Parle Platina Nutricrunch Lite Crackers - Mishry Review
parle platina nutricrunch

Parle Platina Nutricrunch Lite Crackers – Mishry Review

The Parle Platina Nutricrunch Lite Crackers have the classic cracker-like crunch. These are mildly salted and can be paired with a variety of dips/sauces.

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The Parle Nutricrunch Lite Crackers are fairly sturdy. These can be added to your party platter and even used as canapes.

Started by Mr Mohanlal Dayal Chauhan of the Chauhan family, Parle is one of the most affordable packaged food brands in India. They make this possible as most of the manufacturing and packaging processes are done in-house. 

From Parle-G in the 1980s to chocolate cookies, cakes, candies, and much more, Parle products have added a new variant to their Platina range with Nutricrunch. 

There are four variants in this range, and for our Parle Nutricrunch Lite Crackers review, we ordered the 100-gm pack online. Did we like these light crackers? How do they taste, and would we recommend these crackers with no added sugar to our readers?

Parle Platina Nutricrunch

‘#HealthIsNotAChoice’ is how Parle started the Nutricrunch range.

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Premium quality ingredients that are nutrient-rich like jowar, oats, honey are used for this range. 

The Parle Nutricrunch Lite Crackers contain no added sugar, artificial colors, or trans fats. Along with taste and price, here are some significant parameters that helped us form a fair review.

1. Ingredients

The ingredients that go into making the Parle Platina Nutricrunch Lite Crackers are wheat flour, edible vegetable oil, yeast, malt extract, iodized salt, dough conditioner, and improver. 

Though the ingredient list on some online portal says that the crackers are made using 92.3% wheat flour – the list of ingredients on the pack we purchased clearly mentions that these crackers are made using refined wheat flour (maida).

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2. Taste

These crackers have a neutral taste. Unlike regular biscuits, there are no sweet flavors to this one. 

That being said, the Parle Nutricrunch light cracker is very mildly salted. The salt can be tasted as well as felt. 

3. Bite/Mouth Feel

The Parle Nutricrunch crackers are crispy. These crackers have a decent crunch in each bite.

However, the Parle Nutricrunch light crackers are a little on the drier side, as most ‘crackers’ tend to be. They aren’t supposed to be buttery. 

4. Flavour

Crackers are typically served with cheese or eaten with a flavored dip. This is exactly why, unlike biscuits and cookies, crackers have neutral flavors with mild seasonings. 

The Parle Platina crackers are just that! The taste is not too bold, and some mild salt can be felt.

Parle Platina Nutricrunch
Parle Nutricrunch Lite Crackers Review

5. Texture & Colour

These Parle Platina Nutricrunch crackers have a pronounced crunch. We could feel the crispiness with each bite. 

Like most baked goods, these crackers have a light-medium brown color on the surface. The inside was lighter in color. 

6. Price

The 200-gram pouch of the Parle Platina Nutricrunch crackers is priced at Rs 30/- and the 100-gram pack at Rs 15/-.

Parle Platina Nutricrunch
We received a lot of broken pieces in our pack.

7. Density

These lightly salted crackers are quite light on the palate too. 

We think this is because no butter is used in this product.

8. Nutrition Facts

The following is the nutritional value of the Parle Platina Nutritcrunch Crackers per 100 grams-

466 kcal, 9.2 grams of protein, 72.6 grams of sugar, and 15.4 grams of fat.

9. Speciality

Traditionally, biscuits are loaded with carbohydrates and sugar, making them calorie-dense. 

What makes the Parle Nutritcrunch Crackers unique is how they are made without any added sugar. In addition to this, these crackers are also devoid of artificial flavors and trans fat.

10. Availability

The Parle Platina Nutricrunch Crackers are available online on e-commerce stores and websites like Big Basket and Amazon and offline in grocery and kirana stores.

Parameters Parle Platina Nutricrunch Crackers
  • Rs 15 for the 100-gram pouch
  • Rs 30 for the 200-gram pack
Main Ingredients
  • Refined Wheat Flour (92.3%)
  • Edible Vegetable Oil (Palm Oil)
  • Yeast
  • Malt Extract
  • Iodised Salt
Packaging The Parle Nutricrunch Crackers are packed in vibrant green packaging.
Nutritional Values Per 100 grams

  • 9.2 grams of protein
  • 72.6 grams of carbohydrates
  • 15.4 grams of fat
Calories Per 100 grams, the Parle Platina Crackers have 466 kcal.
Flavor Neutral flavor with a mild salt seasoning
Availability Online (Amazon and Big Basket) as well as offline
Shelf Life Best before six months
Speciality These crackers contain no added sugar, artificial flavors or trans fat. 

Parle Nutricrunch Lite Crackers Review – Let’s Decode

During our Parle Nutricrunch Lite Crackers review, we thought of various fun serving suggestions- dips/sauces these crackers can be paired with, toppings you can add, and some other unique twists to create restaurant-style starter dishes at home.

Parle Platina Nutricrunch
Parle Nutricrunch Lite Crackers are a good addition to your party platter.
Parle Platina Nutricrunch
A closer look at the crackers.


  • These Parle Platina Nutricrunch crackers have a crispy bite to them.
  • These crackers look and feel well-made.
  • The Parle crackers are very mildly salted. 
  • They come neatly stacked in a pack. 


  • The taste is neutral, which makes them customizable.
  • This is an affordable option.
  • These crackers can become the base for a variety of starters. 


  • The ingredient list mentions the addition of wheat flour, but these crackers don’t taste like it.

Best Suited For

Since soups are quite light on the tummy, you can relish them instead of breadsticks. These Parle Platina crackers make for a great alternative to the breadsticks in a different shape. 

Another way is to snack on these crackers in place of nachos. A spicy salsa dip, a bowl of some homemade hummus, or even a cheese platter- the Parle Platina Nutricrunch Lite crackers have neutral flavors, making it a good companion. 

You could serve a starter-type dish using these crackers as the base. 

If you love canopies but are looking for a non-fried version, try these crackers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some interesting FAQs on parle Platina Nutricrunch lite crackers.

1. Are the Parle Nutricrunch crackers bland?

Answer: No, they have a neutral taste and are mildly salted.

2. Can we have the Parle Nutricrunch crackers with green tea?

Answer: Yes, these crackers can be paired as per preference. 

3. How to store the Parle Platina Lite Crackers?

Answer: Once opened, you can store them in an airtight container to preserve freshness and crunch. 

4. What are the main ingredients in the Parle Nutricrunch crackers?

Answer: Wheat flour, palm oil, yeast, and iodized salt are the primary ingredients. 

5. How many calories in Parle Crackers?

Answer: 100 grams of these crackers would provide 466 calories.

Final Words

Voila! Here is the Parle Platina Nutricrunch Cracker review. 

The latest addition to the Nutricrunch range- the crackers are free of added sugar and artificial colors. These can be easily paired with various dishes, relished with dips and sauces, and even made into wholesome meals. 

The wheat flour claim on online portals – could be misleading. The packets we purchased list ‘refined wheat flour’ (maida) as the main ingredient. This could definitely leave buyers confused.  

Also, the claim of ‘Lite’ on the name may have been added since these biscuits contain no trans fats and contain no added sugar or artificial colors. 

But because of the presence of palm oil and refined wheat flour, these crackers should not be confused for a healthy snack, especially one that you can have every day. 

All packed foods go through some kind of processing to increase shelf life and make them fit for consumption hundreds of kilometers ways from production. 

Consume them in moderation, eat a balanced meal, and exercise regularly!

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