Crunch Munch: Peanut Chikkis For That Soul-Satisfying Snack

Crunch Munch: Peanut Chikkis For That Soul-Satisfying Snack

Feel like a quick snack? How about a bar of peanut chikki that not only satisfies your palate but also your heart?

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Peanut chikki bars are nothing but a blessing in disguise for peanut lovers. It is one amazing go-to snack that’s healthy and deliciousness.

This Indian sweet snack is basically prepared by using peanuts, jaggery, sugar and sometimes desi ghee and cardamom are added to enhance the taste. These traditional chikki bars are usually free from preservatives as well. Here we bring you some of the best chikki bars that you can buy online.

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Best Peanut Chikki Bars To Buy Online

1. Paper Boat Peanut Chikki

paper boat

Peanuts, sugar, jaggery and liquid glucose are used to prepare this chikki bar. No colors and preservatives are added in this bar which makes it food safe. It contains 30 units if chikki bar with each bar weighing 28 gms.

2. Rollmili Peanut Chikki 


Made from high quality roasted peanut and other finest ingredients, this peanut chikki is very crunchy and doesn’t contain any preservatives and artificial sweetener. It is protein-rich and contains antioxidants as well.

3. Bhavani foods Shreeji Premium Peanut


This Bhavani foods peanut chikki is a classic combination of amaranath and traditional peanut flavors. These are made with best of ingredients without any colors and preservatives used. This packet consists 10 pieces of chikki and weighs a total of 1 kg.

4. Prizex Organic Peanut Chikki 


These chikkis are of high quality and very hygienically packed. Also, they are soft and non-sticky. Like its other counterparts, these chikkis are also free from all sorts of preservatives and artificial colors.

5. Nutritius Rajgira Peanut Chikki


The Nutritius Rajgira Peanut Chikki is crunchy and tasty. It is free from all sorts of preservatives and artificial colors. It’s made with puffed amaranath, peanut, jaggery and sugar.

The story of how the chikki came to be is really interesting. Mr Maganlal, a famous sweet maker of Lonavala, came up with the idea of the chikki for the construction workers who were building the railway line from Mumbai to Lonavala. The idea was to give them something that was tasty, healthy and inexpensive. This was in 1888, and the chikki has not changed much since then.

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