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Products Under Rs 500 To Save Your Time In The Kitchen: Pocket Friendly Products That Save Time

Best Products under Rupees 500/- to help you save time in the kitchen.

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There are some products that you can use while cooking, to save time and make your time in the kitchen more efficient. These products are pocket-friendly and they are extremely helpful in the cooking process. Whether you are planning to start a new diet that requires you to cook a lot or you are planning to cook for your guests, these products will always lend a helping hand. You can also avoid common kitchen mistakes while using these easy-to-use products. Here are some easy appliances that you can use in order to cook the perfect meal in no time.

6 Products That Save Your Time In The Kitchen

We curated 6 essential kitchen products that will save your time, money and energy.

1. Hand Blender

In the summer season, you are always looking for some refreshing food items that you can cook quickly and effortlessly. In order to blend curries, vegetables, purees, chutneys, etc, hand blenders are a must. Hand blenders let you blend efficiently and saves a lot of time. Hand blenders are handy and manual as they require no electricity. Hand blenders are helpful as they allow you to blend different things in very little time. If you don’t own a hand blender, you must be blending with another product which is not as handy as this one.

Here is a hand blender for you that you can buy at reasonable prices and you can blend shakes, beat eggs, etc, with the help of this blender. It doesn’t require electricity or batteries to operate. It has a built-in gear system, with a lever, that you have to pull in order to start the blending process.

hand blender
hand blender

Novel Power Free Hand Blender Features

  •  Easy to grip
  • Extra durability
  • Heavy-duty gear system
  • Quick to clean
  • Multi-purpose blades
  • High-speed operations


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2. Mini Plastic Chopper

Healthy eating consists of home-cooked food, consisting of lots of vegetables, fruits, nuts, and seeds. Here’s a chopper that can help you chop all these very well. In fact, if you drop the idea of a few dishes because of the thought of all that chopping, then this is the right product for you. It is sturdy, effective, and very very reasonable.

mini plastic chopper
mini plastic chopper

Smile Mom’s Veggie Chopper

This chopper (300 ml) is a handy kitchen tabletop tool if you dislike using the chopping board to chop and dice. It gave us uniformly chopped, fine cuts of onion and tomatoes. It has a smooth pull action making it really easy and effortless to use.

This mini plastic chopper is compact and saves you a lot of time before you start cooking. You can use it to chop vegetables and fruits finely. It doesn’t require any power to operate. It has a string attached to it, that you need to pull to start the process of chopping. Within seconds, you will get the desired results. This is a useful and pocket-friendly product for working people. If you need to cook your own lunch for the office, you can use this chopper to chop all the vegetables at night and your job will be much simpler in the morning.



3. Masher

A masher is a cooking tool that you can use to mash vegetables for making stuffing for various dishes. It can grind anything from potatoes to bhaji. You can even use it to mash while cooking a gravy. It is very easy to use and saves you a lot of time. For example, if you wish to mash potatoes for making paranthas, then you probably do it by hand, which not only takes a lot of time, but you could also end up burning your fingers when in a rush. Using a masher is also more hygienic.

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Potato Vegetable Pav Bhaji Masher

This masher can mash potatoes and other vegetables and it has a heat proof handle.

With this masher, you can easily mash boiled potatoes and do it in much less time. This masher is very easy to use and clean as well. The best part about this masher is that the handle of this masher is made from heat-proof material and you don’t have to worry about hurting your fingers, even if you use it to mash more tomatoes while cooking tomato gravy.



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4. Vegetable Cutter With Peeler

A vegetable cutter is a small kitchen tool that can be used either to cut the vegetables into equally sized fine pieces or to peel the vegetables. This 2-in-1 appliance is handy and easy to use. It is sleek and takes up very little space for storage. It saves a lot of time in the kitchen. For example, in order to cut a potato, you have to first peel it. You can both peel and cut with the same appliance without wasting time switching to a new one.

vegetable cutter with peeler
vegetable cutter with peeler

Vegetable Cutter With Peeler

This vegetable cutter is easy to use and maintain. It can cut accurate pieces of vegetables and some fruits.

It comes with extra sharp blades to make the process of cutting and peeling easier. It is available in different colors. This vegetable peeler and cutter makes the entire process of cooking much simpler and quicker.



5. Sandwich Toaster

A sandwich toaster is a very handy tool for making homestyle, grilled sandwiches. It is your ideal partner when you want to make a healthy sandwich quickly. All you have to do is place the sandwich in the toaster and put it on the gas stove for a few minutes and your sandwich will be prepared in no time.

sandwich toaster
sandwich toaster

Non-Stick Sandwich Toaster

This sandwich toaster does not need electricity to operate, instead, you can use it to cook on a gas stove.

Using this gas toaster is another way of saving your time in the kitchen, as you can even do a different job in the kitchen while the toaster is on the stove. But don’t forget to keep an eye on the sandwich, else you will end up with a burnt sandwich!



6. Egg Boiler

Who doesn’t like boiled eggs? If you eat eggs, then you know that boiled eggs are the simplest form of eggs that you can cook. But boiling eggs on the gas stove or by any other medium is time consuming, and also blocks your burner for anything between 10 to 15 minutes. That is a precious amount of time when you are in a rush on weekday mornings! To save yourself from standing in the kitchen during the boiling of eggs, you can use egg boilers to do the job for you. With this appliance, you don’t have to worry about overcooking or undercooking the eggs.

egg boiler
egg boiler

Mini Plastic 7 Egg Poacher Steamer

This egg boiler can boil perfect seven eggs at a time. It is compact and very easy to use.

If you are getting late for your office and you need a protein-rich, healthy breakfast, then egg boilers are ideal for making that breakfast in very less time. Eggs can be consumed with any dish and if you have an egg boiler, then you can enjoy your meal while the eggs are being boiled.



Cooking Hacks To Save Your Time In The Kitchen

You can use all these appliances to save your time in the kitchen. But there are some cooking hacks that you must know in order to save more time so that you can spend extra time with your family and not in the kitchen.

  • By now, you already know the quantity of vegetables that you need over the week. You can pre-cut them using either the mini chopper or vegetable cutter with a peeler. But don’t pre-cut those food items that can’t be stored for a longer period of time.
  • In order to peel a potato, you use a peeler. But peeling a raw potato is a little difficult. Hence, you can boil the potato and then peel it.
  • Grating of cheeses could be made easier if they are refrigerated and not soft.
  • For a healthy and aromatic meal, you add garlic to various dishes. But peeling a garlic could be a tedious task. Hence, you can microwave the garlic for 20 seconds and then peel it. It will be much simpler.
  • If you are planning on cooking a meal that takes a lot of time to cook. To save yourself from standing in the kitchen in order to keep an eye on the dish for some hours, you can simply use a slow cooker, which can cook the meals for you overnight.
  • To increase the shelf life of the herbs, you can freeze them in olive oil.

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In conclusion, all these products help you in the kitchen and save your time. All these products are not expensive and they are only under Rs 500. Buying them will not burn a hole in your pocket and they will help you a lot in decreasing the time you spend in your kitchen.

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