Nescafè Gold Blend Review

Nescafè Gold Blend Review

Dedicated to all coffee lovers! Nescafè Gold Blend promises a smooth and rich coffee. Let’s find out how our review turned out.

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Coffee lovers, this one’s for you.

Any ardent coffee drinker would know the difference between coffee blends just by the sheer aroma. For most people, Nescafè has been their go-to coffee brand for a long time and they have stayed loyal to it. But with the rapidly growing ‘coffee space’, artisanal and big International brands are making a mark in the Indian market as well. Nestlè recently introduced the all-new Nescafè Gold Blend Coffee which comes in a stylish champagne-gold packaging.

We tried it over two weeks in various forms, with different types of dairy and non-dairy options. We observed it for parameters like taste, texture, smoothness, and aroma. Let’s have a look at how it fared.


What You Need To Know About Nescafe Gold Blend

*As per information provided on the pack


  • This coffee is prepared with 60% Arabica coffee beans.
  • Nescafe gold coffee also has robusta coffee beans.


Nescafe Gold Blend

Classy packaging and a stunningly beautiful aroma. Nescafe Gold Blend gets a green signal from Mishry.

MRP – Rs 290/-*

Net Weight – 50 grams

*Price at the time of review

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#FirstImpression Of Nescafè Gold Blend

Nescafè Gold Blend is meant for the discerning coffee lover and someone who prefers an instant version over the freshly brewed pot. The packaging is stylish and very attractive. The champagne gold lid and label spell class.

Unlike other variants of instant coffees, what you get in Nescafè Gold Blend is not coffee ‘powder’. Nescafè Gold Blend granules are created by using a freeze-drying technology, which allows the finer and fuller taste of the coffee to come through. And yet, the granules mix very well in water, and you don’t have powdery residue.

Nescafè Gold Blend has a divine intense aroma that hits you as soon as you open the pack.


The taste is rich and full. We tasted the Nescafè Gold Blend over a period of 2 weeks, over 1-2 cups of coffee every day. Sometimes as a chilled cold brew, and other times with a dash of almond or coconut milk. For the cold coffee-on-the-rocks, we prepared a strong cup with hot water and allowed it to cool down. Once cool, we put it in the fridge in a glass jar. We enjoyed this up to two days sometimes. (Also drizzled some of this over a plain vanilla cake for a dash of coffee flavor, and it really worked).

Overall, we really enjoyed the deep and intense flavors of Nescafè Gold Blend. This is a premium offering and is fit for coffee-lovers, especially those who like their instant coffee dark and intense.

Big thumbs up from Mishry to Nescafè Gold Blend.


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