Diwali Diyas For The Festival of Lights

Diwali Diyas For The Festival of Lights

Light up your life and home this Diwali with a variety of diyas in different sizes. Here is a list of diyas you can buy online.

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Diwali is not called the festival of lights for nothing. Across the country, from homes to streets are lit up in myriad lights of all shapes, sizes, and colors, adding a festive fervor that not only brings us joy but a sense of calm and togetherness. And therefore, diyas play a crucial part in our lives during Diwali.

Be it a tiny clay diya or one made with wax, the akhand diya or even battery-operated or electrical ones, there’s always something for everyone. So bring home a box of diyas this Diwali and let it light up your life.

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Best Brands of Diya Available Online

1. Amazon Brand – Solimo Wax Tealight Candles

solimo wax

These unscented wax tealight candles are an ideal choice for the festive season. With a burning time of up to two hours and 50 minutes, these candles are odorless and smokeless. You can pop them into any standard-sized votive to make them look even prettier. This pack comes with 100 candles.

2. Borosil Akhand Diya


An akhand diya, designed particularly for Diwali puja, this one is made of brass and measures at 13 cms in height and 9.4 cms in diameter. Easy to refill and clean, this diya will add a beautiful touch to your home.

3. Sanvatsar Home Decorative Diya, Diwali Gift Diya


These diyas are so beautiful that you might just end up using them for every occasion. This metal diya comes in a set of four and each is embellished with faux pearls, petals, lending a very ethnic look.

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4. Mati Ke Laal Candle Wax Diwali Diyas

mati ke laal

These are handmade and hand-painted matki diyas that are filled with scented wax. These diyas can burn for up to 4.5 hours and can also be used during the puja or just as decoration.

5. Enamic Gold LED Bulb Lights Diya


If you have a shrine at home, get this diya to decorate the mandir. It’s a beautiful five-tiered diya with gold LED bulbs on each layer. This comes in a set of two.

Always shop for safe and reliable products when buying diyas for the house – be those oil lamps or electrical ones. After all, the festival of lights is meant to keep your spirits up and not cause any trouble later.

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