Brass Glasses That Add Style To Your Everyday Crockery

Brass Glasses That Add Style To Your Everyday Crockery

Brass glasses are sturdy and their elegant yet traditional designs make them a must-have in the kitchen.

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Brass has been used as crockery since ancient times, mostly for the benefits this alloy of copper and zine provides. Drinking water out of brass glasses continues to be popular in India. With an inner lining or plating that protects this alloy from corrosion, brass glasses can last you for years.

One cannot deny that brass water glasses always add a slightly regal touch to any table, even when they have no designs on them. Add a few engravings and you can change the way your dinner placement looks. Here is a list of some of the best brass glasses available online.

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Best Brass Glasses To Buy Online

1. KBB Mughal Design Etching Finish Brass Glass

kbb 1

These glasses are made by Khusal Bartan Bhandar (KBB) that employs skilled artisans to make their products, and these brass glasses will make any dining table look amazing. This set comes with six glasses.

2. Indian Art Villa Brass Glass Tumbler

indian art villa

This is a set of two brass glasses and each glass can hold up to 330 ml. They have an antique and elegant design that makes your table look all the more beautiful.

3. Inpala Metals Brass Glass Etching Design


These brass glasses weight 200 gm each and can hold up to 330 ml of water. It is advisable not to wash these glasses in the dishwasher, instead wash these by hand by special cleaner, Pitambari for instance, at regular intervals.

4. KBB Brass Lassi Glass

kbb brass

As the name suggests, this glass is ideal for lassis and other cold beverages. These are manufactured meticulously, with intricate designs on the outer surface. Each glass weighs 400 gm and can hold up to 750 ml.

5. SHIV SHAKTI ARTS Handmade Pure Brass Glass


This pure brass glass has a beautifully embossed design on it and can hold up to 700 ml of liquid. This handmade metal ware has been made by skilled craftsmen.

Since brass is slightly more malleable compared to other metals, it becomes an ideal choice for making bowls, jugs, lamps, basins, and other household items.

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