Paper Boat Swing Plus Juice Review

Paper Boat Swing Plus Juice Review

Packaged juices are often too sweet and don’t leave a lasting impression. Lets find out how the Paper Boat Swing Plus Juice fared on our taste-o-meter.

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Packaged juices aren’t something that you drink regularly considering the sugar levels and the hidden ingredients that go into it. That being said, they act as convenient on-the-go beverages, for kids tiffins or as cocktail mixers.

Lots of brands aim at introducing new flavors or healthier versions of the same. Paper Boat has launched Swing Plus juices that are fortified with Vitamin D. We reviewed two flavors from the Paper Boat Swing Plus Juice range – Guava and Lychee (Litchi) and here is what you need to know about them before you make a purchase.


What You Need To Know About Paper Boat Swing Plus Juices

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  • No added colors.
  • No added preservatives.


Paper Boat Swing Plus Juice

Paper Boat Swing Plus Juices (Guava and Lychee) are fortified with Vitamin D.

MRP – Rs 79/-*

Net weight – 1 Liter

*Price at the time of review


#FirstImpression Of Paper Boat Swing Plus Juice – Guava and Lychee

Price and packaging – The Paper Boat Swing Plus Juice is priced at Rs 79 for a 1-liter pack. The striking green color of the box is eye-catching.

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Ingredients and nutrition – They are fortified with Vitamin D. 100 ml of the guava juice provides 57 Kcal of energy and 12 grams of sugar. 100 ml of the lychee juice provides 65 Kcal of energy and 15 grams of sugar. These juices are gluten-free by nature. The lychee juice contains lychee pulp while the guava juice has guava puree. Vitamin D2 is an added ingredient.

Aroma and taste – The aroma and taste of both the fruit juices were not synthetic and very close to the original fruit.

The guava juice is thick and grainy. You can feel the pulpy-grains in your mouth and these tend to stick to the side of the glass as it happens with most pulpy drinks. The Lychee/litchi juice is not thick. There is a very delicate litchi flavor and is not too sweet. Tastes very nice, if consumed chilled.


Paper Boat Swing Plus Juice – Guava and Lychee

Now, talking about the taste, it’s not exceptional. It’s not something that is different or grabs our attention. The positive that gives it an upper hand is the addition of vitamin D. These juices would be good for serving at a party where you don’t want to serve fizzy drinks or as mixers for mocktails and cocktails.

Mishry rating (On a scale of 0-5) – 3.5 Mishrys for both the variants of the Paper Boat Swing Plus Juice.


3.5 Mishrys for these juices by Paper Boat.


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