What A Pickle: Make Delicious Pickles At Home With These Achaar Masalas

What A Pickle: Make Delicious Pickles At Home With These Achaar Masalas

Make delicious pickles by bringing these flavorful achaar masalas home.

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Indian food seems incomplete when you cannot see a spoonful of achaar on the plate. After all, isn’t that what makes food taste even tastier? The good news is that with achaar masala, you can actually make all your favorite pickles at home. No running out of stock, no having to rush to the store last minute.

These varieties of masalas are a blend of fresh and aromatic spices that are ground together to make you prepare homemade pickle in no time.

You can prepare different kinds of pickles – from mango and lemon to carrots, chilies and even cauliflower and jackfruit – with the help of this spice mix. Here is a list of achaar masalas you can buy to make yummy pickles at home.

5 Best Brands of Achaar Masala Available Online

1. VASANT Achar Masala 


This 100-gm pack of achaar masala is best for making homemade pickles that contain fresh Indian spices. It also acts as a taste-maker that goes well with khakhradalkhichdi, etc.

2. Pushp Achar Masala


This achaar masala is a special mix from Indore. It comes in a pack of four with each weighing 200 gms. Make the much-loved aam ka achaar or mixed vegetable pickle with this one.

3. Hathi Achar Masala


This achaar masala mix weighs 500 gms and contains chili powder, iodized salt, mustard seeds, edible oil, fenugreek seeds, turmeric powder, and asafoetida powder. It can use to make various kinds of pickles at home.

4. Ciba Taaza Mixed Achar Masala 

ciba taza

This 200-gm pack of mixed achaar masala is best for preparing mixed achaar at home. It’s a blend of natural spices and salts that makes the delicious pickles.

5. Gandhi Ready Pickle Masala Powder


It’s a 250-gm pack of achaar masala that is freshly packed and ready to use. It is a mixture of spices that adds every spice needed to the pickle during preparation. Make varieties of pickles at home with this mix.

Apart from being a flavor enhancer, one of the main reasons for adding pickle to your meal is that it acts as a digestive. During pregnancy, the demand for pickles increases, and the reason for this is that it slows down the level of acidity in a woman’s body.

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