MTR Idli Dosa Chilly Chutney Powder Review - Mishry
mtr idli dosa chilly chutney powder review

MTR Idli Dosa Chilly Chutney Powder Review – Mishry (2024)

Do we recommend trying MTR Idli Dosa Chilly Chutney Powder?

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4 / 5


MTR's Idli Dosa Chilli Chutney powder has the right balance of flavors. The instructions mentioned are clear and easy to follow. It is a perfect side dish to have with some piping hot idlis, dosas, and vadas. But considering the list of ingredients, it is meant for occasional consumption.

Be it a piping hot plate of idlis, or a crispy ghee loaded dosa, a dash of fresh chutney on the side just makes it a complete soul satisfying meal. But the real task is making a chutney or podi from scratch.  Often we are short on time and look for quick ways to prepare chutney. MTR offers a hassle-free way to prepare chutney with its instant Idli/Dosa/Chilli Chutney powder. We conducted an in-depth review on this instant chutney powder to find out how well does it delivers on the taste and convenience factor. 

Do we recommend buying it? Our MTR Idli Dosa Chilly Chutney Powder covers all the details. 

MTR Idli Dosa Chilly Chutney Powder – Quick Glance

The table highlights all the details that you need to know about MTR Idli Dosa Chilly Chutney Powder : 

MTR Idli Dosa Chilly Chutney Powder Product Details 
Price  Rs. 125
Net Quantity  200 gm
Shelf Life  Best before 12 months
Buy Now  On Amazon 
Mishry Ratings  4

Our Review Factors

What are we expecting? We expect a convenient and mess-free way to prepare chutney seasoned with the right flavors in a pouch pack. 

To test MTR Idli Dosa Chilly Chutney Powder in detail, we have listed the following review parameters :

1. Taste

We judged MTR’s chutney powder on the taste parameter by checking the overall flavor, salt and spice levels and seasoning. Does it come close to a homestyle chutney? Does it deliver on the authentic Southern flavors? 

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Southern India has a distinct flavor profile which comes from curry leaf, red chilli, roasted dal, coconut and mustard seeds.

2. Texture

Does it have a coarse texture, or is it a fine powder? Do different elements like roasted dal and mustard seeds add a grainy-crunchy texture? 

3. Convenience

The idea behind getting any packaged ready-to-cook mix is the convenience attached to it. We check how easy the instructions are to follow. Does it require a collection of a lot of ingredients from the pantry? Does it reduce time and effort? 

4. Other Parameters 


Does it showcase a distinct aroma of South Indian flavors (characterized by the aroma of curry leaves, roasted dal, red chilli and mustard seeds)? Is it inviting or feels off-putting? 


We checked the chutney powder both in dry form and post-preparation (following the instructions on the pack). Is it a fine powder, or is it coarse? Post-preparation, does it turn out to be thick or is it flowy? 

The other contributing factors, including packaging, price, and shelf life, were also part of our review process.

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MTR Idli Dosa Chilly Chutney Powder – Detailed Review

Here we discuss the packaging, method of preparation, pros, and cons of MTR Idli Dosa Chilly Chutney Powder : 

Product details, dry inspection, and aroma 

MTR Idli Dosa Chilly Chutney Powder comes in a pouch pack which is not resealable. To retain the freshness, it is best to transfer the remaining contents to an airtight container. 

the packaging of mtr idli dosa chilly chutney powder
The overall packaging of MTR Idli Dosa Chilli Chutney Powder.

During the dry inspection stage, we observed this chutney powder has a slightly coarse texture. It is orange in color. The color changes to brick red after mixing in ghee.  

The aroma of curry leaves and roasted dal was the most noticeable here. We could also whiff a lingering aroma of red chilli powder. 

Podi masala is a popular spice blend, sprinkled to enhance the flavor of idli and dosas. It is made using a combination of lentils, sesame seeds, curry leaves and seasoned with chilli, black pepper and cumin. Mix it in ghee and eat with idlis, dosas and vadas.

the first look at the contents of mtr idli dosa chilly chutney powder
A glimpse of the raw MTR Chutney Powder.

