Filter Hassle Away With These Tea Strainers

Filter Hassle Away With These Tea Strainers

Yes, tea is good for health and delicious. But eating tea leaves might not as appetizing! Find a tea strainer that gives you a perfect brew without letting the leaves seep through.

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Brewing tea would have never been simplified had it not been for tea strainers. It’s said that the first tea strainer was made from bamboo and it was the Dutch that figured out a way to keep tea leaves from seeping back into the water once the tea was brewed. Over time, tea strainers became a thing of fashion and then utility.

Usually made from stainless steel, one can even find vintage silver tea strainers. Today the simple tea strainer is found in various styles and materials. And whether you are brewing greenwhite, or oolong tea, these strainers will always come handy. Let’s take a look at a few that are available online.

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Best Tea Strainers Available Online 

1. Crystal Big Stainless Steel Strainer


The Crystal Big Stainless Steel Strainer has a mesh made from high-quality stainless steel and comes in medium and large sizes. The plastic handle allows for an easy grip thus preventing tea from spilling over. The simple design and high-grade material make this a long-lasting product.

2. Slings Tea and Coffee Strainer


Manufactured in Gujarat, this strainer is made of stainless steel and has a plastic handle. The 12-cm handle and 8-cm strainer make the filtration process easy and efficient. This set comes with three pieces.

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3. MRC Stainless Steel Strainer


This tea strainer by MRC is one of the best products any tea lover could own. The handle of the stainless steel strainer allows for a tight grip and is easy to clean. It is made of high quality material that gives the product a long life.

4. Kuber Tea Strainer 

kuber industries

This is a stainless steel strainer that comes with a double mesh. The strainer comes with a resting ring that fits over pots and bowls effortlessly. You can also use these strainers for dusting powdered sugar on cakes and other desserts. The food-grade steel lasts longer and is dishwasher-safe.

5. Sinco Stainless Steel Strainer


This highly durable silver-colored tea strainer has an elegant design and is a perfect kitchen accessory to strain tea and coffee. The mesh does not corrode easily and is quite durable.

For tea aficionados, a good quality tea strainer is a must. With decent care, even the simplest strainers last a long time. Available in different sizes and styles, the most common variety for Indian homes has always been the stainless steel strainers. They’re easy to use and durable and don’t burn a hole through your pocket.

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