. Bioavailability is the percentage of protein that can be easily absorbed by the body and MPI’s are easily absorbed in comparison to other sources.

Who is this for? It is a vegetarian product with high protein content. Children between the ages of 9-18 years, adults and seniors can consume these milkshakes from Raw Pressery.

Now let’s come to taste.


raw pressery protein milkshakes
Raw Pressery Protein Milkshakes – The three variants we tasted.

Raw Pressery Protein Milkshake – Cold Coffee: The cold coffee protein milkshake by Raw Pressery has a nice and thick consistency. There is a strong coffee flavor. The good part is, it’s not very sweet. But it feels heavy and thick to drink. Even finishing one bottle seemed tough owing to its consistency. Overall, the drink is fresh and well flavored.

Raw Pressery Protein Milkshake – Choco Mint: The Choco Mint protein milkshake is thinner in consistency in comparison to the cold coffee. Flavor-wise, it is just delicious! It has a fresh peppermint flavor. It is much lighter than the cold coffee, so it feels easier on the palate. The chocolate and mint are subtle, neither of them is overpowering so you can enjoy the balance of the two ingredients.

Raw Pressery Protein Milkshake – Banana + Honey: Putting it like it is – This protein milkshake is not tasty! The honey flavor really hits you in the face. Even though typically, the honey and banana combo works very well, somehow it didn’t work for us. The consistency is thinner as compared to the cold coffee protein milkshake.

To wrap it up we can easily say that amongst the three protein milkshakes we tasted, the Choco Mint was definitely the best one. If you are looking for healthier alternatives for summer coolers or need a post-workout protein boost, obviously these are much better options than carbonated drinks or beverages which are loaded with too much salt/sugar.


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