Snacks That You Can Eat Anytime Anywhere

Snacks That You Can Eat Anytime Anywhere

Snacking does not have to be high in calories or guilt. Here is a list of snacks available online when you are looking for something quick and light.

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We all like to indulge in a few snacks every now and then. From chips to even a quick bowl of cereal – people have all sorts of favorite snacking items. But what if you could eat something without the guilt?

We bring you a list of snacks that are delicious, filling and typically devoid of processed sugars, added colors, flavors, or preservatives, and include biscuits and cookies, oats and even chips. Take a look.

Best Brands Of Snacking Options Available Online

1. Quaker Oats

Quaker oats are 100% natural wholegrain oats. It is filled with protein and fiber and can be prepared in just three minutes. You can also flavor oats with your preference with fruits and nuts or even masalas.


2. Keeros Multigrain Roasted Supersnack

This is a bag of lightly-salted and roasted healthy combinations of six super grains including rice flakes, white wheat, dew beans, soy beans, green gram and pearl millet. You can enjoy it as it is, or add it in bhelpoha or sprouts for added texture and flavor.


3. Sattviko Turmeric Makhana Superpops

It’s hard to ignore the deliciousness of makhana or fox nuts. This pack contains slowly-roasted fox nuts that’s tossed in turmeric for flavor. Made from the finest ingredients, the makhana used here is ISO-certified and a non-GMO product.

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4. Lo! Foods- Murukku Keto Snacks

Who doesn’t love murukku? This pack of murukku is also Keto-friendly. Low in carbs and high in fiber, it contains seeds such as sunflower, sesame, melon, pumpkin, and rice and coconut flour, among other ingredients.

lo foods

5. Graminway Healthy Ragi Diet Chips

These are low fat, crunchy roasted ragi chips with a spicy seasoning. These snacks come in a 100-gm pet jar.


6. Happilo Premium International Healthy Nutmix

This is a delicious trail mix that combines nuts such as cashews, pistachios, walnuts, almonds etc. It’s high in protein, gluten-free and works great as a snack-on-the-go.


7. Yogabar Breakfast Protein Bars

This is a box of assorted protein bars made with ingredients including quinoa, oats, millet, almonds, peanuts, flax, and chia seeds and flavored with ingredients like blueberry, apple, apricots, fig, cinnamon and chocolate. These bars are made with all-natural products without any artificial sugars or ingredients.


8. Eat Anytime Mindful Millet Energy Bars

This box consists of several energy bars made with millet. Each bar is respectively made with ragibajra, quinoa and jowar and flavored with chocolate. These bars are also gluten-free. However, they are processed in a unit that also processes tree nuts, soy, wheat, sesame and dairy products.


9. HAIM Organic Brown Rice Cakes

This is a twin-pack of brown rice cakes. One is made with quinoa and chia seeds and the other is made with organic buckwheat and amaranth. Eat them as it is or spread some cheese on it.

haim rice cakes

When it comes to snacking, there are loads of low-carb and zero-sugar snacks out there that will help to satiate your hunger pangs. You no longer have to reach for deep-fried food that is bound to make you feel guilty soon after.

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