Have You Tried The Versatile Schezwan Paste by Catch?
5 delicious recipes using catch schezwan paste

One Sauce, Multiple Uses. Have You Tried The Catch Schezwan Paste?

Here’s a list of five hassle-free recipes you can cook using Catch Schezwan Paste!

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Schezwan sauce delivers a complex flavor profile to any Indo-Chinese dish. Spicy, tangy, and sour, this versatile sauce packs in a melange of flavors. Finding the perfect schezwan sauce with an authentic taste and texture can be tricky, but after reviewing Catch Schezwan sauce, we can say we were impressed with the results. 

Here we present five popular Desi-Chinese recipes you can prepare using Catch Schezwan Paste. Try it out yourself, and thank us later!

Before we get into what we liked and what we loved, here are some non-taste-based aspects of Catch Ready To Use Schezwan Paste that delighted us. This paste comes in a squeezy pouch with a reclosable lid. It eliminates the risk/issues involved with storing or serving from a glass jar.

packaging of catch schezwan paste
Super convenient packaging!

Dip. Spread. Cook.

  • To use it as a dip, pair it with momos, nachos, fries, pakodas and even baos.
  • If you like a spread with a robust heat, we suggest adding Catch’s Schezwan Paste to your cart. From wraps to burgers and sandwiches, this is sure to add a delicious edge to your meals.
  • Cook multiple dishes like fried rice, veggies, stir fry chicken and more using this versatile paste.

Next, the texture and consistency of the paste. Not just to cook with, this Schezwan paste can be used as a dip and even a spread. 

close look at catch schezwan paste
Quick glimpse of Catch Schezwan Paste!

5 Lip-Smacking Recipes To Cook Using Catch Schezwan Paste

We have shared five simple, yet super delicious ways to incorporate Catch Schezwan Paste in different homemade dishes. Here’s how you can cook with this paste:

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1. Schezwan Fried Rice

A no brainer, when you have leftover rice! A quick, classic schezwan fried rice is always the answer. There is no need to add any fancy ingredients. All you need to do is toss your favorite veggies, add a spoonful of the schezwan paste, and mix in with some leftover rice. Prepared in minutes, this recipe is easy to cook. Adding a dash of Catch Schezwan Paste will surely ease your woes and deliver a well-rounded flavor to your bowl.

dish made using schezwan paste
Delectable schezwan rice prepared using Catch Schezwan Paste.

2. Chinese Bhel

Chinese bhel works excellent for evening snacks as it is a perfect mix of crunchy fried noodles, veggies, and Chinese sauces. For this recipe, chop your vegetables like cabbage, carrots & capsicum, flavor them using this schezwan paste, add some fried noodles, and you are good to go. Yes, it’s that simple!

3. Schezwan Cheese Dosa

A delicious fusion of South Indian and Chinese is a hot and crisp homemade Schezwan Cheese Dosa. To prepare this, pour a ladle of dosa batter on a dosa tawa, after a few minutes spread a small dollop of the schezwan paste and let it cook for another minute. Post that, grate some cheese on top, and voila! Your dish is ready to be served.

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4. Schezwan Vegetables

Going on a diet? Trying to eat clean but are bored of bland foods? A good schezwan paste can help you achieve your goals. Just toss in your favorite mix of vegetables and a spoonful of Catch schezwan paste. Toss and enjoy! We promise that’s all you need.

5. Schezwan Paneer

What’s the perfect accompaniment with a portion of noodles or rice?May we suggest a bowl of hot and spicy Schezwan paneer? Start by tossing in some diced onions and capsicum in hot oil, add schezwan paste and fried pieces of paneer. Serve it with noodles or fried rice.


With Catch Schezwan Paste, a spectacular and delectable flavor of each dish it’s added to is guaranteed. Made using natural ingredients, it is devoid of added colors. 

You can use this as a dip, spread it and cook with it as well. 

Have you grabbed this schezwan paste by Catch yet?

This article is in collaboration with the brand. However, our process of evaluating any product remains independent. Our reviews are unbiased, and we pay for the samples ourselves. Read our entire ethics statement here.

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