Best Biryani Pots To Make The Tastiest Biryani At Home

Best Biryani Pots To Make The Tastiest Biryani At Home

One of the most coveted dishes in India, making a good biryani at home is no longer that difficult. Here’s a list of some of the best nonstick biryani pots you can buy online.

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When it comes to deliciousness, the aroma from a handi full of biryani is unparalleled. And while making it is not as easy as some of the of the other rice-based dishes in Indian food, a few handy tools can definitely make it easier. A biryani pot, for instance.

Biryani pots are designed in such a way that they’re meant to make the process of cooking this heavenly treat a lot easier. It goes without saying that most of these pots are nonstick and prevent this one-pot meal from getting burnt or sticking to the vessel. Here’s a look at some of the best nonstick biryani pots you can buy online.

Best Brands Of Nonstick Biryani Pots Available Online

1. Hawkins Q37 Futura Stewpot


The Hawkins Q37 Futura Non-Stick Stewpot has a thick base and provides even heating from the bottom as well as the sides. This 5-liter pot is suitable for a small family. The base is anodized that assures sturdiness.

2. Prestige Omega Select Handi


The handi has a scratch and abrasion-resistant technology that makes it more durable. Strong handles with rivets ensure a better grip while cooking. Other aspects include a PFOA-free coating and has a three-layer Teflon coating that helps to cook food evenly.

3. Pigeon Non-Stick Biryani Pot


The stay-cool handle feature of this nonstick pot helps you cook and stir without the fear of burning your fingers. The triple-layer protection of a Greblon coating protects the pot from scratches. The pot is PFOA-free and you can use a metal spoon in it.

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4. Cello Non Stick Handi


This is a unique product with a high-end design that is quite convenient to use. It is compatible with induction cook-tops as well and comes with a stainless steel lid. It is made of nontoxic material, which won’t corrode due to heat.

5. Bestech Aluminium Biryani Pot


This is a range of elegantly designed cookware. It is designed as per most conventional Indian vessels with a flat base and curved sides, which gives it a perfect shape for cooking biryani. The effective anodized coating ensures better durability. The handles on the sides allow for an easy grip and the pot also comes with a glass lid.

6. Impex Biriyani Pot


This 6-liter pot has a heat-resistant coating and stay-cool handles that make cooking a breeze. It’s both inductive and gas stove compatible and has an anti-skid lid. You can use a metal spoon in this one as well.


Choose your biryani pot wisely. If your entire family worships this dish, a slightly larger pot might be a good idea. Most of these pots are designed well enough to handle metal spoons and some are even inductive stove-friendly. Cleaning these pots too are not as tough.

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