Diwali Sweets For Friends and Family

Diwali Sweets For Friends and Family

Celebrate Diwali by gifting these delicious sweets to your family and friends.

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Could you possibly imagine wishing someone for Diwali without sharing something sweet with them? It’s practically unheard of, which is why Diwali sweets have a special place in our hearts, and which the limitless options out there, it only makes us crave for more.

From kaju katlis, pedas to even chocolates of different kinds, everyone has a favorite. And here’s a list of assorted sweets that you can buy for your loved ones. Pick something they’d love, or get them all!

Best Five Brands Of Diwali Sweets Available Online

1. Haldiram’s Nagpur Kaju Katli 


When it comes to sweets, Haldiram’s rarely disappoints. This 500-gm pack of Nagpur kaju katli is delicious, fresh and makes for an ideal Diwali gift.

2. Cadbury Silk Diwali Special Potli

cadbury potli

Have friends who can’t get enough of chocolates? This Cadbury Silk Diwali Potli will definitely bring a smile on their faces. This 343-gm bag contains a Silk Bubbly, Silk Fruit & Nut, Silk Oreo, Silk Roast Almond, two Silk plain chocolate, and even a beautiful brass diya.

3. Lal Sweets Mysore Pak 

lal sweets

Mysore Pak, the famous ghee and gram flour-based sweet from Mysore, is difficult to resist. In fact, it’s even referred to as the ‘royal dessert of Mysore’. This is a 800-gm box of Mysore Pak will definitely win some hearts.

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4. Onyyx Kaju Katli Minis


These kaju katli minis are made of cashews, sugar and wheat flour that makes it a delicious sweet dish to gift to your friends and family on various occasions. It doesn’t contain any refined flour or maida and groundnut. The pack weighs 225 gms.

5. Delight Foods Fresh Indian Sweets Mathura Doodh/Milk Peda

delight foods

This 500-gm pack of the traditional milk peda from Mathura is a delicious sweet dish made from khoya and sugar. With this pack, you also get a Diwali greeting card and two decorative fancy diyas.

An Indian festival, or in fact any special occasion, is nothing without the massive array of sweets that are available in the country. And each region has its specialty, be it a ladoo or a katli. Fortunately, you can buy almost any sweet from any corner of the country now, all you have to do is click on a few buttons.

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