A Bite Into Meetha Paan Will Complete Your Meal

A Bite Into Meetha Paan Will Complete Your Meal

Give yourself a treat with these mouth-watering meetha paan mixtures.

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This absolutely delicious mix of various condiments, all packed into a sweet betel leaf, the meetha paan has been an integral part of Indian culture for ages. Almost all wedding feasts in India end with a paan and sometimes people eat one right after a meal, owing to the betel leaf’s digestive qualities. However, not everyone wants to eat supari (betel nut) and don’t like any form of tobacco. For them, we have supari and tobacco-free meetha paans.

Meetha paan is typically made with gulkand, menthol, elaichikhajur etc, and serves the purpose of a mouth freshener as well. And now, you can just sit at home and order meetha paan mixtures online. Let’s take a look.

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Best Meetha Paan To Buy Online

1. Delight Foods Calcutta Meetha Paan


This meetha pan is a blend of traditional recipe from Kolkata. It is prepared using finest of the ingredients such as gulkand, menthol, paan leaf, saunf and elaichi. No supari or betel nut is added in the mixture.

2. Delight Foods Real Betel Leaf Banarasi Meetha Paan

delight banarasi

The Banarasi meetha paan comes in a reusable sealed container. It is prepared and processed in a hygienic environment to retain its original flavor and quality. This paan also doesn’t contain any supari or areca nut.

3. BMG Readymade Meetha Paan


No preservatives are added in this meetha paan. The net weight of the container is 150 grams and it comes with a shelf life of four months. It is advisable to store this in a cool and hygienic place.

4. Kery Calcutta Meetha Paan Mukhwas


This Kery Calcutta Meetha Paan is said to be made of completely natural ingredients. It weighs 110 gm and it’s advisable to store this item in a cool and dry place as direct exposure to sunlight hampers the freshness of the ingredients.

5. Mahek Meetha Paan Mouth Freshener


This meetha paan is free from any types of preservatives. It weighs 300 grams and has a shelf life of 365 days. It is necessary to store the jar in a cool and hygienic place.

There are more than two dozen styles of paans available across India. And each paan lover has a favorite. But without any doubt, the love for the meetha paan remains undisputed.

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