Nestle Maggi Fusian Noodles: Amazon Prime Day Launch
Nestle Maggi Fusian Noodles

Nestle Maggi Fusian Noodles: Amazon Prime Day Launch

Check out the freshly introduced Asian variants of MAGGI Fusian from Nestle that are going to be launched on Amazon Prime Day Sale.

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Maggi is not just a word, in fact, in this modern world, it has transformed itself into this whole idea of what a perfectly nostalgia-filled meal can be. These 2-minutes noodles have a following across age-groups and geographies.

During the ongoing two-day Amazon summer sale for prime members, Nestle has introduced three very new flavors under the famous MAGGI banner based on Asian spices and herbs because let’s face it, nothing says noodles better than a spoonful of Asian herbs sprinkled all over your noodles!

We do a taste test of all the three new flavors of MAGGI Fusian launched in India on Amazon Prime Day Sale India.

Nestle Maggi Fusian Noodles India

nestle maggi fusian noodles india
Nestle Maggi Fusian Noodles India
  • An assortment of 3 flavors inspired by Bangkok, Singapore, and Hong Kong, all in one pack
  • The pack contains 12 units, 4 packs each of MAGGI Fusian Singaporean Tangy Pepper Noodles, Bangkok Sweet Chilli Noodles, & Hong Kong Spicy Garlic Noodles

Nestle Maggi Fusian Taste Review

Taste Review: The Three Variants Of Maggi Fusian India Launched During Amazon Prime Day Sale

1. Maggi Fusian: Hong Kong Spicy Garlic

Taking its inspiration from a very famous Hong-Kong based dish, MAGGI’s Hong Kong Spicy Garlic flavor has mild-roasted garlic mixed with rich Asian spices promising to give you a great taste experience.

maggi fusian: hong kong spicy garlic
Maggi Fusian: Hong Kong Spicy Garlic

Mishry Taste Test: Maggi Fusian: Hong Kong Spicy Garlic

Bright orange, and with bold flavors, this is our favorite flavor amongst the three new launches. It is has a rich garlicky flavor and is mildly spicy, even though its looks pretty fiery. The tastemaker creates an aromatic Asian fusion flavor that was very well-liked by us.

2. Maggi Fusian: Bangkok Sweet Chilli

Based on the taste of zesty lemongrass along with a few sweet notes of ginger, these Bangkok sweet chili noodles are going to be that kind of a flavor that re-actives your spice-thirsty taste buds.

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maggi fusian: bangkok sweet chilli
Maggi Fusian: Bangkok Sweet Chilli

Mishry Taste Test: Maggi Fusian: Bangkok Sweet Chilli

This has a signature lemongrass aroma and flavor that you associate best with the streets of Bangkok. The chilli is mild and plays second fiddle to was our top flavor. Those who love lemongrass, and like their Maggi with a hint of sweetness are bound to prefer this over the other variants.

3. Maggi Fusian: Singaporean Tangy Pepper

A tasteful mixture of tangy spices riddled with the warmth of pepper, this flavor which is heavily based upon a Singaporean dish is hoping to be a treat for your taste buds.

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maggi fusian: singaporean tangy pepper
Maggi Fusian: Singaporean Tangy Pepper

Mishry Taste Test: Maggi Fusian: Singaporean Tangy Pepper

The Singapore Tangy Pepper tastes the closest to what classic Maggi tastes like, making it our second favorite flavor from the three new launches. This looks distinctly different too, and has a hint of green. The pepper doesn’t hit you, and is balanced very well with the robust tangyness.

Amazon Prime Day Sale is LIVE. Make sure that you don’t miss these out.

Amazon Prime Day Sale: Here Are A Few Quick Things That You Should Know About Maggi Fusian Noodles India

  1. Containing Asian flavors, these MAGGI variants aim to bring to you authentic tastes from 3 Asian street food hubs.
  2. All 3 flavors were launched as part of Amazon Prime Day Sale.
  3. The 3 flavors are Hong Kong Spicy Garlic, Bangkok Sweet Chilli and Singaporean Tangy Pepper.
  4. Each new MAGGI Fusian flavor offers a unique fusion of rich Asian spices, drawing from local cultures and cuisine of 3 bustling cities known for their love of good food.

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Final Words

The big Amazon Prime Day Sale in India is live now (15th-16th July). This year, the two-day event will witness interesting deals and offers on products in the kitchen and dining space exclusively for Amazon Prime Members on The Prime Day Sale will start at 12:00 am on 15th July and end at 11:59 pm on 16th July. As part of this meg-event, the big e-retail giant is launching over 1000 products during the grand sale.

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