Grab These Items For A Fun Filled Festival Of Colors
5 Must-Have Essentials To Celebrate The Festival Of Colors

Grab These Items For A Fun Filled Festival Of Colors

Here is the list of items that are a must have to celebrate the festival of colors. Check out the list below.

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Every festival is celebrated in its unique way. To ensure every festival is enjoyed joyously, keeping the essentials planned well in advance is a must.

If you love celebrating the festival of colors, it is best to stock up all the essentials to avoid any last-minute run. From water balloons to herbal gulals, here are some must-haves to bring in this festival of colors with a bang. To ease your search process, we have created a list of items you can consider buying online. Go, have a check now!

5 Essentials To Celebrate The Festival Of Colors

Jiada Non Toxic Holi Water Balloons 

This pack contains 1000 water balloons. These balloons are made of non-toxic rubber. Due to the long neck of these balloons, they can stretch easily without tearing.


Vegetal Lustrous Natural Holi Colours Herbal Gulal

It is a pack of five colors. These colors are non-toxic and eco-friendly. Cleaning and washing off these colors will not be a hassle. This pack of herbal colors is skin-friendly and free from harmful chemicals.

herbal gulal

Festiko Happy Holi Decoration Combo

It is an 11-piece set of different decoration items. This set includes a multicolor banner. The paper used for preparing these props is of high quality. You can use these for decorating your home, club, or society.

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holi decoration

Bankatji Thandai Powder 

It is a pack of two thandai powders made using the best quality ingredients. Made using real kesar, the choicest dry fruits, and cardamom, this thandai powder contains no added sugar. It is free from artificial flavors and preservatives.


Jai Guruji Kesharia Thandai Dry Fruit Syrup 

Made using 100% natural ingredients, this thandai syrup has an authentic taste. The best thing is that it requires no addition of sugar. All you need to do is mix 20% of this thandai syrup with 40% pre-boiled milk & crushed ice, and you are good to go.

jai guruji

The above is the list of essentials that are a must-have to celebrate the festival of colors. Select your option here and buy them well in advance.

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