5 Best Water Guns You Can Find Online
best water guns available online

5 Best Water Guns You Can Find Online

Water guns are a fun way to add excitement during festivals. Here are the best ones you can find online.

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You don’t have to be a child to play with water guns. They are some of the coolest toys you can play around with, as an adult or a child. And there are tons of water guns to choose from too!

Water guns are filled with colored water and are safe for children. And for those who have grown up playing with these, it comes with oodles of nostalgia. And you can think up fun competitions with kids, all revolving around the simple water gun! Here we have a list of some of the best brands of water guns you can find online.

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5 Best Water Guns You Can Find Online

Toyshine Water Gun

This water gun is perfect for kids. It comes with a sturdy backpack that stores the water, and they can play around while carrying it. The backpack is lightweight and comfortable to carry. In addition, it features an adjustable shoulder strap that can be adjusted as per your requirement.


zest 4 toyz Water Gun

This water tank pistol comes with a backpack filled with water. This water gun includes colorful graphics for kids. This product comes with a water gun, 100 water balloons, and a packet of herbal gulal. Made using hard plastic, it is free from toxic and child-safe.

zest 4

FunBlast Holi Pichkari 

This holi pichkari from FunBlast has a wide design but is equally lightweight. It is a powerful pichkari that allows long-range aiming and shooting. It features a sturdy backpack that will effectively store water without spilling.

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Zest 4 Toyz Water gun Pichkari

This particular water gun comes with a combo of 100 water balloons and color gulaal. The back tank comes with adjustable straps, thus making it easier for kids. The body is made of nontoxic hard plastic. It features a trigger that can be used for shooting water.


Here we have listed the best water guns available online. Carefully consider the above brands and choose the one that best meets your expectations.

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