Sweet & Spicy: Rediscover The Magical Flavor of Cinnamon

Sweet & Spicy: Rediscover The Magical Flavor of Cinnamon

With its delicious taste and medicinal properties, cinnamon is definitely one of the most favorite spices in a kitchen. Add its distinct flavor to your dishes and desserts, you won’t be disappointed.

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A prized spice, thanks to its fragrance and flavor, cinnamon dates back thousands of years, and continues to be a beloved ingredient. Apart from being used as a flavoring agent, cinnamon is also used in making perfumes, soaps, incense sticks, to name a few. It’s one of the most commonly used spices in an Indian kitchen, making its way into the garam masala mix.

In India, one can find cinnamon that’s grown locally as well as the variety that comes in from Sri Lanka. Distinct in flavor and texture, with lots of health benefits, both types of cinnamon are used in Indian kitchens. So let’s take a look at the different kinds of cinnamon sticks available online.

The Best Of Cinnamon Stick Brands Available Online

1. Wonderland Foods Cinnamon Sticks

wonderland foods

This is a 250-gm pack of 2-6 inches long cinnamon sticks with no added preservatives. The cinnamon sticks are handpicked and can be used in cider, hot cocoa, coffee, baked goods, yogurt, on fruit, or in oatmeal as an alternative to extra sugar.

2. Nxtgen Ayurveda Ceylon Cinnamon Sticks


The pure Ceylon cinnamon is an absolute treat. These tan-brown sticks do not contain any added color or preservatives and given that Ceylon cinnamon is slightly thin in texture, it can be broken easily before adding into food.

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3. Shivram Peshawari & Bros Cinnamon Dalchini


This is a 250-gm pack of aromatic cinnamon. The cinnamon sticks are packed hygienically, without the use of any chemicals, pesticides or insecticides but like most spices, it lasts longer if stored in a cool and dry place.

4. Ashoka Cinnamon Sticks


This 250-gm pack of cinnamon sticks are used in cooking as well as home remedies. It’s recommended that these sticks be transferred into an airtight jar once opened to avoid moisture from ruining the spice’s inherent qualities.

5. Tradifeast Cinnamon Quills


This cinnamon stick looks like rolled-up paper and is quite flavorful. It comes in a 100-gm pack and its distinct light brown color makes it a popular ingredient in India.

In ancient Egypt, cinnamon was burnt along with myrrh to embalm the dead. The Romans burnt it on funeral pyres. It’s also mention in the Bible. It has always been a spice for the elite before it spread to different parts of the world.

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