Let’s Grill: Skewers Sticks For Your Homemade Kebabs

Let’s Grill: Skewers Sticks For Your Homemade Kebabs

You can’t really have a BBQ party unless you got those skewer sticks handy. Read on to find the one that suits you best.

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Skewers sticks are used while grilling or roasting items such as meats, paneer, tikka and fish and even vegetables. These can be made of anything from bamboo to metal and come real handy when you want to grill multiple ingredients at the same time.

Most modern day metal skewers come with a solid handle on one end to prevent your fingers from getting burnt or having to touch the hot metal. Bamboo skewers are always long and are strong enough to bear the weight of the ingredients. They’re also smooth and round so that you can rotate them easily over the flame. So if you’re planning a BBQ party anytime soon and don’t have skewers yet, this is a good time to get some. Here’s a list of some of the best brands of skewer sticks you can buy online.

Best Five Brands of Skewers Sticks that are Available Online 

1. Inditradition Barbecue Skewers for BBQ Tandoor, Grill 


It’s a pack of 10 stainless steel barbecue sticks that come with a solid wooden handle. You can use them in your tandoor or on a BBQ grill. Measuring at eight inches, these are long enough to keep your fingers safe from direct flame.

2. Chef Direct Stainless Steel Round Skewers

chef direct

These round skewers sticks are 12 inch long and come in a set of six. You can easily grill chunks of seafood, meat and vegetables with the help of these. The comfortable handles make the skewers easy to use while grilling or roasting. These grills are also dishwasher-safe, easy to clean and reusable.

3. Avani MetroBuzz Barbecue Skewers


This is a pack of four BBQ skewers that are made from non-toxic stainless steel and come with a non-slip wooden handle. These sticks are safe to use and make roasting or grilling rather convenient.

4. Jvin Fab Barbecue Metal Grilling Skewers


This pack of four skewer sticks are made from galvanized metal and are quite thick. They are 14 inch long, making it easy for you to grill more at one go.



These bamboo skewers are 8 inch long and free from any chemicals, including bleach. These bamboo skewer sticks are best to make kebabs, barbeques and tikkas.

Can you imagine a world without kebabs? Similarly, kebabs might not have become as popular as they are today had some smart soul not thought of sticking pieces of meat into a long stick to grill them. A must-have for BBQ enthusiasts, there are plenty of skewer stick varieties can choose from.

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