Chironji (Almondette Kernels) For That Added Nutty Flavor

Chironji (Almondette Kernels) For That Added Nutty Flavor

Chironji, also known as almondette kernel, makes your desserts, smoothies and bakes taste delicious.

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A tiny little kernel, encased in a hard shell, it’s hard to imagine something so small can pack in so much flavor. The chironji, which grows on the Buchanania Lanzan tree, is mostly grown in northwest and central India. The little pale kernels are flat and almost round and has a lovely nutty taste.

Chironji is mostly used in desserts such as kheer, smoothies, dal and anything that might call for an almond. In fact, chironji is often used as a replacement for an almond. One can also mix the powdered form of chironji into milk for added flavor. Here’s a list of brands that sell the best chironji.

Best Five Brands Of Chironji Available Online

1. Urban Platter Almondette Kernels (Charoli or Chironji)

It’s a 200-gm pack of chironji that is rich in protein, and also contains high oil content. It is used in making masala milk, doodh pak, and other milk-based desserts or beverages.

urban platter

2. Minimal Almondette Seed Organic/Chironji

This 50-gm pack of chironji can be added to dal, desserts and cakes for a nutty flavor and crunch. In powdered form, it can also be used to thicken gravies.


3. Sainik’s Dry Fruit Mall Almondette Kernels/Chironji

This pack of chironji is 100% natural and weighs 500 gms. You can use the seed raw and whole or even in powdered form.

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4. Organic Cart Natural Chiraunji 

This 100-gm pack of chironji is packed in hygienic, high-quality transparent pet jars to retain its texture and flavor. High in protein, you can try mixing it with gram flour (in powdered form) or the whole nut with your cereal and yogurt for breakfast.

organic cart

5. obbi fresh Almondette Seeds Organic (Chironji, Charoli)

This 150-gm pack of chironji is a good source of protein and fat. It also contains vitamins and niacin. Try adding it into puddings or custard.

obbi fresh

Also known as charoli, the chironji is often referred to as a berry but it’s anything but that. It’s a kernel found inside the seed of a berry – yes, that’s a lot of layers – and is known by many names. It’s called the Hamilton mombinpiyalcharsaropcharu in Odia, kole maavu in Kannada, and the list goes on.

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