Best Green Tea Bags For Everyday Drinking - Mishry Reviews

Best Green Tea Bags For Everyday Drinking – Mishry Reviews

We reviewed 12 popular brands of green teas to find the Best Green Tea Bags. This review looks at brands in the affordable range to find the Best Green Tea Bags for everyday drinking.

Why trust us?

Our reviews are research-based, and all trials and testings are conducted in-house over days and weeks. We have a strict no-free-sample policy to ensure our reviews are fair and impartial.

After more than a week of researching 12 different tea brands and making and sipping on dozens of cups of green tea, we believe Twinings Pure Green Tea bags are great for everyday consumption. Twinings Pure Green Tea not only emerged as the most flavorful tea amongst the 12 brands we reviewed, the fact that Twinings’ tea bags don’t have any metal staples also contributed to our decision making.

Best Green Tea Bags For Everyday Drinking: Twinings Pure Green Tea

Twinings Pure Green Tea Bags

For those who prefer the convenience of tea bags to tea leaves, Twinings Pure Green Tea is a great choice. It is flavorful without any bitter aftertaste, offers more tea per bag (2g) and, importantly the tea bags don’t have metallic staple pins keeping the bag together, unlike many others in this category.

Size: 25 teabags, Price: Rs. 280*

*At the time of review

Best Green Tea Bags For Everyday Drinking: (Runner’s Up) 24 Mantra Organic Green Tea

The Brands We Picked:

Lipton Pure & Light Green Tea (Buy on Amazon)

Tetley Green Tea (Buy on Amazon)

Eco Valley Green Tea (Buy on Amazon)

Te-A-Me Green Tea (Buy on Amazon)

Typhoo Green Tea (Buy on Amazon)

Dilmah Green Tea (Buy on Amazon)

24 Mantra Green Tea (Buy on Amazon)

Karmiq Green Tea

LaPlant Green Tea (Buy on Amazon)

Twinings Green Tea (Buy on Amazon)

Veda Green Tea

Sunshine Green Tea (Buy on Amazon)

How We Picked Brands:

We reviewed popular brands that are easily available online and across offline stores. Since we were looking for the best Green Tea Bags for everyday consumption, we stayed away from gourmet brands. The price directly impacts the quality of tea leaves chosen for packing into bags. We picked brands that were in the entry-level category with all packs available under rupees 300/-.

Green tea bags come in many flavors and infusions. For the purpose of this review, we picked only those brands that offer a ‘pure green tea’ flavor. No infusions, or flavor combinations were tested. So, by extension, any brand that doesn’t have a pure green tea flavor was not part of this review.

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Who This Is For?

This review is for people who like to sip on green tea every day, sometimes even more than once a day! It is for people who know about the health benefits of drinking green tea and try to include this anti-oxidant rich beverage into their diet every day.

This review is for people who prefer the convenience of tea bags over tea leaves. Green tea leaves need a little more planning than tea bags. For tea leaves, you need to have a cup with a built-in sieve, along with a lid, or you need a steeper or infuser to do the job for you. This may become a little more cumbersome, especially if you like to sip on green tea at work. Tea bags give you that convenience.

This review is also for people who are health conscious but new to the flavors of green tea and still exploring which brands to try.

How We Tested:

Just like our review for Green Tea leaves, our expert and guide in this review too was Anamika Singh, Founder of Anandini Himalayan Teas. Our team researched the list of brands and Anamika helped us create a benchmark of what to expect.

Our notes from our interview with her included the following crucial points, that also served as pointers during our review.

  • On the color/ appearance of tea: The color of green tea is determined by the quality of tea leaves. A brighter, healthier the color would point to a better quality of leaves used. The color could have a hint of green, as well. But it shouldn’t be dull or cloudy.
  • Flavor: All types of tea have an inherent flavor – bright, a hint of sharpness, brisk, but should not be bitter or high on tannin. ‘Your tea shouldn’t taste like medicine!’, Anamika shared with us.
  • Steeping Time: Every single cup of green tea needs varying degrees of steeping time. How much time will depend on a number of factors such as terroir, weather, the way it’s made and also the quality of leaves used.
  • Triangular tea bags Vs Rectangular tea bags: Tea leaves need room to infuse, squash them and the leaves won’t infuse well. A triangular/pyramid bag allows more leaves to interact with the water and steeps better. This, of course, is also determined by the quality of the leaves used. In the entry-level category, most brands use rectangular tea bags instead of triangular ones.
  • Good quality paper must be used for tea bags, the ideal variety is Japanese grain paper.
  • Staples must be avoided.
  • And lastly, NEVER boil water for steeping green tea – leaves or bags! Follow the instructions shared by the brand on the packaging.

Do read more about Anamika and her love for two leaves and a bud here.

We went by the instructions on the label for steeping time and quantity of tea to be used per cup. The temperature of hot water was also as per the brands’ guidelines.

How do metal staple pins make tea bags unsafe?

Earlier this year, FSSAI (Food Safety and Standards Authority of India) – an autonomous body under the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, GoI, announced that after June 30th, 2019, staple pins will be banned from being used in tea bags. No extension is likely to be issued post this deadline. Knotted tea bags, or those with a thread sealing the bag continue to be allowed.

Over the years, there have been a lot of health warnings around the usage of metal pins in tea bags. Why and what makes them harmful?

  1. Staple pins are metallic in nature, any loose pin when ingested inadvertently by a user can pose serious health risks. Internal injuries leading to bleeding is just one of them.
  2. Staple pins are made of galvanized iron – which is basically iron with a coating of zinc to prevent rusting. Studies have shown, and experts fear that zinc compounds being soluble in water can have adverse effects on the gastrointestinal tract when ingested.
  3. Lastly, do not dip the tea bag in water and put the cup in a microwave to heat the water. This can be harmful too.

Final Tasting:

Once the teas were steeped as per brand guidelines, we did multiple rounds of blind tastings looking at factors such as aroma, color, body, aftertaste bitterness.

Watch Video: Factors That Make Your Green Tea Best | Buying Guide


Twinings Pure Green Tea emerged on top in our review for Best Green Tea Bags:

If you do agree with our review, please give it a thumbs up! If you don’t, please tell us why! And, which one is your favorite from this list.

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