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MYFITNESS Chocolate Peanut Butter Crispy: Lip-smacking And Creamy

MYFITNESS Chocolate Peanut Butter has rice crispies which gives it an appealing texture. The balance of fresh-tasting peanuts and dark chocolate is delicious.

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Crispy, great spreadability, and delicious. The MYFITNESS Chocolate Peanut Butter is primarily made using roasted peanuts, dark chocolate, brown sugar, and rice crispies. The crispies are present throughout the tub in abundance.

Peanut butter isn’t just about taste anymore. Yes, it’s delicious but also is a great, concentrated source of nut-based protein for people who are trying to up their intake.

As we know peanut butter isn’t just about the creamy and crunchy variety anymore. Not only textures, but a lot of peanut butter brands also play around with flavors and ingredients such as caramel, honey, jaggery, dark chocolate, and chili as well.

MYFITNESS has a range of peanut butter from the classic segment, crunchy and creamy. But wait, there’s another variant – Crispy. We ordered a 1.2-kilo tub of MYFITNESS peanut butter from Amazon to see how a ‘crispy’ peanut butter, (no, not crunchy) would taste like? Can it be a crisp alternative to your everyday creamy/crunchy peanut butter? Our MYFITNESS chocolate peanut butter crispy review digs into the nutrition label, flavor profile, and texture.

myfitness chocolate peanut butter crispy

Here is all that you need to know about the MYFITNESS Chocolate Peanut Butter Crispy.

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1. Packaging

We were impressed with the quality of the outer packaging. We ordered the 1.2 Kg tub from Amazon, as any regular consumer would. The outer thermocol packaging with the detailed label and a ‘fragile’ sticker is something we haven’t seen for a tub of peanut butter. Crockery? Yes. But peanut butter? No.

MYFITNESS Chocolate Peanut Butter (Crispy) comes in a white and blue tub. The label is fairly detailed and the storage instructions are clearly displayed. Once empty, the tub can be reused to store other kitchen ingredients as well.

box containing peanut butter
The MYFITNESS Chocolate Peanut Butter (Crispy) comes in a blue and white plastic tub.

2. Available Sizes

As per MYFITNESS’ website, the chocolate peanut butter (crispy) is available in three sizes – 

  • 510 grams
  • 1.2 Kg
  • 2.5 Kg

3. Ingredients

Very often a peanut butter can be loaded with low-quality, unhealthy oils, and refined sugar. This is why scanning the ingredient list is a must if you’re looking for healthier kinds of peanut butter. 

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The ingredient list of MYFITNESS Chocolate Peanut Butter (Crispy) – Roasted peanuts, Dark chocolate, Rice crispies (rice, flour, wheat flour, milk powder, sugar, salt, cocoa powder), Brown sugar, Salt, Stabiliser.

4. Taste

There is a huge difference between the flavor of raw peanuts and roasted peanuts. Raw peanuts are a tad bit bland and lack that depth of flavor. On the other hand, roasted peanuts have a rich, deep nutty flavor. This is due to the Maillard reaction. This is a chemical reaction between the amino acids and sugars present in the food. This is why roasted nuts, toasted marshmallows, biscuits, and bread develop that rich flavor.

MYFITNESS Chocolate Peanut Butter (Crispy) is made using roasted peanuts and dark chocolate. Both of these combine together beautifully and give us great-tasting peanut butter.

We liked how this isn’t overly sweet. The brown sugar is added very delicately. The sugary sweetness does not overpower the individual flavor of peanuts or dark chocolate. 

The peanuts taste fresh and combine nicely with the subtle flavor of dark chocolate. The rice crispies don’t really add any flavor but are meant to add a variation to the texture. Which is what we shall be talking about next.

5. Texture & Consistency

Let’s discuss texture first. We usually see two types of PB’s on market shelves- crunchy and creamy. Creamy is when it’s absolutely smooth and crunchy is when there are small bits of peanuts mixed in the blended peanut butter. So what’s crispy?

The MYFITNESS Chocolate Peanut Butter has cocoa-based round rice crispies which are in abundance. They are all uniform in shape and size. Not even one bite had fewer crispies during our tasting rounds. All of them are evenly distributed throughout the tub. 

When we opened the pack, there wasn’t any oil floating on top. This peanut butter has a thick, creamy consistency. It isn’t lumpy. The peanut butter is very well blended.

6. Nutritional Information

The pack has a fairly detailed nutrition label mentioning values for both 100 gms and per serve (32 gms). 32 grams roughly comes to little more than 2 tablespoons.

As per information on the pack 32 grams of MYFITNESS Chocolate Peanut Butter (Crispy) provides 197 Kcal of energy, 8 gms of protein and 6 gms of carbohydrates (Dietary fiber -2, Added sugar 2, Sugar – 3).

