9 Delicious Varieties Of Gujiya to Indulge in this Holi Season
different types of gujiya

Delectable Varieties Of Gujiya To Indulge In This Holi Season

Gujiya is a lip-smacking and delicious sweet consumed popularly during the festival of colors. Here we have a list of some of the delicious varieties.

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The idea of a perfect Holi is having loads and loads of gujiyas! Celebrating Holi without the gujiya is incomplete. With a delicious mawa filling and the richness of condiments, gujiya is loved by all. Glazed with sugar syrup, stopping at a single bite is not possible! 

Gujiya gains massive popularity during the festival of colors. There are numerous varieties of gujiya you will find, and each one is special in its own way. From sugar-free to baked to chocolate gujiyas, the list goes on.  Here we have the nine different kinds of gujiya to indulge in this Holi season.

9 Lip-Smacking Types Of Gujiyas You Cannot Miss Out

The best way to welcome Holi is by indulging in some authentic and tasty gujiya. Apart from the traditional gujiya loaded with mawa, here are some innovative gujiyas that will melt in your mouth right away. 

1. Chocolate Gujiya


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A unique twist to a traditional gujiya is by adding a generous filling of chocolate. Chocolate lovers, we got you covered on this. This fusion recipe is sure to be a hit amongst the kids.

2. Kaju Gujiya

Kaju gujiya is a delicious amalgamation of cashews and nuts. With a rich covering of cashew dough and generous stuffing of pista and badam, this gujiya will take your heart away.

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3. Kheer Gujiya

Kheer gujiya is a ring-shaped Bengali gujiya. It is a milk-based sweet made using khoya or mawa. The outer covering of this gujiya is made using semolina.

4. Kesar Gujiya


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Stuffed with mawa and hints of saffron (kesar) sprinkled on the top, kesar gujiya looks highly appealing. The strands of Kesar add an element of flavor, thereby lending a rich look to a rather basic-looking gujiya.

5. Baked Gujiya


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If you are a health freak, we understand your woes, and this unique variety of gujiya is something you must try. BAKED gujiya! Filled with milk solids, dried coconuts, and nuts, the dough is made using semolina and wheat. Unlike a deep-fried gujiya, these are baked until golden brown.

6. Chandrakala


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Chandrakala is a round-shaped royal-looking Indian sweet. It has an elegant yet simple look. Just like a traditional gujiya, these showcase a similar taste. The outer covering has maida, and the filling contains the richness of dry fruits and mawa. Designing and shaping this Indian sweet is an art.

Did you know? The shaping of the Chandrakala is handcrafted and hence results in a higher price compared to the other types.

7. Pink Rose Gujiya

pink rose gujiya

Pink Rose gujiya looks vibrant and colorful. The outer crust is made of maida, and if you wish you can add a dash of beetroot juice to give a rich gulabi color. The filling inside includes ghee, semolina, nuts, and about 2 tbsp of rose water to enhance the overall flavor.

8. Thandai Gujiya


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Thandai, a refreshing Indian drink, is a mix of cooling spices, rose petals, saffron, milk, and nuts. If you’re tired of drinking thandai as a drink, try indulging in some Thandai Gujiya. It is an altogether different take on the usual Gujiya! The filling for thandai gujiya is a delectable blend of coconut, thandai masala, powdered sugar, mawa, and nuts.

9. Gulkand Gujiya

gulkand gujiya

Gulkand gujiya is a flavorful and delicious variety of gujiya. The crispness of the outer covering, the delicious khoya filling, the crunch of the nuts combined with the flavor of gulkand. PURE BLISS!

Depending upon the kind of gujiya that you purchase, the pricing will vary.

Frequently Asked Questions

Find these interesting FAQs we answered about Gujiyas.

1. How long can Gujiya be stored? 

Preferably, it is best to consume Gujiya when it is fresh. However, since these contain khoya, it is ideal to place them in the refrigerator in secure air-tight containers. 

2. What is Gujiya known in other states? 

Gujiya is one such sweet that differs in flavors and forms from region to region. It is known as Pedakiya in Bihar, Ghughra in Gujarat, Nevri in Goa, and Karanji in Maharashtra. 

3. What are the main ingredients required for making a traditional mawa gujiya? 

Maida, khoya, nuts, semolina, and ghee are the main ingredients required for making a traditional mawa gujiya. 

4. Is consumption of Gujiya healthy? 

Regular indulgence in Gujiya is not advisable since it is loaded with mawa, maida and is deep-fried. However, it is best to consume in limited quantities during festival time. 

5. How many calories does Gujiya contain per serving? 

Per serving of approximately 100 gm Gujiya contains anywhere around 250 to 450 calories.  


There you go! Consumed excessively during Holi, gujiya finds a special place in everyone’s heart. It is a mouth-watering Indian sweet that is hard to resist. And with the above list of variations, the taste only gets better. 

Have you tried some off-beat gujiya recipes? Let us know about your experience in the comments below.

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