These Cool Kitchen Tools Make Cooking So Much Fun

These Cool Kitchen Tools Make Cooking So Much Fun

Gone are the days when you had to do everything manually. As kitchen equipment get cooler and quirkier, life gets simpler day by day.

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For some, cooking is therapeutic. For others, it’s fun. And then there are those who find cooking slightly tedious. But hand them a bunch of fun tools and gadgets and even they’ll start to enjoy cooking.

There are loads of quirky kitchen tools in the market to choose from, be it an aid to help you with chopping or something that will transform your vegetables into cool shapes. Here are a few handy tools you might want to invest in. Cooking has never been this fun.

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The 5 Best Kitchen Tools A Must Buy 

1. Fox Run Mezzaluna Chopper

fox run

A safe and easy to use tool to chop and mince herbs, spices, and vegetables. The stainless steel blades with polypropylene plastic handles and the ample space between the blades provide ease in efficient chopping. The product comes with large black knob handles for a stronger grip.

2. InstaCuppa Rechargeable Salt Pepper Grinder


This fun pepper grinder by InstaCuppa operates with a rechargeable mechanism and offers convenient push-button functionality. Equipped with an adjustable ceramic mill, it allows you to effortlessly grind your spices to your desired coarseness, ranging from fine to coarse. In addition to pepper, this grinder is suitable for use with salt and various other solid grain seasonings.

3. Mobily Garlic Crusher


A modern and well-designed garlic press for easy and quick crushing or mincing of garlic. The compact size makes it easy to use, store, and wash. The stainless steel is durable and meant for versatile uses.

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4. Joseph Joseph Rotary Peeler

joseph joseph

This is a 3-in-1 fruit and vegetable peeler that comes with an adjustment dial and clipped case. The peeler works perfectly for both right and left hand users. The three different type of blades are arranged in a triangle and can be shifted using the dial in the center. It also has an attached eye corer that can be used to core potato eyes.

5. Hojo Infuser Stainless Strainer


This is a unique stainless steel kitchen tool for infusing the flavors of herbs and teas in drinks. It is absolutely safe to use for medium to large tea leaves. It has small openings at the bottom to provide you with your chosen blend.

These tools may not seem extremely important right now but once you use them, you’ll wonder why you didn’t have them all this while. Not only they save a lot of time, but also make the task less boring.

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