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Cadbury Oreo vs Parle Fabio

Cadbury Oreo vs Parle Fabio: Which is the Best Cream Biscuit?

Parle Fabio Vs Cadbury Oreo – Which one will win the title of the better cream biscuit in our review?

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Ask any child about their favorite biscuit and a majority of them would blurt out a variant from the cream stuffed section. Well, who can blame them? They are just so addictive!

While there are a lot of flavors in the cream stuffed section like orange, chocolate, and strawberry, the vanilla-creme biscuits sandwiched between two chocolate cookies remain the most loved.

We picked two popular brands of biscuits that have a chocolate cookie and vanilla creme stuffing – Cadbury Oreo Vs Parle Fabio. We compared both brands for their price, packaging, the texture of the biscuit and cream, the flavor of the biscuit and cream, and more.

Cadbury Oreo vs Parle Fabio: Quick Comparison

Here is a quick comparison between Cadbury Oreo and Parle Fabio biscuits. 

Oreo  vs Fabio Vanilla Cream Sandwich Biscuit: An In-depth Comparison

For our Oreo Vs Fabio review, we gauged them for eight broad parameters including packaging, price, flavor, texture and shelf life.

1. Packaging

fabio biscuits come in a tray packaging
Parle Fabio comes in a tray packaging.
oreo biscuit small pack comes without a tray
The Cadbury Oreo biscuits come without a tray.

Oreo is an older brand that is recognised from far off, thanks to its iconic blue packaging. It is packed without a tray, but none of the biscuits we received were broken. 

Parle, even though it is an old brand, launched Fabio in early 2020 with a packaging very similar to Oreo. The biscuits are packed in a plastic tray and none of the biscuits were broken.

Winner – Tie

2. Texture Of The Biscuit

fabio vs oreo outer appearance
Comparison of the texture of the biscuit: Parle Fabio Vs Cadbury Oreo.

When we say the texture of the biscuits, we are primarily looking at the crunch and crumbliness. We wanted to check if both the brands of the biscuit were crunchy or not. Is the biscuit crumbly, buttery, or powdery?

The biscuits of Fabio and Oreo are both crunchy and there isn’t a major difference. However, after multiple tastings we felt that Fabio has a marginally higher crunch. Neither contender had dry, brittle or crumbly textures. Due to the small difference in the crunch of the biscuit, Parle’s Fabio had an upperhand in this parameter.

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Winner – Parle Fabio

3. Texture Of The Creme/Cream

fabio biscuits creaminess and texture
Texture of the Parle Fabio vanilla cream.
closer look at the fabio biscuits interior
A closer look at the Parle Fabio Vanilla Creme.
oreo biscuits creaminess and texture
Texture of the oreo biscuit vanilla cream.
closer look at the oreo biscuits interior
A closer look at the Cadbury Oreo Vanilla Creme.

Is the vanilla creme in the centre creamy and smooth or is it grainy? How thick or thin is the layer of cream? Is the quantity in harmony with the thickness of the cookie? 

Cadbury Oreo and Parle Fabio both have a vanilla cream center. The vanilla cream stuffing between Cadbury Oreo is smooth and creamy while the centre stuffing in Parle Fabio is comparatively grainy.

We chose Cadbury Oreo over Parle Fabio as the vanilla cream stuffing was much smoother and creamier.

Winner – Cadbury Oreo

4. Quality of Ingredients

Ingredients for Parle Fabio – Refined wheat flour, Sugar, Refined palm oil, Cocoa solids (4.7%), Invert sugar syrup, Iodised salt, Raising agents and Emulsifier of vegetable origin.

Contains permitted natural color and added flavours.

Ingredients for Cadbury Oreo – Refined wheat flour, Sugar, Edible vegetable fat, Palmolein, Invert sugar, Cocoa solids (2.3%), Leavening agents, Iodised salt, Emulsifier.

Contains added flavour.

Allergen information – Contains wheat. May contain milk

This isn’t a health product, so we weren’t looking for wheat or sugar alternatives anyway. We scanned both the labels in detail to check if there was any variation in the ingredient list. Upon inspection, we noticed that both contenders have used the same type of flour, sugar, and type of fat.

Winner – Tie

5. Flavor

Flavor is a crucial aspect of any taste-based review. Which is why we split the taste test into three broad categories – 

  • Flavor of the biscuit
  • Flavor of the cream
  • Collective bite of the biscuit

Cadbury Oreo’s biscuit has a slight cocoa bitterness that pairs well with the sugary sweet vanilla cream. The overall bite is very balanced. 

Now coming to Fabio’s biscuit. The bitterness in Parle Fabio’s biscuit was like eating an over-baked cookie. The vanilla cream is much sweeter, yet doesn’t cut down on the cookie’s cocoa bitterness.

The overall experience of Cadbury Oreo was definitely much higher than Parle’s Fabio.

Winner – Cadbury Oreo

6. Nutritional Information

Both the contenders have similar ingredient lists and similar calories. 

  • Cadbury Oreo Energy (per 100 grams) – 480 Kcal
  • Parle Fabio Energy (per 100 grams) – 477 Kcal

Winner – Tie

7. Price

Price of Cadbury Oreo (120 grams) – Rs 30/-. 

By this calculation, each Oreo cookie in this pack is priced at Rs 2.5/-.

Price of Parle Fabio (120 grams) – Rs 30/-. This pack contains 12 cookies. Each cookie is roughly 12 grams.

By this calculation, each Parle Fabio cookie in this pack is priced at Rs 2.5/-.

Winner – Tie

8. Shelf Life

The shelf life of Parle Fabio and Cadbury Oreo is 6 months, hence making them tie on this parameter. 

Winner – Tie

Cadbury Oreo vs Parle Fabio- Which is the Best Creme Biscuit?

We chose Cadbury Oreo as our Top Pick. Why? Cadbury Oreo surpassed Parle Fabio when it came to parameters like the crunch of the biscuit, texture of the vanilla stuffing, and the most major of them all – flavor. This is why we chose Cadbury Oreo as our winner.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some interesting FAQs on Cadbury oreo and Parle Fabio biscuits

1.  Are oreo and fabio biscuits healthy?

No. They cannot be categorized as ‘healthy’. They are made using refined wheat flour, refined palm oil and invert sugar. 

2. How many biscuits are there in each packet of Oreo and Fabio

A 10 Rupee pack of Cadbury Oreo contains 5 cookies (46.3 grams). Parle Fabio’s 30 Rupee pack contains 12 cookies (120 grams).

3. Do open Cadbury Oreo and Parle Fabio contain allergens?

Oreo and Fabio, both, are made using refined wheat flour. People who have wheat allergies or are gluten intolerant should not consume these. 

4. What is the shelf life of Oreo and Fabio?

Both the biscuits have a shelf life of 6 months. 

Final Verdict – Which is the Overall Better Creme Biscuit?

Cadbury Oreo emerged as the better chocolate-vanilla creme biscuit in our review. Comparatively, Cadbury Oreo has a tastier biscuit and vanilla cream and the texture of the vanilla stuffing is also creamier and smoother. 

Collectively, all these factors helped us choose Cadbury Oreo as our Top Pick.

While we are still on the topic of cream stuffed biscuits, tell us, do you straight away dunk your cream cookies or does the inner child force you to lick the cream first? 

If you do agree with our review, please give it a thumbs up! And, tell us which one is your favorite from this list. If you don’t, please tell us why!

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