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pran potata spicy flavoured biscuits review

PRAN Potata Spicy Flavoured Biscuits: A Tasty Snack In Town

Build it up or serve it as is, Pran Potata is one of the unmissable party snacks you need to get your hands on!

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A spot on blend of sweet and savory, PRAN Potata spicy flavored biscuits combine textures of biscuits and wafers into one! Fresh and crisp, these would be perfect for your grazing platters.

If you’ve been grocery shopping lately, chances are you came across PRAN Potata. Stacked in the biscuits and cookies aisle, this snack is a biscuitchip hybrid. Confused?

These Bangladeshi biscuits became an internet sensation almost instantly. From local kiranas to e-commerce retailers, PRAN Potata was out of stock everywhere! 

We FINALLY got our hands on them and after multiple finger-licking taste tests, here’s Team Mishry’s PRAN Potata spicy flavored biscuits review. With chai or as chakna, what is the best companion?

PRAN Potata Spicy Biscuit – Everything You Need To Know

From price, packaging, to ingredients and taste, here’s all you need to know about the PRAN Potata spicy biscuits.

pran potata biscuits pack
PRAN comes packed in a vibrant wrapper.

1. Ingredients

The main ingredients are – Refined wheat flour, Sugar, Palm oil, Potato paste, Seasoning powder (salt, chilli powder, garlic powder, sugar, citric acid, skimmed milk powder), Potato flakes, Tapioca starch, Invert sugar syrup, Whey protein, Salt, Mixed spices, Flavor enhancers and Emulsifiers. 

2. Taste

‘Potato biscuits’ do they have a classic biscuit taste or do they taste like potato chips? What about the oil used – Is it pungent or rancid? Does it affect the freshness? Does the seasoning mix leave an undesirable after-taste? Are the biscuits well-seasoned?

3. Texture

These disc-shaped biscuits fall between two categories. They are wafer-like thin but not as light. The density of each disc matches that of well-baked biscuits. 

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4. Flavour

These are spicy flavored potato biscuits. Could we taste the potatoes? How well-proportioned was the spice mix? Was one element too bold or did all spices shine alike?

5. Crunch

Stacked in trays, PRAN Potata is essentially a hybrid between biscuits and potato chips. Would a biscuit with potato paste as the base have the signature bite? How pronounced is the crunch? 

6. Price

PRAN Potata spicy flavoured biscuits are priced at Rs 25 for a 100 gram pack.

PRAN Potata Spicy Biscuit  – Detailed Review

pran potata biscuits packaging
These are packed in a tray.
PRAN Potata Spicy Biscuit Product Details
Price Rs 25
Net Quantity 100 g
Calories 458 kcal
Shelf Life 12 months


In this section, we discuss what we liked and disliked about the product. 

A warm spice aroma enveloped the test kitchen as we opened the pack. 

These disc-shaped biscuits are stacked in a slotted plastic tray. In a 100 gram pack, you get around 35 pieces. Thickness and size, these discs were uniform throughout. We came across 2-3 pieces that were broken but this wasn’t an issue. PRAN Potata is sized a bit smaller than a regular cookie, but its thickness is somewhat similar to that of wafers. 

There is ample spice seasoning sprinkled on the discs that sticks to the fingertips. We were anticipating a crisp snack and that is exactly what we got! These potato biscuits tasted extremely fresh and had a prominent crunch. 

Taste-wise, this is a blend of sweet and savory with a hit of some garlic and spices. Though we couldn’t really taste the potato, the paste used adds a nice texture. All-in-all, the salt and sweet is balanced really well making this a decent addition to a grazing platter. 

pran potata biscuit in a plate
These wafer-thin snacks are disc-shaped.
closer look at pran potata spicy flavoured biscuit
We liked the garlic seasoning!
cross sectional look at pran potata biscuit
Here's a cross-sectional view of PRAN.


  • PRAN Potata biscuits are made using refined flour, potato paste, salt, sugar, and palm oil. 
  • It has a shelf life of 12 months.
  • These biscuits must be consumed within seven days after opening.
  • Around 450 kcal are offered per 100 g.
  • It contains wheat gluten and milk. 


  • The consistency in size and thickness makes it ideal for serving.
  • These discs have a prominent bite.
  • There’s a nice interplay of sweet and savory flavors.
  • We loved the garlic seasoning!
  • The spice isn’t too overpowering.

Best Suited For

Mezze platters, cheese platters, if you have guests coming over PRAN Potata can even be served as a flavorful snack. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some interesting FAQs on PRAN Potata spicy flavored biscuits

1. Are these spicy biscuits healthy?

A healthy diet comprises whole foods, fruits, vegetables, and a good balance of macro and micronutrients. Consumption of packaged/processed foods must be limited. 

2. What is the calorie intake of each biscuit?

One piece would have approximately 13-15 kcal.

3. Does this biscuit contain onion or garlic?

It is seasoned with garlic.

4. What is the manufacturing date of this biscuit?

The pack we received was manufactured on the 21st of June, 2021. 

5. Can this biscuit be consumed by children under 10 years of age?

We recommend consulting a certified nutritionist. 

Final Words

Are these potato crisps? Are these biscuits? PRAN Potata is a hybrid! 

It brings the best of both worlds in a bite. Sweet and savory with hints of spicy and garlicky flavors. We loved how crispy and fresh-tasting these biscuits were. 

Not for the classic dunk or dip, but if you like having something flavorful with your tea, these would make an addictive companion. 

If you do agree with our review, please give it a thumbs up! And, tell us which one is your favorite from this list. If you don’t, please tell us why!

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