Bhujia: The Ultimate Spicy Snack
Best Brands Of Bhujia

Bhujia: The Ultimate Spicy Snack

If you are looking for a spicy snack option, a pack of bhujia must be a part of your kitchen. Check out below the best brands of bhujia available online.

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To satisfy quick evening pangs, we often tend to reach out for different snack options. One such popular snack is bhujia. Bhujia is a spicy deep-fried sev filled with a burst of flavors. Essentially made using gram flour, moth flour, and different spices, it is a crunchy and addictive snack that is difficult to stop at one bite. 

If you are a spice lover, then a few packs of bhujia must be a part of your kitchen. You can incorporate bhujia in different recipes, including – bhujia curry, bhujia sandwich, bhujia raita, etc. Moreover, you can top these on poha,upma, dahi samosa, sev puris, and other dishes for a delicious and spicy crunch. The market has different brands offering their unique version of bhujia. To help ease your search, we have listed the most popular ones that you must check out.

5 Popular Brands Of Bhujia Sev That You Will Love

Haldiram’s Nagpur Bhujia Sev

It is a one kg pack of bhujia sev from Haldriram’s. It is a Bikaneri famous hot and spicy fried Indian snack.

It makes for an ideal snack to munch on with a hot cup of tea. Made using the finest quality ingredients, it is a vegetarian product.

Bikano Bikaneri Bhujia

This one kg quantity of Bikaneri bhujia comes in a zip lock pack. The packing ensures that the contents inside remain fresh for a longer time. After opening, make sure that you store the contents in an air-tight container. The ingredients used here include – husked dew gram flour, refined palmolein oil, chickpea flour, iodized salt, mixed spices (black pepper powder, cardamom powder, dry ginger powder, cumin powder, mace powder, cinnamon powder), and others.

Bhikharam Chandmal Bikaneri Bhujia

It is a pack of spiced beans and chickpea flour fried small sticks. To retain the freshness of the product, transfer the contents in an air-tight container.

This ready-to-eat pack of savory is perfect for adding a delicious crunch to different homemade dishes. Tepary bean flour, edible vegetable oil (cottonseed oil), chickpea flour, edible common salt, chili powder, and clove powder are a few ingredients used.  

Bikaji Bhujia 

This bhujia comes in a net quantity of one kg. It comes in biodegradable and recyclable packaging. It is a spicy snack made using dew bean and gram flour.

Make sure to store the pack in a cool and dry place. The ingredients include dew bean flour, edible vegetable oil, gram flour, ground spices, and condiments (edible common salt, chili, ginger, black pepper, cardamom, clove, and nutmeg).

Ketofy – Keto Bhujia 

This pack of bhujia is low in carbs and rich in healthy fats. It is free from gluten and maida. You can munch on this bhujia while working, traveling, or while watching your favorite movies.

It has a delicious desi taste and is easily digestible. Some of the ingredients used here include- water, watermelon seed, sunflower seed, flaxseed, natural mango extract, Himalayan pink salt, and mint powder. 

The above are the top brands offering the yummiest bhujia online. If you plan to try these or add a few packs to your shopping carts, we have you covered. Search through the above list and grab your favorite bhujia now.

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