Packed Up: Lunch Bags That Your ‘Dabba’ Deserves

Packed Up: Lunch Bags That Your ‘Dabba’ Deserves

Every ‘dabba’ is filled with delicious food and loads of love and they deserve to be served as fresh as possible. These stylish and trendy lunch bags give you exactly that.

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Forgetting to carry food on a working day is no good. Some of us are just obsessed with home food pay as much attention to your lunch bags as we do to boxes that carry our food. Nobody likes to eat stale or soggy food, especially when you have alternatives available in the market and online. Here is a list of lunch bags that are stylish to carry and easy to use. They keep your food fresh, organized, and provide you with a happy meal during those hectic hours of the day.

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Best Lunch Bags To Pick From

1. EcoRight Insulated Lunch Bag


This lunch bag is made from thick canvas and is 8.5 inches wide, 11 inches tall, and 5 inches deep. The well-stitched handles are also made from the same fabric. The bag can hold a 1-liter bottle and four separate lunch boxes. It comes with a zippered lock and is leak-proof. It is easily washable and the inside is lined with an insulated material to keep food warm.

2. Yellow Weaves Insulated Travel Lunch Bag

yellow weaves

Yellow Weaves offers a stylish lunch bag for everyday use. This bag measures 20 x 13 x 22 cms. Made from high-quality canvas with an insulated foil lining and a zipper to pack it all in, this bag is lightweight and keeps your food warm and fresh.

3. Ecotara Jute Lunch Bag


This unisex lunch bag is suitable to carry all your edibles and also comes with a bottle holder. Made of jute, it is a bio-degradable and eco-friendly product. The bag also has a cutlery pouch on the inside and a zipper to keep the lunch boxes secure.

4. Right Choice Lunch Bags

right choice

Available in different colors, this tote bag is made from polyester with a waterproof inner lining and separate compartments for boxes, water bottles, and cutlery. It is spacious but lightweight and does not take much space on your office desk or kitchen shelf.

5. H&B Multipurpose Jute Lunch Bag

h and b

This is a beige-colored lunch bag made from jute that comes with a zippered lock. The bag is completely waterproof and eco-friendly. It has three segments, one for lunch boxes, one for spoons, fork and tissue paper, and one for a water bottle. It can also be used for grocery shopping.

If you’re used to carrying food to college or work, it’s also important you get a proper bag as well. The bag needs to be leak-proof to prevent any ‘accidents’, big enough for your dabbas and of course have enough compartments for your cutlery, tissues etc. So browse carefully and choose the right one.

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