Coming to fats! The total fats (g) are 15. Saturated fats are 3 gm, Polyunsaturated fats are 3 gms, Monounsaturated fats are 10 gms. This peanut butter has zero trans fats and zero cholesterol.

The sodium content per serve is 111 mg.

7. Price Range

The 1.2 Kg MYFITNESS Chocolate Peanut Butter tub is priced at Rs 649/-.

MYFITNESS Chocolate Peanut Butter Crispy – Detailed Review

Our MYFITNESS Chocolate Peanut Butter Crispy Review discusses the flavor, texture, ingredients and nutrition label of the product. Here is all that you need to know.


MYFITNESS Chocolate Peanut Butter (Crispy) Product Information
Available Sizes 510 gm, 1.2 Kg, 2.5 Kg
Price Rs 649/- for a 1.2 Kg tub
Calories 197 Kcal per serve
Protein 8 gm per serve
Shelf life 12 months


We tasted the peanut butter as it is and as a spread on a slice of bread. This is extremely smooth and easy to spread despite it having a ‘crispy’ element and being thicker.

The flavor of dark chocolate and fresh peanuts is well balanced. The abundant rice crispies that are distributed throughout the tub definitely enhance the overall experience.

ingredients and nutrition label mentioned on the myfitness peanut butter packaging
Label of MYFITNESS Chocolate Peanut Butter (Crispy)
thickness of peanut butter
tasting peanut butter plain and with biscuits
MYFITNESS chocolate peanut butter was tried with biscuits and plain.


  • A 1.2 Kg tub is priced at Rs 649/-.
  • The shelf life of the peanut butter is 12 months. 
  • No refrigeration is required. Store in a cool, dry and hygienic place.
  • The peanut butter is U.S FDA certified. It is also ISO certified. 
  • The QR code on the tub leads you to an e-book that can be downloaded. This e-book has recipe ideas that can help you use this peanut butter in different ways.
  • Details on consumer complaints/feedback have been written clearly.


  • Thumbs up for the packaging. 
  • We liked the detailed nutrition label.
  • This does not contain any oil.
  • A better source of sugar is used instead of refined white sugar.
  • The flavor of dark chocolate is subtle and doesn’t really make the butter bitter.
  • The peanuts taste fresh.
  • We liked the spreadability of the butter.
  • The rice crispies are distributed evenly throughout the tub. 
  • The shape and size of the crispies are uniform.
  • We liked that this isn’t extremely sweet.

Best Suited For

Adult men need about 56 grams of protein per day. Adult women require about 46 grams. Peanut butter is a fairly good source of adding protein to your diet, especially if you are physically active and exercise regularly.

Peanut butter is best for energetic people who are looking to add protein to their diet or increase their intake. It is, of course, a staple for the more serious fitness enthusiasts who use this as part of their smoothies, shakes, and post-workout snacks. 

For people looking to experiment with their jar of peanut butter, the chocolate (crispy) variant is a good way to branch out from the classics.

If you are someone who consumes PB regularly for their protein intake or if they are trying to lose weight, and are in need to add different textures for your smoothies and oatmeal, this variant is a suitable option to try. 

Would kids enjoy this? To test that we asked Mishry Kids to come and taste this. Five children between the age of 6-12 years gave this peanut butter a thumbs up. They found the crispy texture fun and delicious.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some interesting FAQs on MYFITNESS Chocolate Peanut Butter Crispy.

1. Does MYFITNESS crispy peanut butter contain added sugar?

Yes. MYFITNESS Chocolate Peanut Butter (Crispy) contains brown sugar. Apart from that, the rice crispies also contain some sugar.

2. Is this peanut butter gluten-free?

No. This variant of the MYFITNESS Peanut Butter is not gluten free. It contains crispies which are made using rice, flour, and wheat flour.

3. Does this peanut butter contain cholesterol & trans fats?

No. This peanut butter is free of trans fats and cholesterol.

4. Why is MYFITNESS chocolate peanut butter called crispy?

The MYFITNESS Chocolate Peanut Butter contains rice crispies. Thus, justifying the label of ‘crispy’. Peanut butter with peanut chunks is labeled as ‘chunky’ or ‘crunchy’.

Final Verdict – MYFITNESS Chocolate Peanut Butter

Unlike a lot of types of peanut butter jars available in the market, MYFITNESS Chocolate peanut Butter doesn’t use any oil. Neither does it use refined sugar. We liked the fresh-tasting roasted peanuts and the depth of flavor dark chocolate provided. 

Which peanut butter brand have you tried before? Let us know about your experience in the comment section below.

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