Main Ingredients 

The main ingredients include – Black gram dal (84%), Red chilli, and Salt (5.5%). 

The list also includes mustard lemon flavor premix (maltodextrin, acidity regulator, citric acid (INS 330) and tartaric acid (INS 334), and lemon flavor), Acidity regulator, Citric acid (INS 330), Curry leaves, and Asafoetida.

Moreover, it contains an added flavor of nature identical – lemon. 

Maltodextrin: It acts as a thickener, is used to sweeten products and increases the shelf life of packaged foods. 

Tartaric acid (INS 334): It is known to impart a sour, sharp, and tart flavor. 

Sure, this chutney powder packs in a lot of convenience but when you compare the ingredients to a homemade chutney, this has a lot of additives which is not meant for regular consumption.

Method Of Preparation 

The pack states the following directions for use: 

  • Mix – equal quantity of MTR idli/dosa/chilly chutney powder with ghee/cooking oil to use it as a chutney with idli/dosa etc. 
  • You can also mix MTR chutney powder with curd and use it as a chutney with vada pav/roti.

We followed the same instructions mentioned on the pack for preparing the chutney. First things first, we mixed an equal quantity of ghee (we used Amul ghee) with the chutney powder. The following things were noticed during our process of preparation :

  • Initially, the consistency of the chutney powder was extremely flowy. 
  • With time the chutney started to thicken. Two possible reasons for this could be the presence of maltodextrin (which acts as a thickener), and slight thickening/solidifying of ghee.
the preparation process of mtr chutney powder
MTR Chutney Powder mixed in with ghee.

Our Findings:

Taste & Texture 

Taste-wise, this chutney powder is excellent. It is spicy with medium intensity with the right amount of salt and seasoning. 

We also appreciate the presence of roasted dal. It brings in a nice nutty flavor. The subtle notes of asafoetida (hing) and curry leaves makes the overall taste pop out. This is mildly sour. 

We tasted the chutney both in dry form as well as with idli. Overall, it showcases an authentic taste of South Indian flavors. 

Coming to the texture, we liked the crunch of the roasted dal. It is just perfect. And the bits of mustard seeds in between adds to the overall crunch. 

Taste - 4/5
Texture - 4/5
Aroma- 4/5
  • The method of preparation is easy and quick. 
  • Well balanced salt and seasoning. 
  • We liked the nutty flavor of the roasted dal. 
  • The roasted dal and mustard seeds add a nice crunch. 
  • The spiciness is apt.
  • The ingredient list could have been better.

This chutney powder is a boon during times when you are looking for a quick way to prepare chutney or amp up plain idlis and dosas.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some interesting FAQs on Mtr Idli Dosa Chilly Chutney Powder.

Yes. MTR Idli Dosa Chilly Chutney Powder is a vegetarian product.

No. This chutney powder has a medium spice levels. 

No. This chutney powder is ideal for consumption with dishes like idlis, dosas, and vadas. The chutney for vada pav is made using garlic, groundnuts and spices as the primary ingredients. The flavor profile is vastly different. 

This chutney powder has a shelf life of 12 months.

MTR’s Idli Dosa Chilly Chutney powder has Maltodextrin, Citric acid (INS 330) and Tartaric acid (INS 334) which all help prolong shelf life of the product.

In Conclusion

We recommend trying MTR’s Idli Dosa Chilli Chutney Powder for the ease of preparation, delicious taste, and zero cooking time. The balance of salt, seasoning, and the authentic south Indian flavors in this chutney powder are the positive attributes we appreciate. It is a great hack for instant preparation of chutney, especially when you are short on time. 

Have you tried this chutney powder yet? If yes, how did your experience turn out?

Our reviews are unbiased and all samples used during the reviews were paid for by us. Read our entire ethics statement here.

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