Phab Energy Bars Review - Everyday Snack Time Buddy
phab energy bars review

Phab Energy Bars Review – Everyday Snack Time Buddy

Out of the three Phab Energy Bars we tried, the fruit and nut variant is our favorite! Let’s talk some more about these gluten-free energy bars.

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These are multi-textured energy bars which are gluten free. These are an ideal pick for a quick energy boost post your workout.

Energy bars are generally targeted towards active individuals. Energy bars are a source of quick and slow-absorbing carbohydrates which make them fit to be consumed before a workout.

We believe the nutritional label is as significant as taste, price, and other parameters. Therefore, for our Phab Energy Bars review, we discuss the list of ingredients used, calories, and macronutrient distribution among other parameters like price, packaging, and taste. 

Earlier we reviewed two protein bars by Phab and loved them. For this Phab Energy Bars review, we tried the following variants- Cranberry Almond, Zesty Orange, and Fruit & Nut. 

Phab Energy Bars – Everything You Need To Know

Phab is a team of nutritionists, chefs, and scientists that believes taste shouldn’t be compromised for better nutrition. In addition to protein powders, protein bars, and protein bombs, this brand also offers the Phab Energy Bars. 

Phab Energy Bars are available in four flavor variants.

These preservative-free energy bars contain 15-17 grams of carbohydrates each. Marketed as an everyday snack, the Phab Energy Bars are also free of artificial sweeteners. 

Here are some more details about Phab Energy Bars.

1. Available Variants

Phab Energy Bars are available in four flavor variants. These are fruit and nut, chocolate almond, cranberry almond, and zesty orange. 

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For our Phab Energy Bars review, we tried three of these flavors. 

2. Main Ingredients

The three Phab Energy Bars we tried have the following ingredients used in all of them. Arabian dates, golden raisins, watermelon seeds, roasted almonds, are a few of these.

Oats, dehydrated fruits, prebiotic fiber, and soy protein are used in certain variants. 

Additionally, all three Phab Energy Bars are flavored with added rosemary flavors. 

3. Available Sizes

Unlike the protein bars from the brand, Phab Energy Bars are available as a single serving 35 gm bar. 

4. Price Range

When it comes to packaged food items that are marketed as ‘healthy’ or for ‘fitness enthusiasts’ the type and quality of ingredients used are the prime factors while pricing such products. 

Energy bars are priced anywhere between Rs 40-80. 

Phab Energy Bars are priced at Rs 40 for a 35 gm bar. 

5. Nutritional Facts

While the macronutrient breakdown is different for different flavor variants, Phab Energy Bars provide 100-140 calories.

These energy bars provide 2-4 grams of protein with 3-6 grams of fats, and 15-17 grams of carbohydrates in a serving. 

6. Availability

The Phab Energy Bars can be ordered from Amazon or the official Phab website.

You would also find these energy bars at a local medical/wellness store. 

Phab Energy Bars – Our Review Factors

Generally, a pre-workout or midday meal must be rich in carbohydrates to provide a quick boost of energy. However, the carbohydrate sources must be a combination of simple and complex carbohydrates that not only provide a boost of energy but also help to maintain sustained energy levels for a period of 1-2 hours. 

This is where fats and proteins come into play. Not only do they help you hit the macronutrient goals but also slow down the digestion process and keep you fuller for longer. 

The quality of ingredients used, nutrient density, sugar content, overall taste, and economic value are some significant factors of consideration that we have discussed. 

1. Quality of Ingredients

Although sugar, dates, honey, aspartame- all lend a sweet flavor note, doesn’t mean they are the same. 

While aspartame is 600 times sweeter than refined sugar, it can reduce your sensitivity over time. Similarly, you would need twice the amount of plant-based sweeteners for the same level of sweetness. However, they are more nutrient-dense as compared to refined sugar.

2. Macro-Composition

Unlike protein bars, the main goal of consuming an energy bar is a quick boost of energy. The maximum amount of calories in an energy bar must come from carbohydrates. 

The protein to fats ratio can vary based on the ingredients used. For instance, the Phab Energy Bar fruit and nut variant has more fats as compared to zesty almond. 

3. Fiber Content

Though fiber has no calories by itself, it is an equally important nutrient group. 

Fiber doesn’t just improve gut health, but it also provides a feeling of satiety. 

4. Sugar Content

As we know, sugar is a form of carbohydrate. What makes an energy bar a quality one is if it is sweetened using more natural sources of sweetening agents that are nutrient and fiber-dense. 

If artificial sweeteners are avoided, even better!

5. Taste

Do the Phab Energy Bars do justice to their flavor labels? Are these gluten-free energy bars too hard? What about the sweetness? 

6. Price

Can the Phab Protein Bars be a fitness enthusiast’s everyday snack? Is it an economical option? Are there better energy bar variants available in the market for a similar price?

Phab Energy Bars – Detailed Review

Parameters Phab Energy Bar- Fruit And Nut Phab Energy Bar- Cranberry Almond Phab Energy Bar- Zesty Orange
Main Ingredients Nuts and Seeds (36.8%) (Roasted Californian Almonds- 13%, Roasted Peanuts-12.8%, Roasted Watermelon Seeds-6%, Roasted Pumpkin Seeds- 5%), Dehydrated Fruits (27%) (Dates-7%, Golden Raisins- 6%, Kiwi- 5%, Cranberry- 4%, Candied Orange Peel 3%, Fig- 2%), Soy Protein, Fructo oligo saccharide.  Arabian Dates, Oats, Golden Raisins, Watermelon Seeds, Cranberry, Roasted Californian Almonds, Humectant, Vitamin E. Arabian Dates, Oats, Golden Raisins, Watermelon Seeds, Zesty Orange Peel, Roasted Californian Almonds, Humectant, Vitamin E.
Calories 135.8 kcal 109.5kcal 109.5kcal
Total Carbohydrates 15.75 gm 15.5 gm 15.5 gm
Fiber 2.8 gm 1.4 gm 1.4 gm
Total Sugar (honey) 3.5 gm 1.68 gm 1.75 gm
Total Fat 6.3 gm 3.5 gm 3.5 gm

1. Phab Fruit and Nut Energy Bar

Phab Energy Bar in the fruit and nut variant looked delicious visually. We could see the nuts and seeds right at the top of the bar. 

