Nestea Vs Wagh Bakri - The Better Lemon Iced Tea (2023)
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The Tastier Lemon Iced Tea To Cool Off This Summer: Wagh Bakri Vs Nestea (2024)

Nestea Lemon Iced Tea won against its contender as it had a better, more pronounced citrusy flavor. More details in the review.

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Summers call for switching your garma-garam chai with a chilled, tall glass of iced tea. From sweet fruity flavors like peach to tangy berries – everyone prefers a different cooler. 

Today’s post is centered towards a citrusy flavor- lemon! We picked two leading brands for our review – Wagh Bakri vs Nestea Lemon Iced Tea. In this review, we compare the differences in terms of flavor, appearance, the price point, and more. 

A tabular comparison of Wagh Bakri vs Nestea Lemon Iced Tea has been explained below. 

Lemon Iced Tea Mishry Rating Buy Now
Nestea Lemon Iced Tea 4 On Amazon
Wagh Bakri 3 On Amazon

Wagh Bakri Vs Nestea Lemon Iced Tea: In Depth Comparison

The following section is a comparison of all primary review-forming parameters like the flavor, consistency, aroma, ingredients, and more. 

1. Packaging


Nestea comes packed in a blue pouch and cannot be resealed. To ensure no moisture enters the iced tea mix, you can use a chip clip or store the pouch in an airtight container. 

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nestea lemon iced tea packing
The packaging is non-resealable.

Wagh Bakri 

Wagh Bakri has a similar style of packaging as its contender. The pouch is not resealable. 

wagh bakri lemon iced tea packing
With a similar style of packaging, this round was a draw.

Winner  It’s a tie.

2. Ingredients


Sugar, instant tea (2%) are the main ingredients.

This also contains acidity regulators (330 and 296), nature-identical (lemon) flavoring substances, vitamin C (ascorbic acid), and stabilizer (466).

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Wagh Bakri 

This is made with sugar, soluble tea solids (2.4%), acidity regulators (E330), lemon flavor and vitamin C.

Winner Wagh Bakri 

Wagh Bakri won under this parameter because it has a marginally higher tea content and only one additive, as compared to Nestea which uses three. 

3. Nutritional Value


1 tablespoon (approximately 12.5 grams) offers 51 Kcal with 12.8 grams of carbohydrates (of which 11.2 grams are sugar), with 16.25 mg of vitamin C, and negligible quantities of protein and fat. 

best lemon iced tea variants
An overview of the contenders.

Wagh Bakri 

12.5 grams of Wagh Bakri Iced Tea mix offer 48.39 Kcal divided into 12 grams of carbohydrates (of which 11.05 grams are sugar), 0.11 grams of protein with 7.11 mg of vitamin C.

Winner This was a tie. While Wagh Bakri has slightly lower calories, Nestea has a better vitamin C content.

4. Sweetness Level


The sweetness in Nestea is slightly more than that in Wagh Bakri, but still very well balanced. And this is not a bad thing as the sweetness makes the beverage more desirable and refreshing. 

nestea lemon iced tea powder
This was fine and lump-free.

Wagh Bakri 

Wagh Bakri is not as sweet as Nestea, but refreshing nonetheless.

wagh bakri lemon iced tea powder
There were no lumps but this took a little longer to dissolve.

Winner Nestea won under this parameter as the sweetness tastes better. 

5. Flavor Intensity


Nestea had a bolder flavor of lemons. The citrusy flavor was fresher and the sweetness was well-rounded. 

nestea lemon iced ready to drink
Too refreshing! We liked this.

Wagh Bakri 

The natural flavors of lemon (citrus) and tea (astringence/bitterness) were present in Wagh Bakri’s iced tea. These tasted fresh but were not as refreshing as the competition.

wagh bakri lemon iced tea
This was relatively more sweet than the contender.

Winner Nestea had better flavors in terms of freshness, sweetness, and citrusy notes. 

6. Price


Nestea is priced at Rs 200/- for a 400-gram pouch.

Wagh Bakri 

250 grams of Wagh Bakri Iced Tea amounts to Rs 90/-.

Winner Wagh Bakri is lighter on the pocket, comparatively. 

7. Shelf Life


The shelf life here is 11 months.

Wagh Bakri 

Wagh Bakri has a 12-month shelf life. 

Winner Both have a similar shelf life.

8. Mixability


Excellent mixability was observed here. There were no lumps formed and it was pretty much effortless.

Wagh Bakri

The mixability was great here as well. But in a comparative view, it lacked half a point than its contender.

Winner Nestea won as it took just two seconds to achieve a clear-looking tea. 

9. Appearance


Excellent mixability was observed here. There were no lumps formed and it was pretty much effortless. 

Wagh Bakri 

The mixability was great here as well. But in a comparative view, it lacked half a point than its contender.

Winner Nestea won as it took just two seconds to achieve a clear-looking tea. 

10. Consistency


Nestea Lemon Iced Tea had little to no residue left at the bottom of the glass. 

We appreciate this. 

Wagh Bakri

This iced tea mix had considerably more residue than the contender. 

Winner Nestea wins here as it performs better.

Nestea  vs Wagh Bakri Lemon Iced Tea – Verdict

Nestea Iced Tea was a collective preference for Team Mishry over Wagh Bakri. Not only flavors, in terms of potency and consistency as well, Nestea performed better.

It had bolder flavors of lemon and the sweetness was more desirable. This mixed effortlessly and left no residue at the bottom. 

nestea vs wagh bakri lemon iced tea
The results revealed...

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some interesting FAQs on Wagh Bakri vs Nestea Lemon Iced Tea

After our intensive testing and reviewing, we titled Nestea Lemon Iced Tea as the winner.

One glass (150 ml water + 12 grams of iced tea mix) offers approximately 50 Kcal. 

You must consume the mix within the mentioned shelf life.

Yes, the premix  already contains sugar, so you don’t really need to add more. 

Not really, but it is not the healthiest drink either. As these premixes contain sugar and additives, we recommend occasional consumption. 

The Takeaway

We prefer Nestea Lemon Iced Tea over Wagh Bakri Lemon Iced Tea for the simple reason that the former tasted better. Our Top Pick had a bolder flavor of lemon and tasted more refreshing which were the primary deciding factors.

Nimbu paani or lemon iced tea, what’s your pick?

Our reviews are unbiased and all samples used during the reviews were paid for by us. Read our entire ethics statement here.

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