Mountain Brewed Robusta Instant Coffee Review – Mishry (2023)
Mountain Brewed robusta instant coffee review

Mountain Brewed’s Robusta Instant Coffee Is Smooth & Intense (2024)

We tried the Mountain Brewed Robusta Instant Coffee. Read our in-depth review.

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Mishry Rating

4 / 5
3.5 / 5


The coffee has a smooth, intense flavor and excellent mixability. The aroma is strong initially but subsides after opening the package, leading to a slightly lower rating. The premium packaging is also a plus.

If you ask what a well brewed cup of coffee means to every coffee enthusiast, they’re probably going to compare it to a magical elixir. Instant coffee powders are a great method to get your caffeine fix when you’re pushed for time or running late but are unable to give up your cup.

To provide customers the best possible coffee experience, Mountain Brewed has developed a variety of instant Robusta coffee. For individuals who need an extra caffeine boost in the morning or during the mid-afternoon slump, their high-octane Robusta instant coffee is ideal.

In our Mountain Brewed Robusta Instant Coffee review, everything from strength to the taste and aroma has been decoded. Does this coffee give the caffeine kick you need?

All the product details you need to know listed in the following table : 

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Mountain Brewed Robusta Instant Coffee Product Details 
Price  INR 199
Net Weight  100 gms 
Shelf Life 24 months 
Buy Now  On Amazon 
Mishry Rating  3.75

Our Review Factors

What are we anticipating while reviewing Mountain Brewed Robusta Instant Coffee? An instant coffee with a robust flavor, aroma and good mixability. 

1. Aroma

How strong and consistent is the aroma of this coffee after being mixed with water or milk? Does it remain the same or fade away?

2. Flavor

Instant coffee is usually made with Robusta beans, unlike ground coffee which primarily uses Arabica beans. When it comes to flavor, we’ll be considering the coffee’s intensity, strength, bitterness, and body. Is it smooth or acidic?

Arabica vs Robusta:  What’s the difference? It’s worth noting that Arabica and Robusta beans have distinct flavors and characteristics. Arabica beans generally have a smoother, sweeter flavor. Robusta beans, on the other hand, have a harsher, more bitter flavor.

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3. Supporting Review Factors 


How well does the coffee mix with water/milk was the prime focus here. 


Is the packaging sturdy and reusable?  Is it easy to store after opening? Does the packaging look premium? 


In comparison to the other leading instant coffee brands, how competitive is the pricing?

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Mountain Brewed Robusta Instant Coffee – Detailed Review

Product Highlights

This instant coffee comes in a flat-bottomed resealable pouch pack. A 100 gram pack costs Rs. 199 and has a 24-month shelf life. 

Thumbs up for the premium and well-designed packaging. The storage of this coffee is quite hassle-free, thanks to the flat-bottom pack design. 

Main Ingredients 

The main ingredient here is pure robusta coffee powder. 


This coffee is a fine powder like most instant coffees available in the market. It is dark in color.

We liked that it doesn’t contain chicory, which is common in many commercially available  instant coffees. 

Mountain Brewed robusta instant coffee packaging
The packaging of the coffee!
Mountain Brewed robusta instant coffee quick look
This coffee is a fine powder and is dark in color.

How did we test this instant coffee? 

We tested the coffee in the following three common ways : 

  • Cold coffee (with regular milk).
  • Hot coffee (with milk).
  • Americano (black coffee with water and no sugar). 

Team Mishry’s Take


When we first opened the pack, the aroma was quite strong. However, it eventually began to decrease when kept in the ziplock bag. As a result, we highly recommend storing the coffee in an airtight container. 


When we had this as black coffee, the flavor of coffee was quite strong, accompanied by subtle woody notes. On having this as a regular coffee (with milk and sugar), the intensity of flavor and aroma toned down a bit. 

All in all, the coffee is not bitter and is non-acidic. 

What is coffee acidity? Acidity is one of the major characteristics used to describe the taste of a coffee. It is primarily a coffee flavor sensation that sends a pleasing sharpness to the front of the mouth. It instantly lights up your palate when you take the first sip of coffee. 


The coffee mixes seamlessly with both water and milk. 

A quick mention on the pricing. This coffee was relatively cheaper as compared to some of the leading coffee brands including Nescafe which costs Rs. 170 (for 45 gms) and Bru priced at Rs. 220 (for 100 gms). This on the other hand is priced at Rs 199 for 100 grams.

the final look of the coffee
Mountain Brewed Robusta Coffee made with milk.
Flavor - 4/5
Aroma - 3.5/5
  • Non-acidic and not bitter. 
  • Mixes seamlessly. 
  • Premium packaging. 
  • Easy to store. 
  • Moderate pricing compared to other popular instant coffee brands.
  • The aroma tends to diminish upon opening the pack.

If you like the flavor of Robusta coffee beans, you will love Mountain Brewed Robusta Instant coffee.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some interesting FAQs on Mountain Brewed robusta instant coffee review.

The instant coffees available in the market are not only made using Robusta but a variety of coffee bean types. This could include Arabica, Robusta or a blend of both. 

Generally, Robusta coffee beans are a suitable pick for instant coffee production due to its strong flavor profile. It helps the coffee maintain its flavor when it is rehydrated with hot water.

There are numerous reasons why Robusta is used in instant coffee. To begin, a naturally high-caffeine bean, Robusta, serves to replace the caffeine lost during the instant coffee making process. Second, as compared to Arabica, Robusta has a more cost effective production.

This coffee has a 24 month shelf life.

Vietnam is the largest producer of Robusta coffee.

The term ‘High Octane Robusta’ refers to a potent blend that has nothing to do with the chemistry of coffee. As a result, high octane is just a reference to the roast level and caffeine content.

Final Verdict

Our review experience of Mountain Brewed Robusta Instant Coffee was a fairly good one. The strong coffee intensity and outstanding mixability appealed to us. Make sure you store this well or the initial robust aroma will diminish very quickly. 

Furthermore, the premium and sturdy packaging is noteworthy, making it easy to store. 

Instant coffee or ground coffee? What’s your go-to pick?

Our reviews are unbiased and all samples used during the reviews were paid for by us. Read our entire ethics statement here.

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