This energy bar had a subtle sweetness that was coming from the candied dry fruits and honey. In addition to this, the orange peel added a mild citrusy flavor. Texture-wise, this Phab Energy Bar was very nutty and chunky. The best part was that no nuts or seeds tasted rancid, they were fresh!

phab fruit and nut energy bar contents
Phab Energy Bar Fruit and Nut variant tasted fresh!
closer look at phab fruit and nut energy bar
The Fruit and Nut variant of Phab Energy Bar is loaded with nuts and seeds.


  • The fruit and nut Phab Energy Bar variant is made using nuts, seeds, and dehydrated fruits.
  • A 35 gm bar is priced at Rs 40.
  • This is a vegetarian energy bar.
  • It offers 135.8 kcal per serving.


  • This energy bar is made without any preservatives, artificial sugars, or trans fats.
  • Honey and dehydrated fruits have been used to sweeten this energy bar. 
  • The nuts and seeds used tasted fresh!
  • The roasted nuts add a crunchy bite to this bar. 
  • There is a nice interplay of sweet, salty, and sour flavors. 

Best Suited For

Love fruits and nuts? This Phab Energy Bar is packed with crunchy nuts and seeds. The dehydrated fruits add a delectable chewy texture. 

2. Phab Cranberry Almond Energy Bar

This energy bar has a chewy texture that we really liked. This variant of the Phab Energy Bar gets the sweet taste from the Arabian dates used. These dates also contribute to the soft and chewy texture.

The roasted almonds add a delicious layer of crunchiness providing a variation of multiple textures in a bite. 

phab cranberry almond energy bar contents
Phab Cranberry Almond Energy Bar gets the chewy texture from the dates.
closer look at phab cranberry almond energy bar
The roasted almond bits add a crunchy layer to the bite.


  • Dates, oats, golden raisins, and roasted almonds were the ingredients we could see and taste. 
  • This energy bar has a shelf life of six months.
  • One cranberry almond Phab Energy Bar provides 109.5 kcal.


  • This Phab Energy Bar makes for an ideal pre-workout or evening snack.
  • It has a nice balance of sweet and sour flavor notes.
  • This energy bar contains no preservatives or artificial sweeteners. 
  • We liked how soft and chewy it was!

Best Suited For

If you prefer a chewy dessert, this energy bar is something you could try. It is sweetened with dates and honey, but also has a mild sour flavor coming from the cranberries. 

Oats are used as the carbohydrate source keeps you satiated for long. 

3. Phab Zesty Orange Energy Bar

Comparing the sweetness levels, the Phab Energy Bar in the zesty orange variant is minimally sweet. 

Just like the cranberry almond variant, this energy bar too is chewy and soft. We also felt a mild crunchiness coming from the roasted nuts and seeds used. 

phab zesty orange energy bar contents
This Phab Energy Bar is low on sweetness.
closer look at phab zesty orange energy bar
The Zesty Orange Phab Energy Bar contains candied orange peels that add a mild sourness.


  • Zesty Orange Phab Energy Bar ingredients- dates, oats, roasted almonds, orange peels, watermelon seeds, vitamin E. 
  • This is a vegetarian, gluten-free energy bar. 
  • There are chunks of candied orange peels. 


  • The orange peels and roasted nuts and seeds offer a variety of textures in each bite.
  • This energy bar is quite low on the sweetness. 
  • It is free of artificial sweeteners and trans fats. 

Best Suited For

Typically, energy and protein bars are flavored with cocoa powder and have a standard chocolate flavor. If you’re looking for a different flavor- this zesty orange energy bar with chewy and crunchy textures could be a nice change. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some interesting FAQs on Phab Energy Bars

1. What is the shelf life of Phab Energy Bars?

The shelf life is mentioned on the box and individual packs.  It is between 6-9 months.

2. Can kids eat Phab Energy Bars?

It is recommended to consult your paediatrician.

3. How many calories are in a Phab Energy Bar?

The Phab Energy Bars provide 109-135 kcal.

4. What are the other Phab Energy Bar flavors?

There are four flavor variants for the Phab Energy Bars. They are chocolate almond, cranberry almond, fruit and nut, and zesty orange. 

5. What is fructooligosaccharide? 

Fructooligosaccharide is an alternative to sugar. They have laxative effects and are known to reduce/eliminate constipation. 

Final Verdict- Which Was Team Mishry’s Phab Energy Bars Top Pick?

There you have it- Team Mishry’s Phab Energy bars review. What we liked about all the three variants we tried was the macro-composition and the ingredients used. 

Our favorite Phab Energy Bar was the fruit and nut variant. It had the nuttiest texture. It tasted fresh and the ingredients brought a variety of flavors that surprised us in each bite. 

That being said, if you are looking to increase your protein intake, these energy bars are not the solution, go for theie pritein bars instead. 

If you do agree with our review, please give it a thumbs up! And, tell us which one is your favorite from this list. If you don’t, please tell us why!

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