Tastiest Chicken Nuggets (Frozen) - Mishry Reviews

Tastiest Chicken Nuggets (Frozen) – Mishry Reviews

4 brands, 2 days of sampling and over 40 pieces of Chicken Nuggets cooked, we are ready to tell you the Tastiest Chicken Nuggets available in the markets now.

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Our reviews are research-based, and all trials and testings are conducted in-house over days and weeks. We have a strict no-free-sample policy to ensure our reviews are fair and impartial.

Chicken Nuggets are among the most popular, and convenient, ready-to-eat snacks nowadays. Available at any store with a freezer section, chicken nuggets are a quick and easy snack option when you have people over, all you have to do is fry and serve! Often, there’s no need to thaw either. Chicken nuggets also make for a good rainy-day snack. Those are just some of the reasons we decided to test out all the Chicken Nuggets varieties available in stores now. After cooking and tasting a large batch of all brands, we found the chicken nuggets by ITC’s Masterchef to be the tastiest nuggets amongst all brands reviewed.



Mishry Top Pick: Tastiest Chicken Nuggets (Frozen)



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ITC Masterchef’s Crunchy Chicken Nuggets



ITC Master Chef Chicken Nuggets – Crunchy, 450 g

The chicken nuggets by ITC turned out to be our top pick, for they had a perfectly juicy inside that complemented their crunchy exterior. Thus, the overall taste was exactly what we were looking for in our nuggets.

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Why ITC Master Chef Chicken Nuggets is our Top Pick:

You eat with your eyes first, and we totally believe in that. ITC Master Chef Chicken Nuggets look fresh as soone pack. The nuggets are shaped in small traingles, and not crumbly or limp – a common problem with a lot of frozen foods items.

People often complain that Chicken Nuggets are tastless and rubbery. That’s not the case with ITC Master Chef Chicken Nuggets, here you actually taste moist, juicy chicken inside.

We liked the delicate seasoning in these nuggets. This allows you to enjoy the nuggets as is, and you also have the option of eating these along with any dip of your choice. We sampled the nuggets with a chinese-style chilli-garlic dipping sauce and also a homemade desi hari-chutney. In both cases, we found the nuggets to pair equally well.

As compared to all other brands reviewed, ITC Master Chef Chicken Nuggets had the best chicken to batter ratio. You get a crisp exterior, along with a lot of chicken in every bite.


Our Review Process:

Our review process ensured we tried multiple tasting sessions for all the brands involved. The sampling was done over two days, and on the second day, it was done blind.

The frying for all was done in similar pans and standard refined oil was used to fry them all. All packets were purchased locally in Gurugram and were stored together in our test kitchen.

The Brands We Reviewed

Godrej Yummiez Chicken Nugget

ITC Masterchef’s Crunchy Chicken Nuggets

Swiss Chicken Nuggets

Venky’s Chicken Nuggets


How We Picked Our Brands


Some of the popular frozen food manufacturers have included chicken nuggets as one of their products, and it is needless to say that this factor has contributed towards making the consumption of these nuggets at one’s home more convenient. As it is clear, the brands that we choose for our review tends to be the names that are known and heard by all, and we are 100% sure that you have heard of at least one brand from our list. This review might just be a great way for you to know how well your favorite brand does when it is pitted against other brands in the same category.



All the brands we picked were easily available at several locations across Delhi-NCR. These are also easily available for audiences outside the national capital region through major retail chains and online portals as well.

Team Mishry



Who This Is For?


Chicken nuggets have become a famous treat for kids all thanks to its meaty taste along with its juicy outer covering, which has a certain crunchy texture that blends in very well with the overall chunky character of the nugget. In short, this review can benefit anyone who is looking to cook that perfect-tasting batch of chicken nuggets.



Our Process – The Factors That We Were Looking For


The factors upon which we based our test are listed below:

Shapes And Size: Probably the first thing you notice before eating anything is its shape and size. While the shape of the chicken nugget can vary, and does change across brands, the size usually allows for a couple of bites from each piece. You don’t want the nuggets to be as large as, say a patty, but large enough to get a couple of chunky bites in.

Appearance: This factor is especially important for frozen snacks, which are typically meant as party snacks or special-occasion treats. You want them to look appetizing, fresh, not stale, dull, off-color.

Balance: For the tasting of nuggets, the subtle balance between the crispy covering and the moist inside must also be perfectly maintained, as it tends to maximize the taste of the nuggets.


Taste: All of the above mentioned would be rendered completely useless if its overall taste is not satisfactory, hence how the nuggets tasted was the ultimate equalizer for our review.



Result Of Our Taste Test


The result for our taste test was derived after considering various other factors as well. One such factor included the packaging. Both Godrej Yummiez and Swiss Chicken Nuggets come in resealable packs, which is a user-friendly feature. However, when it came to taste, we found both Godrej Yummiez and Swiss Chicken Nuggets lacking the balance in taste. Godrej Yummiez was too salty, whereas Swiss Chicken Nuggets was overloaded with a jeera flavoring. Godrej Yummies also seemed to have the least amount of chicken inside. Venky’s tasted bland, and you couldn’t tell if it was chicken or anything else you were tasting. ITC Masterchef’s Crunchy Chicken Nuggets, on the other hand, had a balance of both crunchiness and chunkiness, making every bite nice and delicious. The chicken was nice and juicy, and the exterior was crunchy enough to bring in a play of textures. It cooked well, tasted and looked the best in the final presentation – making it our Top Pick.


Brands Shape Appearance Flavor Notes
Godrej Yummiez Medallion shape Flat, dull Salty, dry chicken from inside Less chicken as compared to others
ITC Masterchef Triangular shape Looked fresh, plump and thick Moist from inside, flavorful, nice and crunchy The nuggets were consistent in shape and size.
Swiss Naturen Shaped more like pakoras Orangish due to masalas, lots of zeera on top, plump and thick Could taste too much zeera. Has quality chicken and filling is good Had the thickest breading, looked moist and fresh
Venky’s Medallion shape Orangish Juicy from inside, but flat in taste Had the same shape as Yummiez, could have had more chicken inside



ITC Masterchef’s Crunchy Chicken Nuggets



ITC Master Chef Chicken Nuggets – Crunchy, 450 g

The chicken nuggets by ITC turned out to be our top pick, for they had a perfectly juicy inside that complemented their crunchy exterior. Thus, the overall taste was exactly what we were looking for in our nuggets.




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