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Paperboat Vs Haldiram’s Thandai – The Winner Is…

In our Paperboat Vs Haldiram’s Thandai lets find out brand bags the title of the most flavorful one!

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The one thing that instantly hits us when we think of Holi is a glass of Thandai. This refreshing and exotic drink is a flavorful blend of milk, saffron, nuts, fennel seeds, poppy seeds, cardamom, and rose. Thandai is served as a welcome drink to homecoming guests. Moreover, it also finds its place during the festival of Mahashivratri. We picked up two popular brands offering ready-to-drink Thandai – Paper Boat and Haldiram’s. In our Paper Boat Vs Haldiram’s Thandai face-off, we decode the taste, packaging, quality of ingredients, aroma, price, and the answer to the best tasting ready-to-drink Thandai.

Here’s a glimpse at the comparison table of Paper Boat Vs Haldiram’s Thandai : 


Parameters  Paper Boat Thandai  Haldiram’s Thandai 
Net Weight  180 ml  200 ml 
Price  INR 50 INR 90
Calories (per 100 gm) 113 kcal  131 kcal 
Shelf Life  240 days  4 days 
Overall Mishry Rating (on 5) 4 3.5

Paper Boat Vs Haldiram’s Thandai: In-Depth Comparison

We compared Paper Boat Thandai and Haldiram’s Thandai across eight parameters to find the better-tasting one. This section covers further details on the parameters.

1. Packaging

The parameter holds prime importance when it comes to ready-to-consume drinks. The right packaging ensures that the contents stay fresh and the pack does not puff up. 

paper boat thandai packaging
Paper Boat Thandai comes in a vibrant pouch pack.

Paper Boat

This Thandai comes in a vibrant and attractive pouch pack. It is ideal for one time consumption. 

haldiram's kesar thandai packaging
Haldiram's Kesar Thandai holds a glass bottle packaging.


Haldiram’s Thandai has premium packaging. It is placed in a glass bottle and secured with a lid. 



2. Quality of Main Ingredients

Following are the list of main ingredients used in both these beverages:

paper boat thandai all emptied in a glass
Paper Boat Thandai contains no added colors.

Paper Boat

Pasteurized double toned milk (85.5%), Sugar, Milk solids, Almonds (1.3%), Melon seeds, Fennel powder, Cardamom powder, Khuskhus, and Black pepper powder. 

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No added preservative and no added colors. No GMO’s and no bioengineered ingredients.

haldiram's kesar thandai getting poured in a glass
Haldiram’s Kesar Thandai is preservative-free too.


Milk (82%), Almond, Cashewnut, Pistachio, Sugar, Cardamom, Black pepper whole, Whole coriander, Rose petal, Fennel seeds, Poppy seeds, Melon seeds, and Saffron. 

No added preservative. 

The list of ingredients for both these Thandai comes close to what we use to prepare a homestyle Thandai. 


Tie! The ingredient list looks decent for both of these brands. The absence of preservatives and added colors makes both of them a winner here.

3. Taste

Here we check the level of sweetness? How refreshing is the taste?

paper boat thandai placed in a glass after opening the pack
It has a well balanced sweetness.

Paper Boat –

Taste-wise, this thandai has a well-rounded sweetness. A prominent flavor of almond appears in every sip. We liked it. The tiny bits of peeled almonds add a crunch to the thandai.

haldiram's kesar thandia in a glass after opening
This thandai has a prominent flavor of black pepper.

Haldiram’s –

Haldiram’s Thandai has an overly sweet taste. The punch of black pepper is intense and cuts through the sweetness. Nonetheless, the sweetness remains on the higher side. 


Paper Boat

4. Flavor

How bold is the flavor of spices used? Is there any particular ingredient that lends an intense flavor?

closer look at paper boat thandai
Paper Boat Thandai has a refreshing flavor!

Paper Boat – 

REFRESHING! The nutty flavor of almonds and the kick of pepper blend deliciously.  

close look at haldiram's kesar thandai
The flavor of Saffron is dominant here!

Haldiram’s –

Haldiram’s Thandai feels quite refreshing. It has a dominant flavor of Saffron. The kick of black pepper hits right back at the throat. 


Paper Boat! The winner is Paper Boat since it strikes a perfect balance between flavors without feeling overly sweet. Haldiram’s, on the other hand, showcased an imbalance of flavors.

5. Aroma

Paper Boat –

It has a nutty and milky aroma. The aroma is not inviting. 

Haldiram’s –

We could whiff a strong aroma of Saffron. It felt refreshing. 



6. Nutritional information

Per 100 ml the nutritional information for both these brands is as follows: 

Paper Boat –

This Thandai offers 113 kcal, 18 gm of carb, 2.6 gm of total fat and 4.4 gm of protein. 

Haldiram’s –

Per 100 ml this Thandai contains 131 kcal, 17.6 gm total carb, 5.2 gm of fat and 3.3 gm of protein. 


Paper Boat

7. Price

Paper Boat –

A 180 ml quantity of Paper Boat Thandai is priced at Rs. 50. 


The price of the 200 ml bottle of Haldiram’s Thandai is INR 90. 

Amongst the two, Paper Boat is economically priced. 


Clearly, the winner here is Paper Boat!

8. Shelf life

Did we notice any major difference in the shelf life? 

Paper Boat –

The shelf life is 240 days. 

Haldiram’s –

Haldiram’s Thandai has a shelf life of 4 days. 


Haldiram’s Thandai grabs the position here! Why? Generally, products having shorter shelf life tend to remain fresh.

Looking to make some delicious Thandai at home? Grab a look at our list of the Best Thandai Brands. 

Paper Boat Vs Haldiram’s Thandai – Verdict

the setup for the paper boat vs haldiram's thandai review
Paper Boat Thandai is the winner here!

In the Paper Boat Vs Haldiram’s Thandai ultimate face-off, we present the crown to Paper Boat. It outperformed in terms of the quality of ingredients, taste, flavor, nutritional information and pricing. In this ready to drink thandai review we saw that while Haldiram’s Thandai comes in a premium glass bottle, the high sweetness and imbalance of flavors were not appreciated.

Final Words

Haldiram’s Thandai has a better shelf life and a refreshing aroma. However, Paper Boat won our hearts for how great it tastes and the price at which it comes. 

Are you an ardent lover of Thandai? Let us know in the comments below.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some interesting FAQs on the Comparison of Paper Boat and Haldiram Thandai

On scanning the ingredient list of these Thandais, we did not find any presence of additional flavor enhancers.

No. There is no need to mix sugar in these Thandais. These are ready to consume.

No. There are no preservatives used in these Thandais.

Yes. For an enhanced flavor, Thandai is best when chilled. Additionally, refrigerating the Thandai prevents any possible curdling of milk.

Paper Boat Thandai had a better rating on most of our review parameters, including quality of ingredients, taste, flavor, nutritional information, and pricing. Hence, it was the clear winner.

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